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Free Apps and Templates to Help You Plan the Perfect Trip

Free Travel Planning Apps
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Nowadays, you can get just about anything on the internet, and a surprising amount of things are absolutely free. Planning a trip means you have a lot to remember – where and when you need to catch your next flight, which hotel has your reservation when you should pack up and move from A to B and more.

Having your itinerary neatly set out for you will reduce your stress – and that’s not the only thing these templates and apps can do for you. Read on to discover what free travel planning tools are getting high ratings online.

Travel Planning Templates

Sure, you could set up your own Excel spreadsheet – but why bother when you can download these templates without having to pay a cent?

1. Vertex42 Travel Itinerary Template

This is a great template, and it’s really easy to use. Just fill in your own details as you get your bookings made. It works in Excel, and it’s way better than anything you could have knocked together by yourself.

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2. Microsoft Trip Planner Template

Don’t miss out on Microsoft’s freebies. Whether you want to prepare an itinerary or find a good CV cover letter template, it’s all available free. The trip planner provides you with a professional-looking template for planning your trip.

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3. Travel. Paint. Repeat. Template

A blogger and inveterate traveler share her simple yet effective itinerary template. There are no bells and whistles, but it’s simple and efficient.

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4. WDW Prep School Disneyworld Itinerary Template

Your kids are going to be excited about going to Disneyland, and they’re going to want to know what they can expect. Avoiding family arguments about whose favorite activity should happen next requires careful planning. That’s what this cute template is for, and it’s got all the color and imagery you need to make your kids even more excited about the trip.

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5. Excel Templates Travel Itinerary

Of course, Excel also offers you lots of freebies – if you know where to look. Use this one to impress your boss – and to plan that all-important vacation for yourself.

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Travel Planning Apps

Apps have a whole lot more features than any template. They can help you find budget flights and accommodation, suggest worthwhile attractions and give you a neat and tidy itinerary. Try these apps – they’re absolutely free and could save you money while improving your holiday.

Travefy App

1. Travefy

Travefy helps you to plan your trip, and it makes suggestions based on your interests too.

If you don’t want to miss out on attraction, then Travefy will make sure you know about it, and leave you to make up your mind as to whether you’d like to add it to your itinerary.

For those who have no doubts and just want something simple, there are itinerary templates in both Excel and Word formats.

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Tripit App

2. Tripi

If you haven’t heard of Tripit yet, now’s the time to try it. This is a very comprehensive app that combines all your reservations into an easy to follow itinerary – but that’s not all. For example, if a better plane seat than the one you booked becomes available, it will let you know.

It’s also really easy to sync it with your Google calendar and share details with people who need to know your plans.

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TouristEye App3. TouristEye

Do you have a wishlist of places you’d like to visit? TouristEye doesn’t just help you to build a list of places you’d like to see one day; it also lets you share your plan with your friends.

Isn’t it annoying when you get back from a vacation only to find that your friends or family members say you missed out on an attraction that they say rocked their world? Now they can tell you before you make the trip, adding them to TouristEye. You can also read what other users had to say about the places you plan to visit.

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TripCase App4. TripCase

It’s very similar to Tripit in that you forward your booking confirmation emails and travel details to your app, which adds all the info to an itinerary.

It’s also shareable, allowing those who need to know to track your flights, arrival times and reservations. 

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TripAdvisor App5. TripAdvisor

No traveler’s toolbox is complete without TripAdvisor’s app on their mobile.

It’s not going to make you an itinerary, but it will help you to decide which flights to take, which hotels to stay at, which attractions to visit and more. Read reviews and find out what other travelers thought about your destination, its attractions and the services you’ll find offered.

Download »

What? No Dedicated Flight Booking Apps?

Although you can book flights using many of these apps, we also recently compiled a guide to the best free flight booking apps, so if that’s all you want from a travel app, check it out. We hunted down the real money-savers.

Now there’s nothing left to do other than to wish you “bon voyage”. Have a great time on your trip!

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Free Travel Planning Apps

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  • As someone who likes to plan their trips meticulously these apps are going to come in VERY handy for me. I normally use Notepad on my laptop which can get rather complicated. Tripadvisor is an absolute godsend in picking out decent places to stay.

    Thank you for making my next trip so much easier!

  • Wow this is a very comprehensive list of apps thanks for the nice share. I am mostly familiar with TripAdvisor for the reviews. Some places I use to work for are even on TripAdvisor so its nice to see how they are doing too with the reviews. The thing I like best about TripAdvisor though is the reviews, seems like a honest system.

  • I think if you’re going somewhere that you’ve never been before, having an itinerary app is something that you really should think about downloading to take with you. This means that you can fit in as much as possible without losing track of what you’ve done. It always helps to have a plan, to make the most of the time that you have on your holiday.

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