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The Best Money-Saving Hacks You Need to Know Before Shopping at Macy’s

The Best Money-Saving Hacks You Need to Know Before Shopping at Macy’s

Money saving and Macy’s are two concepts that don’t usually fit together in the same sentence. But if you’re a fan of name brand clothing, shoes, homeware, and more, you know that’s the place to look. There’s just one problem: looking invariably results in spending, and buyer’s regret lurks for those who give in and bust their budgets. Our Macy’s shopping tips will help you to get the best of the best for less. Check it out.

ONLY Shop at Macy’s When There’s a Sale

Macy’s have tons of sales throughout the year. Although some items are very seldom marked down, you can luck out with great quality items at a fraction of the cost if you play your cards right. Quality lasts longer, so when you get it at a discounted price, you may even save owing to the durability of the items you can get.

Macy’s has multiple sales on almost every possible occasion. How will you know what’s on? Macy’s is sure to advertise sales online. 20 percent off is fairly common.

For the very best deals, though, you need to look out for Macy’s one-day sales. They’re usually, but not always, on a Saturday, and they are well worth waiting for.

Check the Clearance Racks Regularly

Macy’s likes to keep its stock fresh and ever-changing. After a few weeks in stock, it’ll move things to clearance, and 40 percent off the full price is easy to get. Bigger reductions apply to items that hang around for too long, but you may not find the ones you want left over if you wait too long. Patience is the key. If you can blinker yourself to other stock and JUST check the clearance area, you can get good stuff at a deep discount.

Coupons and Promo Codes

Yes, you can get Macy’s coupons, and there are promo codes that Macy’s gives you so that you can grab online shopping discounts. Just check the terms and conditions carefully. Coupons aren’t often valid for marked down items, so stacking a coupon on top of a special price won’t necessarily work.

Get the App for Macy’s Shopping Tips

Right now, you can get 25 percent off your first app order just for downloading the app. Even if that offer doesn’t stay valid for long, store apps are always a good way to track the latest deals, offers, and sale dates. Whenever you want to save, simply signing up often gets you access to deals nobody else can get and informs you of the big days when low prices rule the roost.

The Best Money-Saving Hacks You Need to Know Before Shopping at Macy’s

Get a Macy’s Card – If You’re Good with Cards

If you can squash your card balance before the end of the billing cycle when the interest kicks in, or if you can maintain discipline and pay cash at the register when using your card, you’re (almost) sure to get 20 percent off for two days after opening it. We say “almost” because there are exclusions and the incentives can change. If you aren’t sure, ask in-store.

Unfortunately, your Macy’s card is a true “loyalty” card. The more you buy, the more savings and deals it will offer you, but even if you only shop at Macy’s occasionally, there’s a chance of a mystery discount at the cash register.

Be a Plenti Member

Combine you Macy’s card with a Plenti Rewards card, and you’re in for extra savings. Basically, the Plenti program allows you to earn points at multiple outlets even when you buy gas. Even if you don’t have a Macy’s card to stack on top of it, Macy’s will redeem your Plenti Points against your purchases. Unfortunately, using Plenti also means understanding an eye-watering list of terms and conditions among which offsetting discounts against points.

When You Think You Have a Deal, Check for Exclusions

Right now, there’s a cool Macy’s discount of $20 off the next purchase of $50 or more to those who buy a gift through a registry. But, and here’s the pinch, there’s a long list of exclusions too. This seems to be the rule with Macy’s, and they don’t make it easy for you to get through all the fine print. We suggest following the “ask first” rule because you could be in for a shock at the cash register if you don’t.

Get the Email Newsletter

Sign up for the newsletter and read it. It’ll keep you on top of the latest special offers and deals. But be strong! It’s going to tell you about a lot of Macy’s premium priced, oh-so-tempting new releases too!

Check for Price Adjustments After Purchase

With so many sales and markdowns, you might grab something only to find that within a few days, you could get the same thing for less. There’s no need to kick yourself. Simply take your receipt into your Macy’s store and ask for a price adjustment. It’s valid for up to 10 days after you made your purchase.

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The Best Money-Saving Hacks You Need to Know Before Shopping at Macy’s