10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love
Written by Oana Schneider

A few more weeks and then school will start again. If you are a parent worried about how your child will do in school this year, there are a few items you can purchase in order to put your mind at ease and also to help your little one cope with early mornings and a different daily routine. Most people think that buying gadgets for their kids is a bad idea, when the truth is that we can’t stop technology, all we can do is keep up with it.

Don’t be afraid to buy a smart item for your kids as long as it’s useful. That being said, here are 10 back to school items that you’ll fall in love with:

1. FiLip2

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

FiLip2 is a great tool for kids: it can memorize up to 5 phone numbers and call them in case of an emergency. Plus, it comes in 3 sizes to make sure they fit your child’s wrist perfectly. You can also choose between 4 color options: blue, red, orange and green. Here are a few details about FiLip2:

  • Sharp screen, 1.8 inches, resolution 128X128 pixels;
  • Wi-Fi, GSM and GPS connections;
  • Waterproof;
  • Compatible with iOS6 and Android 2.3;
  • A good battery: up to 50 minutes of phone conversations or 48 hours when it’s in standby;
  • Weight: 58 grams;
  • Price: $99 and a $10 subscription to AT&T.

If you are worried about your child, this is the perfect gadget: you’ll permanently know where the little one is, and he/she has a chance to call you without having to carry a phone with them.

2. Pocket Finder

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

In case your kids like to skip school a lot and refuse to wear any tracking devices, you can purchase a Pocket Finder and sew it inside their backpack, for example. This device is small, it shows where your kids are on a map, and it sends you alerts when the little one comes home or leaves school. It supports Android and iOS. Here are all the features of this Pocket Finder:

  • You can track the arrival and departure of your child;
  • You receive an alert whenever he/she enters a certain zone that is considered to be off limits;
  • It’s easily attached to your kid’s belt, backpack, and necklace and so on;
  • Price: $102.

3. Cool Lunch Boxes

Kids tend to not like their food very much, especially if they’re used to cookies and other sweets at home. When you get to taste all that sweetness, eating an egg sandwich seems like the most terrible thing on earth! Save yourself a lot of headaches by buying a cool lunchbox to make food look more appetizing. We have a few ideas for you: they are spacious, cool and very practical:

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will LoveThe Goodbyn 

This item is very fun and the good news is that you can choose from a wide variety of shapes and colors. The main theme is a friendly and cool-looking monster protecting your food, it’s made out of durable plastic and you can wash it in your dishwasher.

Price: $10.86 

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

Dabba Walla

Check out this cute chicken that’s about to make your kids’ lunches way more interesting and delicious! Made from a spongy fabric very similar to neoprene, this lunch bag is machine washable, so easy to pack and also unpack, and it comes in 13 different shapes and sizes (in case your kid doesn’t like chickens that much!).

Price: $29.99

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

Lunch Sack, Thermos

Although it may not look like a regular lunchbox, this next item has in internal divider, it’s very resistant to stains, you can throw it in the washer and clean it with our kitchen towels, for example, and it’s cartoon-themed. Also, it keeps the food in good conditions until you’re ready to savor it.

Price: $35.99


4. Inventive Backpacks

Nothing says more about a kid than their backpack! It’s true that there are many choices out there, but we have 3 great ideas that will blow your mind! Keep in mind the fact that all these options and resistant to shock, cool and affordable!

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

Captain American Backpack 

This backpack is perfect for your little superhero. Although it may not look very spacious, it actually is! Plus, it comes with a set of features that will definitely make you want to purchase it for your little one: it’s licensed by Marvel, it’s made out of hard plastic (basically indestructible), it has an internal pocket for your tablet, it has 4 pockets in total, and it looks really cool. You can purchase it online for $59.99.

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

Teacher’s Pet Backpack

These backpacks are good no matter if your little one is a girl or a boy. They are all designed by artist Michelle Romo and are a perfect choice for primary school kids. Made out of durable polyester, these cute backpacks have two pockets, are easily cleaned, and supply endless joy to kids. Price: $29.

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

So Young Blue Dinosaur

Tech-savvy kids have now a really cool backpack to show off: So Young Blue Dinosaur, created for toddlers’ every need but also to put at ease any concerned parent. There are so many things you can fit in it: a pair of shoes, clothes, and a bottle of water, a small lunchbox and books! It’s also PVC free, it has 2 side pockets for bottles, two chest straps to secure it in place and a reinforced bottom to protect everything. You can purchase it online for $30.95.


5. VTech InnoTab

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

This little tablet will be very helpful for you little one, because it’s designed to improve writing and math skills, while also providing learning games and apps. Plus, it has enough memory to store all your favorite songs. It doesn’t have an incorporated camera, like other educational tablets, but this only makes it more affordable. You can order it now for only $46.32.

6. LED Umbrella

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

In case you live in a rainy area (Seattle, let’s say) and have a child who’s afraid of the dark, this umbrella is just what you needed. It has a system of LED lights that come in many shapes and colors and allows you to see where you’re walking.

It’s very fun to use and cute that you’ll want one right away. Did we mention that they look like your Luke Skywalker carrying around a laser saber? Yes, that’s how cool they are! You can buy them on Amazon for $21.50

7. Good, Solid Notebooks

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

If your child is small but about to start 1st grade, you may want to invest in a set of resistant notepads: some of them are waterproof, other tear proof (and we all know how much kids like to tear up the pages from their notebooks!). If you don’t want their notepads to look like postal cards, try these Aqua Notepads, for example!

8. A Nice Alarm Clock

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

Ok to Wake

This is definitely the cutest alarm clock ever! You can set the time and brightness and you’ll wake up on your own, in fact. The clock will just start glowing when the alarm goes off and the little one can snooze it. Also, it lets parents sleep longer since it is playful enough to keep the little one busy for a few more minutes. You can buy it on Amazon for $29.95.

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

Darth Vader Alarm Clock

If your little one is a Star Wars fan, this is the clock to go with. It looks pretty much like a toy, but it’s also useful. The parents can set the alarm and let little Vader wake the little one. It has a Quartz movement digital display, it’s made of plastic and you can also buy a Storm trooper to accompany it. If you buy it alone on Amazon is $23.99, and with the little companion is $53.98 for the pair.

10 Awesome Back to School Items That You Will Love

Pop Clocky

Remember that face you make when you’re half asleep but have to leave the house? That is pretty much how this tiny kids’ alarm clock looks like. The coolest thing about it is that when the alarm goes off, it loses its head. Literally: the head pops up! If you think your child would like this, you can find it on Amazon for $47.99.


Waking up in the morning is bad enough, but having an old and grumpy clock wake you up makes things so much worse! First of all, these alarm clocks are not only cool-looking, but also very smart.

Some of them can wake you up singing the alphabet, some others will rotate your favorite songs, while others will use illustrations to let you know when it’s time to brush your teeth and go to school.

We found three examples that we absolutely love (Darth Vader Clock, Rubik Cube Alarm Clock, Rise and Shine Alarm Clock). Which one is your favorite?

9. Fun Pencil Cases

10 Awesome Back To School Items That You Will Love

There is a reason we buy kids pencil cases: to make sure they keep all their pencils and crayons in one place, without making a mess in their backpacks. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t go for something really fun, like a car-shaped pencil box. I mean, doesn’t it look so cool?

10. Water-resistant Shoes

Maybe you’re looking into buying an affordable pair of shoes for your son/ daughter. We think that the best approach is to invest in a pair of water-resistant shoes instead.

The reasons are many: all kids like to jump into puddles and soak their feet in the water, so don’t be surprised when they come home sick, with a runny nose and a severe cough. If you’ve decided to give these shoes a go, you can find them online, on ShoeBuy, Target, KeenFootWear and Zappos.

How are you and your family preparing for the school year? What items do you regularly buy?

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  • I absolutely love some of the novelty lunch boxes that you can get these days – they’re so cute! I remember when I was at school and your choice was very limited really, but now you can get almost anything that you’re interested in on a lunch box. I can imagine that the ones pictured above are going to be very popular indeed in the new school year, with all of the children wanting to make sure that they have the best lunchbox of all of their peers! I know that there is a lot of rivalry like that these days, but with cool things like you have described in your article, there is no need for them not to be the coolest kids in the school!

  • I like the lunch boxes, backpacks, and pencil holders, but I have a huge objection to the gadgets. Children do not need gadgets and I feel they would have a negative impact on their social development as they suck the child into the gadget world, shutting them out of the real world surrounding them.

    I also feel like those tracking devices might create a feeling of being controlled. No one likes to feel that way. I was a good kid who would never have even dreamed of skipping class, but if my parent had wanted me to wear a tracking devise, I would have felt invaded, distrusted, and like my ability to make choices was being taken away from me.

  • I love the idea of the Pocket Finder. I didn’t see any ongoing costs mentioned, so I guess once it’s purchased, that is it. That is probably something I would use if I had children, or if my nieces were younger. I also think the idea of water resistant shoes is great. I actually need to find some of these for myself, since I walk in marshy areas sometimes, and my shoes always get wet.

  • These are some cool ideas actually! I got to tell you when I was a kid my mom bought us the cheapest of whatever she found at the store and 1-2 outfits each. That was as far as school shopping went for us. I never had any fancy gadgets.

  • My son has the Yoda version of the Star Wars alarm clock. He’s not a morning person, but it makes mornings at least a little more fun.

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