Legitimate Ways Moms Make Money Online

Legitimate Ways Moms Make Money Online
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or are just looking for moonlighting opportunities that you can work on when the kids have gone to bed, all you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet, and a good internet service to make a few dollars.

Of course, there are a lot of scams, and some money making opportunities are better than others. We sort the good from the bad to help you find the opportunities that suit you best. Can you really make extra money online just working from home? You bet! Here’s how moms are doing it.

1. Become an Amazon Associate

Talking about great products you’ve seen on Amazon can be lucrative – if you’ve got an Amazon Associate’s account. All you have to do is to lead people to the page on Amazon – and if they like the product enough to buy it, you get a commission.

Just log in to Amazon and look for the Associates link at the bottom of your page. Sign up, and you get an individual identifier. Now add this to links leading to products you like, and you’ll get around 8% commission on sales coming from your link.

Start your own website or blog, get a following, and rake in the money. It can take to build momentum, but once you’ve got it going, it can be very worthwhile!

2. Become a Freelance Blogger

Approach bloggers whose work falls within your area of interest or join one of the freelance writing platforms like Upwork and bid on available projects.

A lot of individuals and businesses need fresh content on their blogs, but simply don’t have the time to produce it. As you get regular gigs, you’ll spend less time marketing yourself and more time actually making money. All you need is good writing skills and the ability to research topics online.

3. Sell Handmade Items on Etsy

Are you a good crafter? Perhaps you sew, knit or make jewelry. You can get top dollar for your creations by advertising them for sale on Etsy. There’s a big market for unique, handcrafted items, and provided your work is attractive enough, you’re sure to find buyers.
Turning your hobby into a little business has never been easier! You can sell to an international market and boost your results through social media for even better sales.

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4. Put Your Office Skills to Work at Home

Data capturing or becoming a virtual assistant are great opportunities for computer savvy moms with a knack for organizing. Offer your services to local business that may have extra work that needs doing from time to time, and search the online marketplaces for projects all over the world.

PeoplePerHour , FreelancerOutsourcely , and Upwork are just a few of the platforms where you can browse listings. Sometimes the pay isn’t very good, but it’s still a lot better than nothing!

5. Put Your Blog to Work – or Start One

There are several ways to make money with your blog. It will take patience to get the ball rolling and the traffic through your website, but once things get going, it can be quite lucrative.
You can use your blog to sell those unique skills that you have or the products that you make, get paid for advertising with AdSense and earn money linking to other websites and blogs, endorsing products and more. Your primary challenge is getting a good following – but who doesn’t like a challenge?

6. Write an E-book

Do you know a lot about an individual subject? Don’t just give your knowledge away. Write an E-book and start selling! E-books don’t have to be as long as print publications, and self-publishing is easy.

Smashwords can help you get your e-book formatted professionally.
You can also sell your book using Smashwords – and they also handle fiction. Are you ready to become a famous author? It’s not impossible!

7. Buy and Sell on Craigslist

If you’ve got a talent for refurbishing old items such as wooden furniture, buying, fixing and selling used items can make you a packet. Get beat-up items, make them like new, and sell them again for much more than you originally paid.

8. Become a Social Media Guru

These days, businesses know they’re missing out big time if they don’t use social media effectively. The problem is that thinking up campaigns, posting updates and reacting to comments and queries takes up a lot of time. It also takes creativity to get the engagement they’re looking for.

Managing social media for businesses can become quite a lucrative job, especially if you have a marketing background or have run successful campaigns before. So get tweeting, post on Facebook, share on Google plus and help them to build an audience.

9. Get Paid for Completing Surveys

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. All you need is a computer and opinions. Try Harris Poll , Swagbucks , PineCone Research or My Survey and look out for other legitimate opportunities to get paid for your opinions. Businesses need to keep their fingers on the pulse of public opinion and helping them to do so can be lucrative!

10. Become a Tutor

Although being a teacher will expand your tutoring options, there are also many websites that offer students practice in English as a second language (ESL), sometimes simply through chat opportunities with a paid tutor (that’s you).

11. Design and Sell T-shirts

Check out T-spring , a site that allows you to have fun designing and selling your own T-shirts. There’s no risk. The T-shirts are only made once enough have been ordered, and the website helps you to analyze what profits you might make.
You will have to have a way to let your target audience know that your design is available, so a popular blog or social media profile really helps.

12. Watch TV

Yes. Really. You can make money by watching TV. Become a Viggle member and check in when you are watching. You’ll be asked about the content of the show and you’ll give your opinion on ads. In exchange, you get paid in gift cards or can redeem them for credit you can spend anywhere!

13. Read Emails

You can make a few dollars by checking out emails from companies like InboxDollars. They send you advertisements, you view them, confirm you’ve seen them, and that’s that.

Looking for more ideas?

Read our article on how you can make money by playing video games. There are lots of ways to make money online. Feel free to add your suggestions!

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Legitimate Ways Moms Make Money Online

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  • Certainly 21st century technology provides many opportunities for on-line work. Perfect for mothers with young children as they can choose their own hours. Creating applications is another potential way to earn money for somebody with the know-how.

    You are right to point out that there are many scams out there. A bit of due diligence isn’t hard to conduct – and it’s necessary to beware of a spate of positive reviews for a money-making scheme that sounds too good to be true. Often members of such schemes get a bonus for writing a positive review on their website.

  • Great list! Some of those do not work for me because I am in Canada but it will work for USA people :). I see you mentioned Pinecone I don’t think they always are looking for people but they are probably my favorite place to do surveys for, you never are screened out! 300 points per survey you can use the points on items or 300= $3.00 to Paypal cash. They also send products for you to try and then give you a survey afterwards.

  • Making money online is a bit of a thankless task these days – the hours are long and the pay is generally poor! If I have a holiday coming up I do use online methods to add to the holiday pot, by using a site such as Microworkers and I do about 20-30 minutes a day, to stop me getting bored. It’s a case of little and often, as it’s impossible to make a decent amount of money online in a short space of time.

  • Extensive research on making money online for stay-at-home moms.As a mom of several children, I log in on evenings when the kids are in bed. I clicked on several of the links you noted. With the gaming, I am oblivious to how I could understand them all, until I first study them thoroughly and subscribe to play to start earning. But I’d probably write reviews for a bit more money about them than play :-). But then again, I will have to study the mechanics of a game first. And that takes time and mastery :-/, which I can’t afford to spend my time on.

    UpWork, PeoplePerHour, SmashWords and CreateSpace (Amazon publishing) line up with my first 3-5 choices. I write for local newspapers for friends. I freelance with editing and proofreading.

  • Recently; I have been applying for a lot of work at home Jobs. I am thankful that technology allows mothers to raise their children and earn income from the comforts of their own home. I am in the active military currently but I’m transitioning to Reserves because I have a 1 year old son and my husband is an international truck driver. My son needs his mother so thank you for this post. I have been thinking about starting a small business.

  • I have also been going through a transition in life. The children are all in their teens and leaving for University and my employment has slowed down, which leaves me with the question of how to make an income during this transitional stage with the extra hours I have to myself instead of cleaning running noses. So I looked up posts like these which are an eye opener for anyone looking to engage themselves with new ventures. I will agree with Naturabeauty92 that technology has helped people like me to realize that there’s a lot to get involved in even when the 9:00 – 5:00 job is in question, so great job.

  • I have been thinking on going freelancing for a while in order to spend more time with the kids. I guess it is time I take action. I really like the “Read Email” job. Sounds like an easy way to earn money quickly – I will be checking that out. I just wonder how often the emails one will receive the emails.

  • How do you market yourself to as a freelancer if you don’t have any experience. I find this to be one of the biggest issues with getting into freelance. I am able to write, but there is no where that employers can look to in order to see that I actually have the skills they need for their particular job. Is the only way to get experience by creating a personal blog? It just seems that the time and effort needed to get your foot in the door isn’t worth it. Has anyone had success freelancing online?

  • I think that making money online is a great opportunity if you have a skill that you’re able to sell – because there many be millions of people who want to buy what you are able to give to them! I have always been jealous of people who have skills in relation to arts and crafts, because if they are able to get a social media following they can certainly make quite a lot of money from this – and they will be able to make it in their spare time while they look after their children, which is great. I have never had that type of talent though, which is a bit of a shame really.

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