10 Clever Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

10 Clever Ways to Save Money on Spring Break
Written by Oana Schneider

How many Hollywood flicks have you seen which revolves around spring break? For American college students, it’s a holiday that’s as big as Thanksgiving – only a lot more fun because there are no unbearable relatives that you have to interact with.

During spring break, they can spend time with fellow students who are out to have as much fun as them, and there are no hovering parents to keep them in line. So when exactly does spring break occur, and what’s the story behind it? In the US, spring break usually occurs from mid-March to mid-April. Other terms for spring break are spring vacation, mid-term break, and March break, Easter holidays, reading week and reading period. If you want to find out a few ways to save money on spring break, keep on reading!

As the name implies, it’s a recess during early spring which applies for students in schools and universities. If you’re a freshman who is looking forward to your first spring break or a sophomore, junior or senior student who got caught up in studying for exams that you barely had time to prepare for spring break, how can you maximize the holiday without having to spend too much money? That is exactly what we will learn more about here.

Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

First, how can you qualify an excellent spring break? Depending on the budget that you have, it’s a student vacation which involves pina coladas or other iced drinks, whole night partying, or marvelling at the view of an exotic, tropical location. However, it is not easy to make your picture of the perfect spring break come to life if you don’t have the funds to spare for it. The good news is that if you want to save money on spring break, there are ways that you can scrape together the funds to have one of the most memorable experiences of your college life.

If you’re still trying to save money on spring break, remember these tips:

Put a picture in your wall and use it as a motivation to save.

Is your ideal way to save money on spring break by reaching a destination in Europe or somewhere tropical? Go online and print a picture of your dream spring break destination to pin on your bedroom wall. Seeing it every day will give you that extra motivation to save.

Cut back on unnecessary spending.

Do you really need fancy coffee before going to class? If one drink costs you $4 and you go to your favorite coffee chain during weekdays that adds up to $20 per week and $80 per month! If you cannot seem to function without your caffeine fix, limit your order of to go drinks to once a week. Better yet, switch to brewing your own cup at the dorm or your apartment before heading to class. Use a travel mug to sip the brew if you’re in a hurry.

You can also plan your meals better so you won’t have to eat out so often. Fruits, nuts and granola bars will not just save you money, they’ll make you healthier, too.

10 Clever Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

Enjoy Your Spring Break While Saving Money!

Get part-time work.

Once you are out of college, you would have to pay for the student loans that you probably applied for to get yourself to school. If you don’t have part-time work, you are not necessarily doing your financial life any favors because you are not trying to cut back on your on-going debts. To save money for college-related expenses like spring break, add a few more hours to your part-time work. Get one if you don’t already have part-time job. Just make sure that you are getting enough rest in between so that your health will not be sacrificed.

Start a piggy bank!

This may sound like a solution for a four-year-old but piggy banks can work for adults, too. Whenever you have loose change or even extra bills, put it in your piggy bank so that you can have more ways to save money on spring break.

Save money along with your friends to motivate each other.

Similar to losing weight, it will be more fun – and more effective – if you will save money on spring break with friends. Whenever one of you is about to overspend on something, the other person can give a gentle reminder that the money that you will save can go towards something more worthwhile, like an awesome spring break vacation.

More Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

 Now that you already have an idea about how you can pool together your resources for an amazing spring break, here are more ways to save money while planning and during the vacation:

Make your spring break plans way in advance.

Do you have a small or large group of friends? When travelling in big groups, you will usually save more money because the overall funds can be divided by a bigger number of individuals. This means less contribution from every pocket. Assign one or two individuals to finalize the spring break plans – although make sure to do this way in advance.

Planning to save money on spring break should be done as soon as the school’s official calendar is out, and before you get bombarded with everything that you have to do prior to your exams.

Take advantage of student discounts.

No matter what your spring break plans are, make sure to bring your student ID. More often than not, establishments in spring break destinations offer discounts for students to bring more business their way. Even if you go to a popular spring break destination with relatively high prices, your student ID should bring the rates down to something more reasonable. Of course, there are many other ways to save money, so keep reading!

Road trip, cruise or flight?

Next, are you planning to go on a road trip, would you like to book a cruise or fly to a far off destination? If it’s a road trip that you are planning, there are many ways for you to save money on gas. Download apps that will give you information on which gasoline station has the lowest prices in a particular area. If you’re booking a cruise or round trip flights, do so around six to seven weeks in advance. This will give you better rates, and also ask about group or bulk discounts.

Save money on accommodations.

College students may not be able to afford suites or even regular rooms at plush hotels, but that does not mean that they have to sleep on their cars. Hostels are an excellent but cheap option for accommodations while you’re out on the road. Since you are at the destination to explore the place, anyway, you would only be spending time at the hostel to get some sleep.

If you or your friends have family members near the area, you can probably stay at their couch for free. Campgrounds, apartment swaps, couch surfing – these are your other cheap options for accommodations.

Know where to eat without spending too much.

If you were able to book a room at a reasonably-priced hotel, buffet breakfast might be included with your package. Take full advantage of this so that you can save money on food. If you are going on a road trip, bring a cooler which you can fill with ice, drinks and food supplies. Refill them at a superstore instead of always eating at a drive through. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

You can also ask locals about happy hour or discounted rates at the most popular restaurants in the area. Instead of paying too high a price for fancy dinners, go where the locals eat and save a lot of money.

10 Clever Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

How About Walking Your Neighbor’s Dog for Some Extra Cash?

Other ways to save money on spring break.

No spring break will ever be complete without drinks. If you’re legal, follow the BYOB or bring your own booze rule. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you want to head over to a happening club, have some pre-party drinks by buying a case or jug of wine. Local brand beers are also typically cheaper than imported brands.

Never bring your credit card when heading over to a bar – always pay in cash because this will allow you to practice some drinking – and spending – restraint.

Transportation could be another major expense during spring break. Bus rides and any other form of local transportation is typically cheaper than cabs. To get around the city, rent a bike instead of hailing cabs all the time. You might also save money on entrance tickets and other travel-associated fees by going online, or by using your student discounts.

Better yet, spend spring break by going to the beach, playing Frisbee and meeting new friends. All these activities are free. Save the museums, galleries and other sightseeing destinations for another time.
By putting together a few ways to save money on spring break and knowing how to save money once you get to your destination, you can have the best time – without having to spend a lot.

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  • Getting part-time work or a summer job is awesome advice. There are lots of jobs during summer because almost everyone has the idea to spend and have fun like crazy, and establishments will have to supplement their staff. If you don’t want those kinds of jobs you can easily find some online.

  • This is a great post and very true. I think picking up a part time job and just cutting back on things you don’t need would be a huge help for anyone saving to go away. But even better to plan in advance. Me and my friend are already planning our summer trip which is good since we got 4 months to get it together.

  • The best way to save money during spring break is to treat it like it’s nothing special. You don’t have to go somewhere as a student on spring break, and you sure as heck don’t have to spend extra money that you wouldn’t otherwise spend. Far too many people make extravagant and unncessary plans for this one to two week break, and that’s a mistake.

  • Living in the UK we don’t have Spring Break thing, but I was reading your tips and I realised that I can adapt most of them and use them for little events I have coming up this year. For example: I want to go to France and see Five Finger Death Punch & Judas Priest in concert. 🙂

    Oh and I’m a big fan of putting loose change in a jar. I do it with 1ps, 2ps & 5ps and when it gets full I carry it to my local bank and deposit it into my bank account via their coin machine. 🙂

  • But spring break was made for people to have fun and this is why we wrote this article: to make sure nobody spends more than they can afford this spring. You gotta live a little, right? 😉

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