10 Money Saving Tips Using the Internet

10 Money Saving Tips Using the Internet
Written by DontPayFull

Internet offers many money saving possibilities for a smart shopper. So if you are an e-shopper you have an edge over the old school shoppers who spend their hard earned money on gas and parking tickets, to bring home their daily supplies. Find out how shopping on the internet not only offers you convenience but can also help you save money.

The World Wide Web is increasing garnering the wallet share of many ardent shoppers world over. The old style market places and malls are slowly becoming haunted museums as shoppers are flocking to the internet for their daily supplies.

Internet shopping can be an exciting as well addictive experience for shoppers. Many renowned companies are launching their stores online, trying to replicate the same store experience with virtual assistants and smooth graphic user interface. Online shopping not only offers convenience and time-saving shopping options for busy people, it can also be a great way to save money.

Here are 10 money saving tips that can help you save money while shopping on the internet.

1. Participate in online loyalty programs

Online loyal programs encourage these shoppers to stick to this new experience after they are introduced to the website for the first time. These sites may offer gifts or discounts on repeat purchases made on their websites by the users. It is a good idea to benefit from these programs and save a few dollars!

2. Participate in referral programs

Many online stores encourage users to get their friends and relatives to shop online as well! While referral marketing is an age old marketing technique it is much easier to implement and track on the internet by providing email ids of friends and family who may be keen on the offers.

The online company may offer a money saving reward program for generating online referrals. The rewards may include freebies, cash cards or special discounts that can always ease off some stress on your monthly bills!

3. Save the fuel

With the rising fuels costs, you may think twice before making those unplanned shopping trips all the way to the departmental store. For both your bulk purchase of supplies and well as daily shopping needs, you needn’t worry about your gas bill.

Most online stores provide home delivery options at no extra costs. So shopping online not just saves your time but also saves your gas bill. Apart from your gas, you also steer clear off the parking meter and any unexpected speeding tickets!

4. Use coupons

Many shopping websites offer coupons to encourage shoppers to purchase their wares online rather than from their stores. Since changing customer behavior is a difficult exercise, these companies offer such special incentives to woo shoppers to move to their online stores that are cheaper to maintain and hence earn better returns to the company than the physical stores.

It doesn’t hurt to help these companies save on their store costs, especially when it also helps cut down your monthly tab and proceed with your money saving plan!

5. Shop online to avoid temptations

When you go out to shop you may be temped to buy more than you actually plan to and end up spending beyond your planned budget. When you shop for your groceries online you do not have pesky salesman pushing his or her wares down your throat. You are free to decide on your shopping list in advance and shop as per your decided budget.

6. Plan before your hit “Buy Now”

A good money saving tip is to make a shopping list before visiting the online store. Some glaring and tempting offers may excite you and make you shop more than you shopped for. Keep an eye on your online cart and recheck your shopping cart before you checkout for making the final payment.

7. Read the fine print and return policy

While shopping online maybe fun and easy, you may get tempted to buy things that look great on the internet but they do not deliver their promises. If you are unhappy with a product or service you have purchased online you would want to return it.

Read the fine print of the website terms and conditions before indulging into shopping. Don’t waste your money away on unwanted or defective goods and keep your wallet safe from burning away.

8. Use your credit card for online shopping

Most websites encourage you to use your credit card while shopping. While some may offer you the cash on delivery option, it may come at an extra cost. As a smart shopper you must use credit card only on secured sites.

Using credit card not only gives you a free credit for a month or more, but it also helps you earn reward points on the credit card loyalty program that can be also be redeemed as air miles on several credit cards. So if you shop smartly on the internet you may save money on our next family trip!

Some websites have tie ups with some specific credit card companies. If you have those credit cards, you can use them to enjoy greater discounts and then your money saving strategy would’ve paid off!

9. Get best deals

When you go shopping to your local neighborhood shopping mall, it becomes difficult to compare prices offered for the same product by different sellers. However comparing prices and going for the best price becomes much easier on the internet.

Many websites offer you to place your wanted items on the wish list. These website maintain a record of your wish list and alert you every time they have a new deal on the chosen product. This helps you get the best deal for your pocket!

10. Save yourself from penalties

Internet offers a more cost effective platform not only to the buyers but also for the providers. While most suppliers choose to reward customers for shopping online rather than at their stores, some institutions may even impose penalties on shoppers if they visit their stores more often than required instead of going online. This applies more to service provider like banks who at times charge their clients for visiting their premises for servicing needs.

For a smart customer, virtual assistants on the bank websites offer the same services at the comfort of your home. So think again before visiting your favorite banker and avoid unwanted penalties on your bank statement!

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  • I would really save a lot of money if I planned before hitting “Pay Now.” I love going to Amazon and check out all their cool books. That is why I am in debt. I have a library of books because I did not set a limit and i just kept on spending. I usually do not read the fine print and return policy but I guess it would be good to do so in case something breaks. I usually just throw stuff away and that is just silly. I am learning how to become a wise shopper.

    • I had a bit of an Amazon addiction too once Kindredsoul, so I understand.
      I too have things under control now, luckily I am not in debt. This is why I love sites like this one designed to help people save money without trying to sell anything at the same time.
      Some good tips here, I certainly look for vouchers now before committing to a price, often there is some kind of deal available.

  • I like online shopping, but I agree it can be dangerous and easy to over spend. I have found that not saving your credit card on sites like Amazon can make it harder to over spend. If I have to go get my wallet to make a purchase I am more likely to think about the total amount than if I can just click through. I need to see if there are grocery stores that deliver without a charge near by, as that would save me a lot of time and gas money.

  • Finding the best deal is easiest online. I can definitely vouch for that. I love to do price comparisons online because I can check every option out there or pretty close to it. Using a rewards credit card also adds to my savings because can use those rewards when I go to amazon for other things I need now and then that they have the best deals on. Online shopping really opens up the marketplace for me because I live in a small town, so I could not get a lot of good deals if I was relying entirely on local stores.

  • These tips are definitely helpful- I would definitely recommend that if you are going to shop online that you not only compare prices but that you also do a little research to see if there are any discounts or coupon codes available for the site you are purchasing through. You sometimes have to do a bit of digging to find them because they are not always advertised on the site – but they can often save you a lot of money -with very little effort.

  • When I shop online I always compare prices on different websites, sometimes you can find it cheaper elsewhere. I also am less tempted to buy more when shopping online since there isn’t an aisle of products in front of me. I am looking for specific items online, find them and buy them.

    • I am always comparing prices on different websites. I will even compare online with in store prices. I usually find that products online are cheaper. On Amazon the difference can be significant. Between other websites and local stores I still found an item priced $45 dollars cheaper. It was the same brand too. The only issue I have with shopping online is having the temptation to buy more! I know the article stated I would avoid this, but I can’t resist an amazing, discounted price.

  • I love shopping online. It not only saves time, but also gives me the best price. Using a particular bank card often gets you special discounts. I have availed one such offer for my AC last year. I also availed special discounts for providing user reviews. However, they come up with suggestions for similar items or other accessories to the ordered product and suggest combos. You got to be careful and avoid extra buys.

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