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10 Halloween Movies on Netflix to Watch ASAP!

10 Halloween Movies on Netflix to Watch ASAP!
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, Halloween enthusiasts and money-saving aficionados! If you are planning on celebrating Halloween on the cheap this year, you may want to look after these 10 movies on Netflix!

Some of them are really old, some others are remakes, but one thing is sure: they are all amazing gems of the big screen! Check out our 10 Halloween movies on Netflix that you should definitely watch!

This one is an all-time classic and the story of a young family moving into a new apartment. The wife gets pregnant, but because of the neighbors and the mysterious environment, her anxiety about the baby’s safety takes over her mind and everything turns into a catastrophe of epic proportions. Launched in 1968, Rosemary’s Baby is still a great movie to watch around Halloween!

1976 – The Omen 

Starring Gregory Peck, Lee Remick and Harvey Stephens, The Omen is the story of an American ambassador surrounded by death.

After long searches, the ambassador gets the idea that the son he adopted could be at fault. The question remains: is this child the anti-Christ or is he just imagining things? Although the release date was 1976, this movie is a classic and guarantees to keep you in suspense long after the credits come on!

If zombies are your favorite thing about Halloween, then you just cannot miss this movie. The action centers on a group of people hiding in a barn from the mysterious and totally gross zombies! But a few questions come to mind: why now, how and why here?

Fighting the zombies versus hiding are the two options, but he’s going to make it till the end…alive?

Doctor Hannibal Lector is serving time in prison for… cannibalism and murder, but his help is needed when the FBI is dealing with a serial killer set to create a suite out of young women’s skins! A young female agent is asked to solve the mystery with the help of Lector, but this is no easy task, as she is about to find out!

If you like Hannibal a lot, you can also look for the TV series. Just make sure to eat something light before pressing play.

The most famous or should I say infamous family, especially when it comes to Halloween is The Addams. One day, a con artist shows up at their door claiming to be their estranged uncle Fester, which puts the whole family into a state of nervousness. Although not as scary as the other movies on this list, The Addams Family is a Halloween classic and a great source for Halloween costumes, so don’t miss it!

Prepare yourself for a great couple of hours, if you count the credits! The story surrounds Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town and of all things scary. It appears that one day, Jack discovers Christmas Town, but has a little bit of trouble understanding the concept, starting from the abundance of color to what really makes Christmas so…Christmassy: the joy, the presents etc.

In case you’ve missed it before, now would be a great time to watch this great movie!

1996 – Scream 

Yes, there is a lot of screaming involved in this movie, but if that’s what you’re into, who are we to judge? The action centers on Sydney, a young woman, who is struggling to deal with her mother’s murder, but it seems that her entourage is obsessed with deaths and murders. Plus, they are all stalked by a murderer willing to make their lives a living hell, if not kill them all. See who make it in one piece and who gets murdered!

1999 – Sleepy Hollow

The next movie comes from Tim Burton and stars Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp, who plays a constable sent from New York to the little village of Sleepy Hollow, where a mysterious Headless Horseman is responsible for many deaths.  Although there are many adaptations of this movie, including a TV series, this version seems to be everyone’s favorite! And the good news is that you can watch it on Netflix around Halloween!

This is a classic story of a two-faced kind of person. A wealthy and successful New York banker is trying to hide his true, murderous side from his co-workers while doing his job. But his mental problems and horrific fantasies only grow bigger every day, leading to a big number of murders. 15 years after the release date, American Psycho is still a great movie to watch on Halloween and Christian Bale’s performance is truly outstanding!

2013 – Carrie

From the amazing Stephen King comes a great story: Carrie White is a shy high school girl who is dealing with bullies. Fortunately, she has her religious mother to shelter her, but things go sideways on prom night, when the bullies push Carrie to the limit and the shy girl releases kinetic terror over the entire area.

If you’ve seen the old version of this movie, you may want to try a 2013 remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore and Gabriella Wilde.

What kind of Halloween movies do you usually watch? Which one of these movies are you most excited to see again?

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10 Halloween Movies on Netflix to Watch ASAP!

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  • I think it’s great to watch Halloween movies at this time of year, because it really helps you to get into the spirit of things (if you’ll pardon the pun) and enjoy the event in the way that it should be enjoyed. I am often scared by scary movies but as long as I’m not on my own, it should be fine. So, indeed, I feel as though this is something you should do – and if you rent them, it doesn’t cost too much money, either!

  • These are all great suggestions, especially American Psycho, and Silence of the Lambs. I find movies about serial killers to be particularly terrifying, because they’re more based in reality, and are more likely to actually happen. I haven’t yet seen some of the classics such as The Omen, Carrie, and Rosemary’s Baby.

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