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Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit
Written by Oana Schneider

Since the beach days are just around the corner, DontPayFull decided to talk to you about how and where to find an inexpensive and flattering swimsuit. We know that we’re all different and finding swimwear is sometimes extremely difficult for some of us, which is why we came up with a list of online stores that you will definitely love. But first let’s find out how to find a swimsuit that flatters your body:

Slim figure – well, you can pretty much wear anything, so you have that going for you, which is nice. Our advice is to steer away from baggy cover-ups that hide your body and don’t do anything for you. Try focusing on what’s trending now: colorful and playful swimsuits (hearts, kitties, bow-ties and so on). There are so many choice and, fortunately, 90% of them will accentuate your slim figure, so have fun shopping.

Curvy – it’s true that some women choose to hide their natural curves under beach sarongs, but today’s fashion says that curvy women are ruling the world, so choose something that accentuates your chest and your hips, like a two piece suit with high waist bikinis, for example. In terms of colors, stay away from dark colors. Although some people seem to think that black is making them look thinner, you really don’t want to wear it at the beach: imagine the heat, the sweat and that very uncomfortable feeling. Ditch black and choose pastel colors, white and even flattering prints (small prints, not giant flowers or things like that).

Plus Size – plus fun! There is a way to dress right for your body shape and we’ll show you a few options from every store. The key is to accentuate your best features: maybe you have a beautiful face, a nice chest or long legs. Concentrate on these areas and pick something with fringes or ruffles, making sure not to go for something that’s over the top. Don’t worry, it’s actually way easier than it sounds! Plus, you’ll be able to wear this swimsuit for years to come, so look at it as a good investment!

Nordstrom has probably the greatest collection of swimsuits, which means that pretty much everybody will be more than happy to own one of their creations. If you feel like they are too pricey for you, why don’t you use a coupon and get an up to 75% discount? But back to Nordstrom: from Aztec inspired prints to fringe, ruffles, retro and pretty much every other kind of swimwear you can think of, this company has your back. We chose three examples for every body type, based on trend, wearability and price. Which one is your favorite?

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

Swimsuits for Any Body Shape!

Forever 21 has probably the most interesting selection of cutout swimsuits, which, frankly, is just refreshing: it allows you to show some skin and not look indecent at the same time. It’s true that you’ll find less prints, but the monochrome doesn’t look bad at all! Another thing we absolutely love about this company is that they really put a lot of work into creating an interesting plus size line of swimwear: great colors, shapes and amazingly flattering pieces! Here are our top choices:

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

Dorothy Perkins is a well-known retailer based in UK, but the company delivers all over the world and actually has many stores opened in the US. If you like the European vibe, DP is the way to go: although the clothes are not presented on a model, you’ll be able to tell which one fits or doesn’t fit your body figure. Our favorite items are the pastel ones, very interesting, fresh and classic. This means that they’ll probably never go out of fashion, allowing you to wear your beloved DP swimsuit many years from now (get the coupon!). These are our top choices:

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

Retro Inspiration!

Probably the best choice when it comes to swimwear, RoseWe has a huge selection of bathing suits, no matter what your size is. Plus, everything is so inexpensive and colorful (how does $10 per swimsuit sound to you?) that browsing through their offers will be nothing but a true joy. We are deeply madly in love with their merchandise and with the fact that they ship worldwide, sometimes for free. Without further ado, these are our favorite swimsuits:

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

It’s All About That High Waist!

This world-renowned retailer came up with a summer collection that you’ll definitely enjoy: interesting cutouts, patterns, colors and shapes that could flatter anyone. Our only negative remark is that there are really no plus size models to show us how the clothes really look like in a bigger size. So until Top Shop decides to fix this up, we’ll just have to use our imagination. Plus, we do have a few coupons for this company, in case you decide to purchase something today! Ever bought anything from Top Shop?

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

So Many Flattering Options!

Walk Trendy

Walk Trendy is a company that makes clothes for teenagers, which is why they have so many prints, hearts, balloons and so on. If you have a teenage daughter or are a teenager yourself, this is a good place to check out. We have to give Walk Trendy credit for their Baywatch-inspired swimsuits and for staying true to a few colors that are defining for the company: black, nude and orange. After browsing their website a bit, we chose these three favorite items:

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

Push Up Bra, Anyone?

Although a bit more expensive, Sweaty Betty swimsuits are probably the most flattering we’ve ever seen! They are made from a special fabric that tucks in the belly fat, wrinkles and pretty much everything you don’t want people to see when you’re at the beach. Also, this fabric has a special enzyme that helps you eliminate the sweat, which means you’ll feel fresh throughout the day and sunbathe as much as you like. Out of all their items, these three are our favorite ones:

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

Chicness and Protection!

If you love polka dots and cherries, you’ve come to the right place! There aren’t many options in terms of shapes, but the ones that are can definitely fit any kind of body. We appreciate the time and effort put into making a great plus size swimwear collection and actually have a few favorites ourselves. If your favorite item is too expensive, DontPayFull has your back: get a coupon! Feel free to look through the Modcloth sale section and try to combine their discounts with a coupon in order to get the best of both worlds. Here are a few ideas:

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

Flirty Prints for Every Body!

Asos has probably the cutest selection of bathing suits and that makes us so happy! If you’re still quirky and fun, this is the company for you! We like the clean cuts, the simple yet elegant lines and that great variety of shapes. Also, DonPayFull features many Asos coupons, in case you decide to buy something. And just to give you an idea of what you can find on their website, here are our top choices:

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

So Many Great Options for a Day at the Beach!

Not many people know about this website, which is why we felt the need to share the good news with you: if you are looking for inexpensive and cute swimsuits, you’re in luck! With a great variety of one pieces, bikinis, beach dresses, lace shorts and beach accessories, Choies is probably going to become your next favorite online store really fast! But let’s take a minute to talk about the colors: they are absolutely amazing! Some combinations that you never would’ve thought of are stealing the spotlight: orange and purple, grey and lemon yellow, electric blue and dark brown. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself:

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

Did Anybody Say “Fun in the Sun”?

We saved the best for last and are actually thinking of ordering a few items ourselves! Get ready for an explosion of color, chicness, naughty prints and flattering shapes! There are so many things we appreciate about this line of swimwear: a great variety of one pieces, beach dresses, hats and shades, shorts and sarongs. After looking through all the bathing suits, you’ll definitely want to purchase at least one, in which case check out these coupons. After almost half an hour of deliberations, we decided that these three are our favorite items:

Where to Find an Inexpensive and Flattering Swimsuit

The Glorious Return of Baywatch Swimsuits!

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  • I’m in the market for a new swimsuit, so this comes at a perfect time. Strangely, I never thought to buy my swimwear from Forever21, so I’ll definitely have to check their selection out. RoseWe and Choies look like excellent resources as well. And I’ll have to let my friends know about RoseWe since they ship internationally.

    • I know a lot of women that like Forever 21’s selection of swimsuits, and I’ve been dragged into those stores enough times to know that the designs are pretty great compared to other retailers. They have low prices compared to the competition, and you’re not really sacrificing quality or aesthetics by shopping at Forever 21, which is always a good thing.

      • I’ve just checked out Forever 21’s selection online (we don’t have a brick-and-mortar store where I live) and I’m indeed impressed. Some of those swimsuits look pretty high-end, and the variety of designs is quite wide-ranging. I fell in love with about three suits on the front page alone, haha.

        • Nothing wrong with that! I know my girlfriend likes Forever 21’s selection on most clothing and swimsuit items. Even some of the similarly priced department stores have far less attractive and varied designs. I guess it’s not that surprising that Forever 21 is a popular retailer through all these years.

  • All great places for swimsuits. When it comes to finding an attractive swimsuit, you can’t go bargain basement for them at a place like Walmart. However, these discount retailers offer a far better selection that’s better suited for being in public as far as designs and quality are concerned. You might pay a couple, and I mean a couple, bucks extra, but you’ll wind up with something that you love wearing, too!

  • The weather’s getting hot, so it’s time to hit the beach here in Texas. I see some new to me sites I hadn’t heard of before here, and some patterns and designs I’m interested in looking at in more depth. This looks like a great starting point for my bathing suit shopping, and the prices are easy on the wallet.

    • What are the beaches like in Texas? West Coast beaches are warm, sandy, with decently warm waters. The East Coast is a little colder with a far different texture in the sand. I have no idea what Gulf beaches are like, as with Texas, so I’m interested to know if they’re noticeably different than the coasts.

  • I simply like the sight of bikini-clad women. There’s nothing skimpy about it, rather it serves to elevate the beauty of a woman. Rosewe’s $10 a piece for a bikini is really cool. Hope more women wear the 2-piece swimwear.

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