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13 Insanely Cute and Cheap DIY Easter Ideas

Insanely Cute and Cheap DIY Easter Ideas

Brighten up your home with these colored and spring themed Easter decorations that cost almost nothing to make! Start your spring fresh and the rest of the year is bound to follow the precedent you set.

1. Bunny Bread Bowl

Tempt your kids to healthy soup or stew this Easter by serving it up in Easter Bunny Bread Bowls. It takes a little extra preparation, but at least you can be sure of them eating more than just chocolate!

Bunny Bread Bowl

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2. Hatching Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you have a little time on your hands and want to make the whole family laugh, try cutting funny legs and feet from carrots. Poke holes in the eggs for the legs, and you have an edible Easter chick decoration for the breakfast or lunch table.

Hatching Hard-Boiled Eggs

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3. Bunny Flower Pot

You can buy inexpensive handmade bunny flower pots, but they’re so easy to make yourself. Some fluff, some felt, some spray paint, a terracotta pot, and some glue, and you’re all set. These little guys are sure to bring Easter smiles along with them.

Bunny Flower Pot

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4. Eggshell Place Card Holder

When preparing for an Easter party, most of the cakes you bake require eggs! But don’t throw away the eggshells; keep them to decorate your table. All you need is eggshells, peat, some dainty sprigs of foliage and a bit of imagination! Let your guests take them home as gifts.

Eggshell Place Card Holder

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5. Cotton Tail Bunny Garland

If Easter is around the corner, it means kids will need party decorations and games too! So why not just DIY some of them? It’s also a great opportunity to involve your kids. A cottontail bunny garland is one of the sweetest and easiest decorations around, and all it requires is some paper, yarn, and glue. It’s affordable and fun!

Cotton Tail Bunny Garland

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6. Yarn Easter Egg Decoration

Easter is not the same without surprise eggs! The alternative to chocolate eggs is to make your own, handmade yarn eggs. These cheap and fun DIY eggs can be made in no time using balloons, a glue mixture and yarn.

Yarn Easter Egg Decoration

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7. Bunny Wreath

How about using some old wreaths to make a gorgeous, inexpensive bunny decoration for your door? This idea is just adorable to make for your own home or as an Easter gift for someone you love. The Easter wreath needs a few supplies, but it is very easy to make.

 Bunny Wreath

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8. Bunny Wall-Art

Bunny wall art is a fun addition to your Easter decorations. For those of us who are trying to avoid sugar and chocolate, a minimalistic Easter can still include the Easter Bunny. You can print the bunny shape and then use paint or crayons to color it for a more spring themed look.

Bunny Wall-Art

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9. Wire Bunny Decoration

I am really no good at geometry, but this little napkin ring wire bunny seemed like an inspiration for the perfect table setting. I found my eye-catching bunnies easier to make than I expected. Finding the right wire for the project took longer.

Wire Bunny Decoration

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10. Easter Egg Balloons

Easter egg balloons can do the trick when decorating an Easter party in your backyard! For this DIY, you need some balloons, paint, and imagination. It’s simple, affordable, time-saving, and efficient!

Easter Egg Balloons

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11. Burlap Table Runner

And what goes great with a bunny-themed Easter party? An Easter table runner with bunnies! Get felt, hot glue, and pom poms to make the bunnies and enjoy celebrating this holiday with the loved ones!

Burlap Table Runner

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12. Easter Pillow

Your home can use a few more fun DIY Easter decorations and you’re ready for an easy project. Try this Easter bunny pillow that doesn’t require sewing!

Easter Pillow

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13. Bunny Napkin

And another lovely idea is to learn how to fold a napkin into a bunny-shaped napkin! With this tutorial and some colored napkins, you will have awesome table decoration without costs!

Bunny Napkin

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Insanely Cute and Cheap DIY Easter Ideas