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10 Cheaper Alternatives to Things It’s Not Worth Spending On

10 Free and Cheap Alternatives for Services and Products

While some things are worth buying and can ultimately work out as a saving, new opportunities and technologies are making many of the neat gadgets and concepts of yesteryear obsolete and a complete waste of money.

We look at ten things you absolutely should not get and the cheap (or free) alternatives you can use instead.

Cable TV subscriptions

Cable TV subscriptions become more and more unpopular these days. Instead of paying a high monthly subscription fee to watch movies, many people are turning to cheap online alternatives like Netflix and Hulu.

Unless you have a special reason for keeping your subscription, consider following the trend and ditch your cable in favor for one of the online alternatives.

Gym memberships

In the New Year, there is always a flurry of people signing up for gym memberships to get their festive season weight off. But few people keep their resolutions. Instead, they realize they’ve signed up for something useless.

Unless you’re very resolute and need all that equipment, consider getting your exercise for free. Go for a brisk, walk or run several times a week around your local park, and use body weight exercises to strengthen your muscles at home.

Satnav devices

Many newer model cars come equipped with GPS devices, and even if your car doesn’t have one, there are free satnav apps for cell phones as Google Maps or Waze, that you can use instead.

While the satnav was once the cool gadget that everyone wanted, it simply isn’t necessary to buy one when there are so many free alternatives.

Hotel rooms and taxis

Unless your boss is paying for your accommodation on a trip, you might want to consider giving Airbnb a whirl instead. The same goes for Taxis – Uber is usually a much cheaper option. Look out for homes or drivers that have good reviews and save big time.

RV’s, quad bikes and snowmobiles

Most people hardly use these vehicles, incurring maintenance costs while the car stands in a garage or backyard, depreciating every single month. Ultimately, it’s cheaper, and you can find that it’s less of a hassle to rent rather than buying it.

Holidays in peak season

Unless you have kids and simply can’t get away for an off-season break, you should consider taking your next holiday in a quiet season. Apart from being spared the crowded conditions, you’ll also pay a lot less for just about everything.

Designer clothing

With designer clothing, you’re paying more for the name than you’re actually paying for the item. By all means choose a good, mid-priced brand rather than a dirt cheap knock-off for the sake of quality, but don’t get ripped off. An over-the-top price does not necessarily mean that the quality you’re buying is any better.

If you can’t resist those top name brands, wait for the seasonal sales. You can get 50% or more off the price.

Fad diets and weight loss supplements

Whether it’s a pill, a book, or the latest craze, common sense will probably serve you a lot better when it comes to losing weight. Rapid weight loss is dangerous for you, and it triggers signals in your body that it should prepare for the next famine by piling on fat the moment you start eating the same way you did before.

Instead, try to cut down or eliminate sugar from your diet, fill up on fruit or veggies and reduce your portion sizes a little, and you’ll be able to lose weight sensibly.

Home exercise machines

Think twice before you buy a home exercise machine. After an initial burst of interest and regular use, they usually end up in a corner gathering dust. Plus, they work the same muscles in the same way all the time. If you’re serious about getting fit and the weather’s too cold for outdoor exercise, a simple exercise mat along with free Youtube tutorials, is probably your best investment!

If you’re serious about getting fit and the weather’s too cold for outdoor exercise, a simple exercise mat along with free Youtube tutorials, is probably your best investment!

Take-out coffee

This daily caprice is one of those times that you actually can save by spending. If you’re a coffee-lover, you’ll almost certainly save if you buy a good & cheap coffee machine and learn to make your own latte – plus, you’ll be able to treat not only yourself but also it is a good brunch reason for your friends to come over.

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10 Cheaper Alternatives to Things It's Not Worth Spending On