5 Simplest Money Saving Tips Everyone Ignores

5 Simplest Money Saving Tips That Almost Everyone Ignores
Written by DontPayFull

As much as we may want to save money, the truth is that it is actually a hard work. But luckily, there are lots of money-saving tips out there. Most people think that to save money, they need to be taught by a financial planner. However, by just cutting on spending, you could really make some saving.

But since there are lots of ways to save cash, many people forget simple procedures that can also translate to significant saving. This post is tailor-made to a person who is looking to trim their monthly budget. It explains some of the simplest ways of saving money that almost everyone forgets. Read on and find out more about these 5 simplest money saving tips everyone ignores:

1. Ride a bike

5 Simplest Money Saving Tips Everyone Ignores

Transport costs form a significant chunk of what we spend. Therefore, if you can adopt an alternative means of transport, such as riding a bike to work, you are bound to save a lot of money. It could be that your daily transportation to and from work consumes 38 gallons of gas every week.

This means that you could be racking up to $40 by driving all week. Also, this saves car insurance cost, and also the price of the car itself. Although it may appear a difficult task, it certainly is worth it considering that you will save thousands of cash every year.

Aside from riding to work, you could also save a lot of money by using public transportation. Depending on your city of residence, you will pay between $30 and $105 as monthly bus fare. Compared to the cost of gas, this is a significant saving.

Lastly, riding a bike to every place you go could just mean that you skip the membership at your local gym. This is because riding a bike in itself is plenty of exercise.

2. Buy non-perishable commodities in bulk 

5 Simplest Money Saving Tips Everyone Ignores

When goods are bought in large quantities, they tend to be cheaper. But this does not necessarily apply to perishable items that will spoil after a few days. For instance, you cannot buy milk in bulk because it will get spoilt.

But again, you shouldn’t just purchase things. For instance, there was a time when buying 500 blank DVDs was such a hit but the moment flash drives were invented, they started gathering dust on the shelves, so no matter which simplest money saving tips you are using, some thinking is required. 


  • Paper items like toilet paper, printing paper and paper towels are some of the things you can buy in bulk.
  • You can also buy plenty of cleaning supplies, soap, shampoo, garbage bags and laundry. These items will never go bad and they are also things that you will be in need of always.
  • Organize a space in the house where you store bulk items.
  • A good suggestion is the sturdy basement shelves. However, you need to ensure that things down there are always dry.
  • If the house you live in is much smaller, you may have to buy or build free-standing cabinet or even re-purpose a closet.

3. Skip Starbucks

5 Simplest Money Saving Tips Everyone Ignores

Of all the simplest money saving tips, this is probably the most predictable and yet the most ignored. Coffee is one product whose price can really vary depending on where you take it. At Starbucks for instance, a 16 ounce cup of coffee costs $2. This is in fact the cheapest cup of coffee at Starbucks. There are those that will cost upwards of $4 per cup.

On the other hand, if you were to purchase a 453-gram bag of coffee and then brew it at home by yourself, you will pay somewhere between 75 cents and $1.50 for a 16 ounce cup, according to Coffee and Conservation.

By opting for cheaper varieties, this amount could come down even more. If you are the sort of person who maintains taking a cup of coffee everyday, the amount of money will save is enough to pay for the coffee maker.

There is also another benefit in that your coffee will be made to your liking. You can also try the different types of coffee, and never have to queue again for a cup of cappuccino.

4. Purchase clothing on sale

5 Simplest Money Saving Tips Everyone Ignores

Since clothes are not bought every month or every week, tracking your spending on them can be a bit difficult.


  • Avoid focusing on brand names. This is because what you are actually paying for is just the name. Quality wise, these clothes are not any better than those you will find at lesser-known shops. By just avoiding paying those ludicrous amounts for designer clothes, shoes and apparels, you can save a lot of money.
  • Buy clothes that are versatile and which you can wear in different situations. This is because there could be lots of clothes in your closet which even you forget that you own. So long as you are not wearing any cloth, it is wasted money.
  • Learn to plan ahead. Do not buy winter apparel in November because at that time, they are really expensive. If you buy them off-season, you can find incredible deals on them.
  • If you are fashion forward, you still can save money even as you shop for current trends. Check discount web sites and fashion outlet stores. Another alternative is to consider store brands which are up to date with fashion but which do not have prices of major name brands.

5. Turn down the temperature

5 Simplest Money Saving Tips Everyone Ignores

68 degrees Fahrenheit is the recommended setting for winter home at the time when people are gathered at home. Therefore, if yours is above this recommended one, you need to reduce it. After getting used to this daytime temperature, you could try to set it some degrees lower.

It takes some experimenting to establish the lowest temperature you can stand. The amount of money you will save will vary depending on temperature outside, your house size and efficiency and also heating prices. This is according to Madison Gas and Electric and U.S. Department of Energy.

You can save more money by lowering the temperature to 60 or even 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are the sort of person that works away from home in the course of the day and also sleep just 8 hours, your energy usage will be reduced by 16 hours every day.

According to Madison Gas & Electric, if you reduce the temperature from 68 degrees down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, this translates to a saving of 26% on your monthly energy bill. If you calculate this in one or two years, you will realize that you are saving even thousands of dollars in electricity bills.


Saving money is not something you should pay someone to teach you. Experts say that you can achieve this very easily by paying attention to very minor details. You may not know that you are saving but if you calculate it in a period like, say a year, you will realize that it is quite something. Just use these simplest money saving tips and your life will be a lot easier!

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  • Haha, I like “skip Starbucks”! Starbucks is so over priced and overrated. When I wanted to be “trendy” I wasted so much money there. Yea, trendy, Starbucks is just fashionable in a way. Purchasing beverages from there is not logical it’s just for show if you ask me.

    • I agree Zawadi. Starbucks is a luxury item, not a necessity for sure. I have read in several posts here to skip Starbucks and I finally get the message, I threw my loyalty card in the bin and will not go there again.

      I am a big fan of buying in bulk when discounts are on, I have a cupboard full of paper towels, shower gels, toothpastes etc – it’s it not just good for saving money but also very convenient not to run out.

      • I still have my loyalty card, but I have skipped it entirely. I have found good tasting coffee to brew at home. The taste of Starbucks coffee is not the best anyway, and I will save a lot of money too.

        Although I sometimes need coffee to function, I have adapted to be less dependent on it. More savings.

  • I do not like cold or even cool temperatures, so I can’t take the advice on turning down the temperature.But I like your idea of buying things in bulk. I find that I always seem to run out of laundry detergent. Maybe, I should check out Costco or Sam’s Town to see how big their bulk laundry detergents are at the store. I also run out of paper towels a lot. I always thought that i was buying in bulk at Walmart, but now I am thinking that there are places that may even sell things in bigger packages which means more savings.

  • I wish I could ride my bike everywhere. It’s just not possible in the area I live. I live in a rural area and riding a bike would take too long. I wish I could do it to save money.
    I don’t think I’ve had Starbucks in years. I was never crazy about it and it costs too much. Save yourself the hassle and make your coffee at home. It’s so much cheaper and you can make as much as you want.
    I would add that instead of looking for clothing on sale to try and buy it on clearance. I’ve found so many great deals and my wardrobe didn’t cost me much. I also buy most of my clothing at thrift stores and it’s usually in good condition.

  • I have been biking for years, I have never even had a car. I am so grateful to be able to use this wonderful money saving technique as it has also been wonderful for my body to get that exercise.

    I do admit to going to coffee shops 1-2 times per week, but it isn’t about the coffee as much as it is being in that environment. I usually get my beverage, drip coffee usually, or a latte if I feel I can afford it that day, and enjoy it very slowly, often staying as long as 45 minutes. I find it very relaxing, so it is worth the money.

  • The one area I consistently apply from the list is buying clothes on sale. Ultimately, I rarely buy items outside of the summer and winter sales, while also relying on Christmas and birthdays to top up socks and underwear.

    I’m probably not so good at avoiding Starbucks, although in my defense I do use it more as my ‘office’ a lot of the time and get my money’s worth in terms of wifi and time spent there.

  • So many of my friends spend money on Starbucks and waste so much money. For heaven’s sake, it adds up to so much if you just make your own at home. You can easily buy something more gratifying than a cup of overpriced burned coffee.

    I find a bike sometimes to be inconvenient, hence why I do a lot more walking. It takes a bit more time, but I prefer my own two feet.

  • This is true. It seems people are so suprised about how their money go up in smoke so quick but these simple, simple things listed in the article can easily save you a chunk of money.

    I guess people don’t think of these small differences as something that matters but… “Många bäckar små” as we say in Sweden. It all adds up.

  • My mom always turns down the temperature and she used to drive us crazy with being on our back if we forgot to turn it down before we left the house! Hahhaa. As for buying bulk — well, I wish we had enough space for that, but we don’t really. On the plus side, we rarely buy clothes and we don’t even like coffee! So yay us.

    I wish I could bike around, but it terrifies me. I could never be one of those people who just bikes in the street, fitting in the traffic and all.

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