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Frugal Beauty Tips Celebrities Swear By

Frugal Beauty Tips Celebrities Swear By
Written by Irina Vasilescu

We tend to think that celebrities use all the most expensive products to get those superstar looks, but some of their beauty tips are super-frugal. Find out how they get to look fabulous without spending a fortune. Raid your kitchen for the beauty products that stars swear by!

Coconut Oil

Gorgeous Miranda Kerr swears by coconut oil. She uses it as hair conditioner, mixes it with a little sea salt to make a moisturizing body scrub and trusts it as an effective makeup remover. Amanda Seyfried agrees and says that coconut oil is great for keeping her legs looking smooth as silk. Mandy Moore is another celebrity who say coconut oil has it all – this time as a daily moisturizer.

Baking Soda

Emma Stone says she’s allergic to most beauty products, so when the celebrity wants to exfoliate her skin, she digs into the baking soda. Judging from her glowing complexion, it works!

Cold Cream

Ever since Kylie Minogue admitted to using Ponds Cold Cream to keep her skin looking great, sales sky-rocketed. And why shouldn’t they? The star is known for her luminous complexion.

Ice and Cucumber

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a puffy face? Kate Moss has!
She recommends a basin full of ice water with cucumber slices and says she literally ‘submerges’ her face in it. Gwyneth Paltrow is also a big fan of dunking her face in the ice-cold water to come out looking fabulous.

Lemon Juice and Water

Nobody can deny that Scarlett Johansson always looks superb. Her secret? The star uses lemon juice and water instead of expensive store-bought toner! How much do you pay for toner? How much does a lemon cost? Food for thought.

Almond Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

For all over moisturizing, Emma Roberts swear by almond oil applied directly after showering when the pores are open. Happy to share her secrets, she says that Apple Cider Vinegar on a wad of cotton wool is fantastic for clearing away product buildup on the skin.

Oil of Olay

As beauty products go, this is among the most affordable international brands. Would you believe that Brittany Snow and Selena Gomez both say it’s the ultimate moisturizer for them? Who needs Estee Lauder? Not these acclaimed beauties.


Blake Lively has noticed, as many of us do, that the ends of our hair are always drier than the roots. So before shampooing, she applies mayonnaise to the ends, helping to prevent over-dry tips after shampooing. Zoe Saldana goes the whole hog and uses it as a hair conditioner.


Catherine Zeta-Jones is known for her magnificent hair. Her low-cost answer for glossy locks? A beer rinse after shampooing.

Coffee Grounds

Cellulite creams cost an arm and a leg, and even though you’d never suspect it, Halle Berry also suffers from an orange-peel skin. By mixing coffee grounds with her regular scrub, she says she beats the bane of every woman’s life with ease!


Are you surprised? It’s one of Tyra Banks’ recommended beauty products. She uses it on all her laugh lines, keeps her lips soft with Vaseline, and makes sure her knees and elbows don’t get dry and flaky by giving them a liberal dressing with this super-cheap product. And where does she buy it? Target is one of her favorite outlets!

Marilyn Monroe was also a fan of Vaseline – she used it as a cleanser and Rachel Bilson follows suit. Jennifer Aniston seconds Tyra on the anti-aging effects of Vaseline and says it’s better than any night cream.


Lauren Conrad has the answer to puffy eyes in the morning. She keeps a potato in the fridge and uses thin slices to soothe her eye area. 15 to 20 minutes is all it takes.

Sex and Drinking Water

Both don’t cost you, and both are great for your looks according to Cameron Diaz. Who’d argue with Cameron? Certainly not us!

Yoga Anyone?

Join the ranks of celebrities that swear yoga is the secret to radiant good looks and a great figure. Sara Jessica Parker is just one of the big names that say it’s the key to natural beauty.


It doesn’t cost anything to put on your sports clothes and get some strenuous exercise. Both Halle Berry and Rihanna say that exercise is their number one beauty secret, and for Rihanna, it’s swimming that does the trick.

Keep It Clean

A good face wash is what keeps Mary Jay Bilge looking fresh. She says you shouldn’t let a full day pass without a couple of face washes.

Drink Water

America Ferrera says that her skin, hair, and nails became even more beautiful when she increased her water intake. So keep your water bottles handy, ladies!

Common Sense and the Things Your Granny Recommended

You don’t need expensive beauty products to look your best. Take a few tips from the stars and from the many beautiful women who have preceded them throughout history.

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Frugal Beauty Tips Celebrities Swear By

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  • I use a lot of Vaseline on knees, elbows and lips, but I didn’t know about the laugh lines – that’s going to be happening from now on! I also drink a lot of water and exercise almost every day. I am also going to try the baking soda exfoliation!

  • I’ve only tried vaseline from this list. I usually put vaseline on my lips and knees during the winter season and they work great! I used it for some scars on my face but I don’t know if it actually helped. Although I want to try the baking soda method, I’m still a bit wary about putting it on my skin.

  • I always have Vaseline with me, and I find that it is fantastic for a number of reasons, and certainly something that I would recommend to everyone else, too. One thing that shocks me is the price tag that gets added to items just because of the fact that they are branded. There are so many ways that you can make your own very similar products for an absolute fraction of the price, so you will be able to save a lot of money in the long term.

  • I have heard good things about some of the stuff suggested here and some I never knew was a thing so this was a very good and educational read for me. I can say exercise does the body and mind good. I am trying to work a routine back into my schedule.

  • I use pretty much everything mentioned lol. I use coconut oil, almond oil, raw Shea Butter, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and so much more. I make my own moisturizers and cleansing products. Natural is always the best way.

  • I love coconut oil so much, it is so so versatile I always have it in my house. Beer and mayonnaise for hair are also well known secrets, although I’ve never tried them myself… I definitely should! I’ve never found potatoes of much help with puffy skin personally, but 100% agree with the drinking water tip. My skin and body always looks and feels so much better when I’m well hydrated.

  • Thanks for sharing this with us. These beauty tips are very effective. Not only one, but each and every tip.

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