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10 Ways to Save Money on Furniture

10 Ways to Save Money on Furniture
Written by Oana Schneider

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in a lifetime. You’d want it to be cozy, homey, reflect a bit of your personality and be the ultimate haven that you can go home to at the end of a long day at work. After building the house from the ground up or choosing which apartment or house you would be living in, you naturally need to work on filling it up with furniture pieces that will make you live in utmost comfort.

This is what we will focus on here. Whether you’ve just moved into a different apartment and need to furnish the place or if you had a house built from the ground up, we know just how you can save money on furniture. 

Before counting down the ways for you to save money, let’s first take a quick look at the furniture-buying habits of the Americans for the past few years. During the recession, consumers held back on buying non-essential items such as those needed for home improvement or renovation projects, because of their lack of a disposable income.

Fortunately, the industry bounced back and in 2013, furniture and home furnishing stores generated around 101.41 billion worth of sales in US dollars. The figures include sales for furniture, bedding and accessories. If you want to save money on furniture, you came to the right place!

According to Statista.com, the leading companies selling furniture in the US for 2014 includes:

If you feel that the furniture items from these stores are too pricey for your budget unless the store holds a big sale, how can you acquire the things that you need for your home renovation project? Find out in the next section.

What Are the Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Furniture?

Check out our top tips on how you can save money when buying new furniture:

1. Ask yourself if you really need new furniture

Unless you have a house that’s newly built from the ground up, ask yourself if you really need new furniture.

If you are moving to a different house or apartment, can you take your existing furniture with you?

If you’re merely redecorating, can’t you reupholster or refinish the furniture that you currently have?

By giving your old furniture a new lease in life and matching them with new, cheap items like throw pillows, rugs, lamps and accent pieces, you can upgrade the look of a room without having to spend too much.

10 Ways to Save Money on Furniture

Refurbish old furniture!

2. Do your furniture shopping online

If you must buy furniture, do it online. Take a look at the reasons why you will save more in the long run by purchasing furniture from online stores:

  • Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online shop owners do not have to pay for the wages of sales staff or rental of commercial space. This means that they can afford to offer much lower prices for their goods.
  • When you shop from online stores, the company either has a warehouse where the goods are stored, or the items are shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer. This equates to lesser shipping fees and the elimination of middlemen costs.

The same thing applies to other goods bought online, not just furniture – although it still pays to compare the rates if you stumble upon an on-going sale from an actual store. Save money on furniture and spend it on something else!

3. Look for furniture coupons

Save money on furniture by using coupons. If you think that you can only get coupons for grocery items, think again. By signing up for the mailing list of online furniture stores, retailers and manufacturers, you can get great discounts for your purchases. There are also companies which send out newsletters to update consumers when there are big sales and clearance sales.

If you tried keying in a coupon code that does not work, check out the fine print because some deals have minimum purchase requirements. Keep on trying until you get a valid coupon that works with the site you’re shopping at.

10 Ways to Save Money on Furniture

Save money online!

4. Check out your options from warehouse sales, thrift stores or antique stores

If you cannot find great deals for furniture online, there are plenty of brick-and-mortar stores where you can find pretty good pieces:

  • Warehouse sales are usually held by manufacturers who have excess inventory and need to clear out stocks. Manufacturers hold warehouse sales annually, so take note of the month when the event is held because it is bound to repeat year after year.
  • Thrift stores and antique stores are an excellent source of affordable furniture. Befriend an antique store owner and he or she might even notify you whenever a specific furniture that you need arrives at the shop.

    Another advantage of shopping from these establishments is that they are more than willing to offer you great bargains, unlike the big stores where the prices are more or less fixed. You really need to save money on furniture!

5. If you want a room with a bold color palette, buy large furniture pieces in neutral colors

Let’s say that you would like to design a blood-red bedroom to inject that romantic ambiance in the area. Instead of looking for a red futon or a red mattress, look for big furniture pieces in neutral colors. Then, use blood red accents like pillows, bed sheets, comforters and bedspreads as colored accents. Neutral-colored furniture can be produced at a lower rate as compared to ones with colors because fewer consumers prefer them.

6. Make sure to ask about the delivery cost first before deciding to buy any type of furniture

This is one of the most important things that you need to remember when buying furniture in-store: there are handling costs, shipping costs and other fees that you need to shoulder as the buyer. There might be a low sticker price but once you add all the other extras, the total cost would amount to a lot. If you want to save money on furniture and pick the best prices, here’s what you need to do:

  • Front door delivery means that the furniture will be delivered on the first floor of your apartment building. If you live on the second or third floor, you have to carry it upstairs yourself.
  • Inside delivery is more expensive than front door delivery, but the furniture will be delivered straight to your front door – whether it’s on the ground or fifth floor of an apartment building.
  • White glove delivery is the most expensive option where the furniture will be delivered to your home, taken inside, unpacked from the box and set up. There are websites and furniture stores that will charge you as much as $100 for a white glove delivery, although the convenience might be worth all the hassle.

A cheaper option is for you to choose the cheapest delivery option, but you do need to ask the help of friends or neighbors to get the furniture inside your home – and assemble it if required. For bigger furniture pieces, you can also go for store pick-up then look for services like U-Haul where the movers will deliver the item to your home and unpack it.

10 Ways to Save Money on Furniture

Choose the cheapest delivery option!

7. Save money on furniture by looking for multi-functional furniture

A sofa that turns into a bed, a coffee table that doubles as a storage compartment, a chair magazine rack – there are plenty of furniture pieces which serve two or more functionalities. Not only do these pieces save space, but they also help you save money when furnishing your home.

8. Don’t discount the possibility of buying second hand furniture, or swap/trade furniture

If you’re merely redecorating and the furniture pieces that you have are perfectly functional, you don’t really have to buy new ones. Do consider the option of swapping or trading them for similar, good quality pieces so that you won’t have to spend a single cent to buy the big furniture pieces that you need.

9. Look for furniture pieces which do not require expensive upkeep

Finally, look for items which do not require expensive upkeep. Certain colors, fabrics and materials require more upkeep than others. A white leather sofa, for example, would require a lot of maintenance even for minor stains, especially if you have little kids running around the house.

If you must buy furniture with a unique, beautiful but difficult-to-maintain material, make sure to buy the corresponding tool to clean it – like a steam cleaner or a vacuum cleaner.

10. Buying furniture is more about the quality than the brand

Unlike clothes, furniture brands are not that well-known – although some stores are more popular than others. To save money, do not get caught up in brand names when buying furniture. Look for quality instead. There’s a big possibility that you can get a cheaper sofa with almost the same design from another store, because the way that the sofas are manufactured is pretty much the same.

Follow these tips so that you can save money on furniture while not making any kind of compromises when it comes to your home!

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  • I love the idea of updating old furniture to make it look new. I especially like doing this with things like wardrobes in children’s bedrooms, as it means that you are able to change the whole colour scheme without actually having to buy anything other than a pot of paint. This is great for children, as they can often change their mind about what they want in their bedroom, so it means that they are able to change it as often as they like without having to actually buy anything new and waste money.

  • Depending on what type of furniture you’re buying and where you are in the world (and I’m talking about run of the mill items you get in a furniture store), the most simple approach to me is to never, ever pay the advertised retail price. At least in the UK, the industry is designed to sell things at a steep discount and consumers expect to buy it at a discount. So if you see it priced at its ‘proper’ retail price without a discount, then expect it to be discounted sometime soon…

    • I agree with this. You can often get a discount on the retail price, whether you purchase during a sale or haggle the price down. Either way, paying full retail price on furniture is often a bad idea because you’re bound to be wasting some money. There are always ways to save money on furniture of all things.

  • It is surprising what you can find for furniture online. I know on the Wal mart I found a desk once that was $20 dollars cheaper then the one in store and it was the same desk! I always try to think of online for a lot of my shopping now but definitely will look into the stores on this list.

    • And Walmart actually doesn’t price match its online website or its other stores, so you would have to go online for that discount or futilely try to convince a manager that they should price match Walmart online against company policy. It’s something that most people aren’t even aware of.

  • There’s many ways to save money on furniture, I’m glad posts like this one try to help people out. You can consider building some of your furnies up if you’re skilled on it, or maybe you want to learn something new? The feeling of building something for oneself is very fulfilling + you will save some money!

    Also something very important some people don’t consider (you did cover it here and I’m glad) is that you can tell the quality of the build of some stuff by just knocking on it-looking at it. Lift it, move it, ask about what material it is. Never stop asking questions, you might find something very important that was hidden underneath a very good looking surface (the wrong material or the best one!)

  • I think buying second hand furniture is a great idea. Even if it is in bad shape, a person can touch it up with some time and creativity. I really want to do this sometime. If you don’t mind spending some time and money to buy anything necessary, then you have so many different options for furniture. Plus, since you are customizing it you can style it according to whatever room it will be in. You save time in searching for something that matches your decorating scheme.

    • Usually you can find some pretty good used furniture from a private seller, or even a non-profit like the Salvation Army in the United States. Thrift stores are always a good option, too. I think you can save at least 50% by buying used furniture rather than new furniture, and that’s a pretty darn good discount.

  • On the other hand, most people should avoid making their own furniture because it’s a task that’s far more difficult than most people realize. You’re far more likely to create an uneven table or chair, instead of something that’s actually of comparable quality to professionally made items. You can update your existing furniture with quick fixes, and not much goes wrong in those instances.

  • I have found some of the best deals at Hotel Liquidation Wareshouses and second hand stores like the Goodwill if you do not mind do some small repairs and cleaning.

    A good online store is Overstock, their prices are really good and most of the time shipping is free or very low.

  • Before I moved back in to look after my father I moved into a bachelor pad I scored some FANTASTIC deals on furniture on Ebay. I bought a lovely blue three-piece suite (two armchairs and a sofa) for £40! and when we went to pick it up the woman told me her husband had stormed out because they bought it brand new two months ago for £1000 and she decided to get rid of it as it didn’t go with her new decor!

    If you have a friend with a van then you can pick up some great bargains on Ebay. 🙂

  • If you’re good with your hands and doing DIY work, one word will save you tons of money: restore! Keep in mind that most wear and tear of everybody’s furniture are only on the outside. a little sanding and varnishing will make any wooden furniture good as new. As for non-wood furniture, I usually determine their possibility of being salvaged by looking at price of the restoration and upkeep. Most foam couches for example are a no-no. Plastic furniture with broken legs are better left alone as well.

  • When looking for furniture, always there is a concern on quality and durability of the product specially when you are purchasing it online . Always check for review and rating of the products they deliver to get an idea of what they deliver. According to that you can judge whether it is worth buying the product from that site. Nowadays there is a great availability of coupons for great savings , apply them and save more.

  • Excellent tips that were given about saving money on furniture. I myself have been wondering about doing buying new furniture and maybe doing a furniture restoration on the ones that look broken. Since that’s what you’ll see around my home if you were to visit me.

  • I like your tip about buying your furniture online. That the stores can afford to offer lower prices because they don’t have to pay for the wages of sales. I’ve been looking for some single bed sheets for my apartment and I want them to be cheap. Looks like I’ll keep searching online!

  • Furniture is a huge investment so doing your research is a good idea. You will want a piece that will last forever and to do that, you need a bit of patience. Thanks for the money saving tips!

  • These are really great tips for saving money on furniture. I almost always buy used furniture. There are so many ways that you can modify used furniture, it seems like a waste to buy brand new things. I would probably only buy brand new furniture if it was on a major sale.

  • Oana, this is just the information I was looking for about how to save money when buying furniture. My husband and I are getting ready to move into our first apartment and we are going to need buy some furniture. The tip about looking for pieces that are multi functional seems like a good idea. We will have to keep that in mind!

  • I was about to through out my old furniture but your idea has changed my view. I have just changed my mind to re-use it in my drawing room. I fee exciting because I have discovered a great idea from dontpayfull and saving money.

  • I agree with Emily. This is really the information that anyone would look for before buying furniture. Real helpful post by Oana and everyone must consider those decision making for buying furniture and save money on them.

  • That’s a great tip to do furniture shopping online. My wife started that about a year ago, and we’ve saved a ton of money. Like you say, online shop owners don’t have to pay for the wages of the sales staff or rental of commercial space. So, the prices are generally lower.

  • I like your tip about buying furniture pieces in neutral colors. I wouldn’t have really thought about how color could affect the price of furniture, or that it would be neutral colors that would be cheaper. However, that’s a great tip, since it can help balance the accent colors and save money. Thanks for the article!

  • Nice post…..I like the point to check out the thrift stores and antique stores. Never comes an idea in our mind to checking out in thrift stores while this is the best one. These types of stores contains many household items at low cost.
    Poor people can go to donation organisations, s they can’t afford expensive furniture so they can get it in free of cost. To get it you can visit http://www.jrccfurnituredepot.org.

  • Wow, super helpful saving tips on furniture. I really liked the advice of looking for multi-functional furniture. Me and my wife are moving to another home right now and I am definitely going to use this advice. Thanks!

  • Such helpful advice and wonderfully concise information! Thanks so much for including questions to ask yourself as well as practical solutions to seemingly costly problems! This is all so great to save money on a home essential!

  • I believe that choose to furniture used is still one of the best ways to save! Very good article

  • Hello Oana..

    Buying a furniture in a budget is a great challenge to modulate our home or office. Before going for shopping furniture I always visit the online store from where I compare the market price and their feature means their size, color, and long lasting.

    Here, is the great guideline to shop furniture and I think, by following these steps really help to get better furniture for us. I always prefer the quality before purchasing anythings and that is a great for me. I appreciate you for sharing such great post in front of us. I have tweeted this on my twitter account so that it will be known by others too.

    Have a fantastic day.
    – Ravi.

  • Hey,

    I like your post!

    The ideas which you have shared in your post are really very helpful.Online purchasing is not a bad option instead you save your time while purchasing online.The idea which you have shared about updating the old furniture is also very helpful.Keep sharing more posts!

    Thanks Oana!!

    Ben Lothian

  • I find it’s very useful to really do your homework before buying anything online. Especially reading previous buyers’ reviews as they give a clear view of if what you’re buying is worth the money. Also more expensive does not always mean better quality!

  • Good Job!! Your home is one of the biggest investments that you make in a life. In today’s era, everyone try to save money in one way or other. In this regard, I found your post very helpful for those who are planning to buy furniture for home.

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