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10 Money Saving Habits from Frugal Celebrities

10 Money Saving Habits from Famous People

We all dream of being rich, and maybe famous too, but even the rich and famous can be pretty frugal. After all, you can’t stay rich unless you know how to hang onto your money! And this rule applies even to the fortunate ones, which made a habit from saving money! 

1. Coupon clipping

Stars like Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood and Kristen Bell are all inveterate coupon clippers. Surprised? Why should you be? These clever ladies don’t see any point of paying full price if they can get a discount. So next time you see someone cashing in a coupon, take a closer look – you might catch a glimpse of a thrifty superstar!

Carrie Underwood

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2. Don’t spend everything you earn

Retired Today Show host Jay Leno is ready to relax in style. During his 20 year tenure as host of the popular TV show, he never spent a penny of his massive earnings. Instead, he saved it all up and lived off the money he earned doing standup comedy.

He learned the habit as a youngster when he held down two jobs: one at a car dealership and the second at McDonald’s. At the time, he saved his earnings from one job and lived off his salary from the other. That’s a habit he carried through into the latter years of his career.

3. Make your own dinner

You’d imagine that stars like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift would spend their evenings dining out at the best restaurants, but instead, there’s nothing these celebrities love more than cooking at home – and they don’t hire a chef either. Eating out should be a treat rather than a habit, so put on your apron and discover your inner master chef.

4. Avoid spending on bling

If you heard that Warren Buffet lives in a modest home that just about any middle-class American could afford, you might be flabbergasted, but it’s perfectly true. And IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad is just as frugal. He says that strength and will are far more important than flashy status symbols.

5. Hit the discount stores

Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Obama aren’t people you’d expect to bump into at Target or H&M, but that’s just where these ladies go bargain hunting. Fancy brand names, it seems, are for those who think they have something to ‘prove’.

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6. Keep zeroing that credit card balance

When actress Zooey Deschanel got divorced, her finances were made public to the amazement of her fans. The frugal star lived off a relatively modest budget and had three credit cards – all with a zero balance. Now that’s smart money management!

7. Take the bus or the subway

Despite his success as the star of “Mad Men” Vincent Kartheiser prefers public transport and doesn’t own a car. He says he likes the low-stress commute, but if you think about how much he’s saving on gas, insurance, maintenance and car payments, he’s also made a great money-saving choice.

8. Check out the sales and special offers

Sarah Michelle Gellar is proud of being frugal. She doesn’t see the price as in indication of quality and loves to track down special offers. Who doesn’t love a bargain? As the saying goes: “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Tweet this!

9. When you earn more, save more

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence maintains a modest lifestyle despite her massive income. She doesn’t even wear fancy designer clothes. So where’s the money going? She’s salting it away for a great retirement: smart girl!

10. Teach your kids to pay their own way

Paul McCartney is worth an absolute fortune, but he still expected his daughter to pay for her own tertiary education. This may sound harsh, but apart from saving himself a lot of money, he’s also teaching his daughter to look after herself, be independent and appreciate the value of money.

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10 Money Saving Habits from Frugal Celebrities