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How to Completely Change Your Bedroom for Less than $100

How to Completely Change Your Bedroom for Less than $100
Written by Oana Schneider

People spend one-third of their lives sleeping so the bedroom needs to be an absolute haven for slumber. If you have a nine-to-five desk job, you would want to go home to a cool, comfortable bed inside a room with a relaxing ambiance. This is also the reason why experts advise against placing a television set in the bedroom, which should only be used for sleep and intimacy with your partner.

But what if you have already managed to create a relaxing atmosphere inside your bedroom, yet you want to switch things up? You could be tired of staring at the same picture on your wall before falling asleep, or you might want to simply change the scheme of your bedroom decor.

If you feel this way, it’s time to give your bedroom a good makeover. The good news is that you can completely change the look of your bedroom without having to spend too much.

Here, we will be dishing out the top ten tips on how you can redecorate your bedroom spending only $100 or less.  

Below $100 Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The first thing that you need to do is go online or flip through magazines for design inspiration. You can definitely work with what you have while still updating the look of your bedroom, depending on the design that you would like to imitate.

Let’s say that you saw this lovely Zen bedroom with minimal décor. Your bedroom right now has bright paint on the walls and colorful beddings. You can simply give the walls a repaint, get rid of the unnecessary distractions, and change the bedding to suit the color scheme that you have chosen.

Without having to spend thousands of dollars hiring an interior decorator, you can create that Zen-like feel to your bedroom.

Here are ten other ideas on how you can completely change the look of your bedroom without spending anything over $100:

1. Give your room a fresh coat of paint.

Any good interior designer will tell you that the cheapest way to redecorate any room in the house is using a fresh coat of paint. If you have a small bedroom, you can go all-out in buying paint and wall decals to give it a fresh look – without having to spend too much.

You can also go for a wallpaper design that you really love. For big bedrooms, you can use a combination of paint and wallpaper. If there is a wallpaper pattern that you really like, for example, but your $100 budget is not enough to fill the entire room, try wallpapering only one wall as an accent. Then, apply a coat of paint on the rest of the walls using a complementary or an opposite color to make the design of the wallpaper shine even more.

If there’s still some money left, you can use it to buy an accent piece like new covers for your throw pillows or a nice bedside lamp.

Woman and Man Painting the Wall at Home

2. Use accent pieces to tie up the look of the room together.

Since you are so used to the décor of your bedroom, you might not necessarily be looking at it with fresh eyes. Try to survey the room with a critical or objective eye. Maybe you just need a rug strategically placed at the foot of your bed to tie up the look of the room together. Or how about clearing up the clutter so that you can have more space to move around, giving the bedroom a minimalist look?

If you’re tired of the look of the floors on your bedroom, update with inexpensive carpet tiles. Go to a thrift store, visit flea markets or garage sales to look for interesting pieces that you can use as an accent to your bedroom décor, to tie up the look together.

Allow your personality to be reflected in your choice of knickknacks. It is, after all, the bedroom which best reflects the personal taste of an individual – so let yourself shine!

3. Create mood lighting inside your bedroom.

Another cheap but effective way to completely change the look of your bedroom is by creating mood lighting. If you have plain lampshades that you use as the reading light, use some of your crafting skills and cover it with fabric that has a light rose hue. Not only will you update the look of the lamp, but the subtle shade will create mood lighting inside your bedroom.

The same effect will be achieved by gluing on peacock feathers onto a plain lampshade. Start from the bottom and work your way up until you reach the top of the shade. The peacock feathers should overlap so that no trace of the original material can be seen. You can also watch videos on how to create DIY lamps using mason jars, glass bottles, or fixtures around the house which you can upcycle.

4. Upgrade the bedding.

Armed with $100, you can visit a discount store or go shopping online for a new comforter, blanket, pillow cases, and other bedding. A new comforter or bedspread will set you back less than a hundred bucks.

When you visit discount stores, you can buy an entire bedding set which includes a comforter, blanket, pillow cases, sheets, and even a skirt for the bed. If you’ve always had colorful beddings, try to go for more muted colors this time to tone down the design and make your room more elegant. Or, you can choose a color or pattern which matches the color scheme of your existing wall paint.

Red Bedroom

5. Get new window treatments.

If you’re satisfied with the color of the walls in your bedroom, try updating the look by getting new window treatments. A new set of Venetian blinds, curtains, a Roman shade, or valance will definitely fit your $100 budget.

If you frequently sleep in during the mornings, you’d want to have dark window treatments so choose the color accordingly. There are also window treatments that let you control the amount of light that enters the bedroom, something that’s worthy of consideration.

6. Use what you already have to beautify your bedroom.

You might not even have to spend $100 to give your bedroom a major makeover. Simply use the elements that you already have at home. If you have plenty of space, try rearranging the furniture so that you can achieve a different look.

Change the bedding and add a few accent pieces, then you’re done! Or, you can look for interesting finds in your storage closet that you can use as an addition or update to the look of your bedroom. You can also start do-it-yourself bedroom furniture projects like a new headboard or a dressing table where you can place jewelry pieces of a stack of books to read.

7. Scour flea markets or garage sales for a vintage dressing table.

When you’re out shopping at farmer’s markets, flea markets, thrifts stores or garage sales, look for interesting pieces that you can use for your bedroom décor. A vintage dressing table is perfect because you can place it in a part of the room that catches the most sunlight. You can refurbish it with a fresh coat of varnish or paint, then place in one corner of the bedroom along with a small stool.

8. Reorganize your personal space.

For bigger bedrooms, you can create a dressing nook where you can dress up and stash some clothing items. Look for a wall divider which has panels that open up. Arrange it in such a way that there’s a full-length mirror inside, as well as hangers or hooks that you can use.

One panel should be used as a door so that the nook can offer you utmost privacy while dressing up. You can also create a space where you can read, work on your computer, or simply sit comfortably if you’re not ready for the bed just yet.

Woman Organizing Closet

9. Create a sitting area on one corner of your bedroom.

Even for bedrooms with a small space, you need to create a cozy sitting area so you don’t have to be in bed all the time. Choose a comfortable chaise lounge, a loveseat if you have a bedroom for couples or a lazy boy chair where you can prop your feet up after a long day.

10. Funk things up by hanging personal art in your bedroom wall.

Finally, you can incorporate some personal art which you can hang in your bedroom wall. Choose a couple of your most favorite Instagram snapshots, print them out, frame them, then hang them on your bedroom wall. If you have a flair for painting, you can use your bedroom wall as a canvas. If you’re an aspiring photographer, line up the wall with black-and-white prints of your favorite pictures.

You can also apply painting or cartoon effects on your family pictures and have them printed out and framed, for a personalized look on your bedroom wall.

By incorporating your personal style and using your imagination, you can completely change the look of your bedroom without having to spend too much.

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  • It’s amazing when you see just what a difference some small changes can make to a room. Whenever I know that I want to see a change, I will usually just buy some soft furnishings or something, because you can decide on your colour scheme and just buy things that fit with that colour. I bought some cushions just a few days ago, and they have completely changed my room, but they were only actually $5 each from a cheap store.

  • I’m in the process giving our bedroom a bit of a makeover on a very low budget. One of the things I’ve already done is paint. It made a big difference with very low cost but I still want to do more to make the space more enjoyable.

    I love your idea of creating a dressing nook! This will be perfect for a corner that is currently just an open space. I have a room divider with panels, just need to pick up a full length mirror.

  • I’m about ready to update my bedroom, so I found this article particularly interesting and timely. I really like the idea of updating my bedside lamps. I’m considering changing the wall color, but I have never done that before, so I need to research which type of paint to buy. I already have a few backup comforters/duvet covers, so I really need to sit down and figure out which color scheme I want to go with before changing them out. I also have extra wall art, but I like your suggestion of hanging something handmade, especially since I’m pretty crafty.

  • These are all very good ideas! And simple to do without spending a lot of money if one is careful. I have found that paint, whether it is the entire room or just an accent wall, is most effective to make a change. And like the article suggests, switching accessories out to match the new paint color will just add to the feel of the room. I have always loved changing out the accessories with each season. I find it to be uplifting.

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