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Why Moving into a Tiny House Is the Best Idea

Why Moving into a Tiny House Is the Best Idea
Written by Oana Schneider

It seems that the tiny house industry is taking over the USA lately, which could only mean that the way we see our lives is changing for the better. Since we’re in the business of saving money, we are always on a mission to come up with new and better ways for you to avoid mortgages. But before we get any further, let’s talk a bit about what a tiny house really is.

What Is a Tiny House Anyway?

Why Moving into a Tiny House Is the Best Idea

If you’re used to living in a big house, prepare yourself for a serious downgrade. Imagine that you have to pack all your things, eat and sleep in just one room. Did we mention that you would also have to shower in the same room? Before you think we’ve gone crazy, just hear us out.

A tiny house is a downsized cottage comprising one room that features a sleeping area, a small sink with tiny cabinets, a tiny shower and a bed. They are either built on the ground or on a wheel platform, which makes it easy to move.

If you think that sounds a lot like a trailer, it’s because this is exactly what it’s like. The only difference is that it looks like a real house and the owner purchased it because they want to live a more frugal life. This, my friends, is the real change!

You’ve probably seen people living in huge trailers, with things stacked up to the ceiling. Well, this is so not the case: the purpose is to live within your means and to make those means very important for your life.

How Much Does a Tiny House Cost?

Why Moving into a Tiny House Is the Best Idea

Well, it depends on what you want it to look like. If you are buying it brand new, your tiny house will go anywhere from $10k to $100k! It will have a functional electrical system, pipes and plumbing and anything you need.

However, most people decide to build this house themselves: if you’re no stranger to carpentry, you only need to buy the plans online for $40 and then build it yourself. However, there are a few things we need to talk about since this is no ordinary home, so keep reading!


Why Moving into a Tiny House Is the Best Idea

If you’ve built your tiny house on the ground, you have to pay taxes just like you would for any other building, on squarage, but if it’s on a mobile platform, it will have to obey the RV rules. This means that you can pretty much park it anywhere as long as it’s in a park or community that allows this. Generally, RV parks only allow RVs that are built by a renowned constructor, but you’ll just have to negotiate your stay the best you can.

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Things to Consider Before Moving into a Tiny House

Sure, they look cute and all when you see them online or on Pinterest, but there are a few things yo need to seriously think about before making such a huge step:

  • First of all, you need to be aware of the fact that you’ll have to give up on a lot of your possessions, so it’s goodbye shoe collection, countless shirts and coats, kitchen utensils, fancy furniture and so on. In fact, you can build your tiny home especially for your book or DC collection, if you feel that you can’t really live without these items.
  • Hosting parties from now on is going to be a challenge, if not impossible. You won’t be able to entertain a lot of people, so don’t be surprised if a lot of your friends will suddenly stop answering their phones.

Why Moving into a Tiny House Is the Best Idea

  • Well, this is the real challenge. If you have kids, they will feel the need to spread their wings and we don’t mean it only metaphorically. A child need to have enough room to run and explore, so a tiny house could seem a bit claustrophobic. Also, imagine that you have to study but your kids have no intentions of letting you have some quiet. You can’t just go into the next room, so you’ll have to think this through beforehand. In case your kids are about to hit teenage years, be prepared for their need for privacy.
  • Family disputes? Not anymore! Let’s just say that if you and your husband have a disagreement and you’re used to him sleeping on the couch on such occasions, you’ll have a lovely surprise. There will be no couch, so you’ll have to work things out before going to bed. The same bed, that is!
  • Hello, cooking! Unfortunately, you won’t have enough room to stock up on food ingredients or even a big fridge, so make sure you only eat fresh food. Of course, you’ll have to start cooking daily, which also implies regular trips to the market, but look at it as an adventure rather than an annoying thing to do!
  • Heating and AC. Well, these two are very important, which is why you should ask a specialist install both systems. First of all, Make sure you’re not losing heat through your windows and walls: check for cracks every other month and take all the measures you need to protect your home!

Why Moving into a Tiny House Is the Best Idea

  • Cleaning the house. You probably think that this is going to be a piece of cake since the place is so small, but remember that now every misplaced item makes it look like you’re not very organized. So say goodbye to leaving your clothes on the chair, leaving your sleepers scattered all over the floor and also to those wrappings that needed to be thrown away a few days ago.
  • The trash. Yes, prepare yourself for an endless number of trips to the trash can! Since the place is very small, you don’t have room for unwanted items, so you’ll need to throw away the trash up to three times a day if you like cooking, for example. Plus, you only have one room for bathing, sleeping, eating, cooking and entertaining, which means that you simply cannot let gross odors protrude your lovely home. You may not know this, but if your tiny house is made of wood, the walls will absorb the smells and keep them for a really long time. You don’t want your precious home to smell like that, would you?

The Advantages of Moving into a Tiny House

Why Moving into a Tiny House Is the Best Idea

  • First of all, you’ll use lees cleaning products, less electrical power, less everything! Not only that you’ll save a lot of money on your mortgage (since you don’t even need one!), but you’ll also cut down on your daily expenses!
  • You will eat healthier, since you have to cook your own meals and use fresh ingredients all the time. You may not be able to fit a treadmill in your tiny home, but you can always jog, which will improve your life and help you find the true meaning of life: it’s not about how much we spend, but the things we spend our money on!
  • Smaller taxes: this one goes without saying! You’ll have a very pleasant surprise when doing your taxes. The government, believe it or not, is trying to make us realize that we don’t really need that much to live on, this is why luxury items require bigger taxes. Live within your means and your life will improve instantly!
  • Needless to say, you’ll spend all your time with your family and this will bring you closer. No more sleeping in separate rooms, no more man caves and so on! From now on, you’ll be next to each other for the rest of your lives, which can never be a bad thing!


Why Moving into a Tiny House Is the Best Idea

We like tiny house for so many reasons: first of all, you don’t have to become a slave to a bank to get a mortgage and pay for your house, you’ll eat healthier and your overall expenses will be a lot smaller. However, you need to know that if you don’t think you can do this, then don’t! Not everybody can let go on their personal belongings and moving into a tiny house is really a life-changer!

Just look into this possibility, talk to your family and make the best decision for you and your life. If you just want a taste of it before taking the step, you can rent a tiny house and give it a go for a month. If everything goes smoothly, you have your answer!

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  • What a fun article! I think those used to living with space, or those with families will find it hard to adjust to the reduced space, that being said, humans are incredible at adapting, and most likely after some time everything will just become the norm. The benefits you mentioned of living in a small house are considerable. But beware, remember that family vacation in the tiny holiday home? If this brings back memories of frustration and arguments, a small space is probably not for you. If you remember those being magical moments of togetherness, a smaller dwelling may be a good move for you!

  • I have had dreams of doing this for quite a while now, but I do have a couple of issues with it. Firstly, I am not one of those people who are able to turn their hands to anything, and this means that I would have to pay somebody to do the work for me. So, the project would not be quite as cheap for me as it might be for another person who chose to do it, which is a shame as I feel as though I really could be happy in that type of home. I used to go on caravan holidays a lot when I was a child, and really enjoyed them. I often said that I could happily live in a caravan if it was an option, and I still feel as though this is the case.

  • I have considered living in a tiny house before, and this article has helped to further my understanding on it. I’ll admit that it did bring to light several disadvantages I never considered. I could see myself living on my own or maybe with one other person in such a home, but with children it seems nearly impossible. Moreover, not being able to have people over comfortably discouraged the possibility for me. Living in it could maybe work temporarily, but I would eventually want to move. I cannot see it being easy to sell this kind of house, though. The greatest advantage that could outweigh these disadvantages is saving a large amount of money.

  • I have been seeing a lot of interesting articles about these little homes popping up. It seems be a real trend these days. I don’t plan on having kids so it would be perfect for me. Very small but I think I could manage it!

    • As far as I’ve seen, tiny homes can accommodate two people per house, unless it’s made to be larger. You shouldn’t have any problems living in the space, although it’s definitely going to seem crowded at first. It’s hard to go from 1,000 square feet or more to a fraction of that, but it gets easier after you’ve settled in.

  • I’m actually a fan of tiny houses, at least for one person. I would love to live in one, especially if I had an acre or more of property. I don’t need that much living space, so such a house would make sense in my situation. They can help you save money and reduce your overall environmental footprint on the Earth, too. I would say that’s a win-win situation for everyone.

  • This is great if you spend a lot of time outdoors or not inside your house. I definitely don’t mind the smaller taxes and less cleaning that go into living in a small house. These tiny houses sound great for the environment. Also these houses look so cute. I wouldn’t mind staying in one for a while thought I tend to like large amount of spaces. I guess that what keeping me from staying in a tiny house permanently.

    • Some tiny houses come pre-built and can include environmentally friendly systems. A company in Canada creates tiny house attachments that include water filtration systems, rainwater systems, and even solar-powered setups. The options are varied and help protect the environment from harm.

  • My boyfriend has the longtime dream of making one of these tiny homes! We both like the idea, but… he has a lot of music equipment, and I want a library. This might just not work! XD I think that, if one has the means, it might be nice to make one as a project and live there a couple of years — up to the moment when there are kids, then they can live there a few more years, and possibly then get a new place, keeping this as a place to go on weekends or something for fresh air!

    • You could build to add-on sections to a tiny house to accommodate your needs. It wouldn’t make the property that much larger, and you’d still have that tiny feel to everything. The added rooms would give you both the opportunity to indulge in your passions, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • I suspect planning rules are different in the UK and it is not cheap to build even a tiny house here, but I would be game to do so. I think the challenge of keeping the place tidy would be the biggest I would face as I already live in quite a small house anyway, and have lived in smaller. One issue that might need thinking about arises from my experience. I was ill for nearly a whole winter and had to stay in bed. By the end of it I felt I had lived in a box. I think if I was to build there would have to be a LOT of free outdoor space to wander in and a very big window!

  • The idea of living in a tiny home has crossed my mind a time or two. You bring up some good points in this article. I think this would be better for someone who lives on their own. I would not relocate my family of 5 to a tiny house. There is a lot to give up if you downsize but simplicity has its benefits as well.

  • The article made a great reading, but may not be a practical idea, if you have grown up kids. Particularly in winter, it becomes such a pain to adjust in such a small house. It could be good for a young couple, students or solitary individuals. You also got to set aside more than 20K to 100K for a decent house.

  • I like smaller houses on the whole, but I once tried to live a similar lifestyle to living in a tiny house, and off-grid to boot. It was a struggle. The way the place was set up, I felt really boxed in. So I would caution people considering a tiny house to be very mindful of how they plan it out. That said, I think this could be a great option for a certain type of person with a certain lifestyle.

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