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10 Shopping Tips That’ll Boost Your Grocery Savings at Aldi

10 Shopping Tips That’ll Boost Your Grocery Savings at Aldi

When it comes to delicacies and fresh produce, the Germans have it taped. But you don’t need to go all the way to Europe for European-style shopping. Aldi has it all, often at lower prices than you’d get at Walmart. Plus, they have all the other supermarket goodies you’d expect. If you’re one of those smart shoppers who is always on the lookout for ways to save when buying groceries, this guide could give you the tips you need. It could even save you from some common grocery shopping mistakes.

So, how can you make the most of Aldi’s already-low prices? Let’s check out the tips from expert shoppers we’ve compiled for you!

1. Don’t Buy Bags!

A bag may only cost a few cents, but all those bags add up! You’ll usually find boxes available at Aldi. They’ll be near the front of the store, so load up your trolley and pack it in. Besides, boxes are biodegradable, and they can come in pretty useful around the house. Alternatively, you can just bring old shopping bags along. Keep a few in your trunk so they’re handy when you need them.

2. Use Guarantee x2!

Aldi has a very cool guarantee program. It not only replaces any faulty products, it gives you your money back! Hang onto your receipts. If you cut into a pineapple only to find it has turned brown inside or discover that those juicy-looking apples are all mealy, you know where to get your money back AND a replacement.

3. Get the Best Chocolate and Cookies for Less

Seriously, the home-made cookies are superb and the price is very reasonable indeed. The same goes for the European chocolate brands. You’re unlikely to find them any cheaper elsewhere. Treat your family and friends for less.

4. Look Out for Inexpensive Baked Goods

Yup, all stores mark down bakes before they expire, but Aldi seems to do it rather sooner than other stores. So, don’t be put off by marked-down bakes – they’re way away from being stale yet!

5. Get the House Brand

While some stores aren’t famed for the quality of their house brands, Aldi is! They’ve gone to a lot of trouble to source good stuff at low prices to sell under their Millville band name. One store insider says that just buying house brand instead of name brands could save you nearly half your grocery costs.

10 Shopping Tips That’ll Boost Your Grocery Savings at Aldi

6. Cut Out Gluten and Go Organic for Less

Health conscious shoppers will know that organic and gluten-free products don’t come cheap. But at Aldi’s they’ll at last cost you less than they do elsewhere. If you’re into healthy eating, Aldi is a good place to start your grocery shopping.

7. Don’t Miss the Toys Aisle

Name brand toys cost a fortune, but Aldi tries to stock low-cost alternatives. Many a mom has been grateful for cut-price toys from Aldi during the school holidays! Tip: leave your kids at home if you’re going anywhere near the toys section. They’re sure to see something they like there!

8. Watch for the Weekly Specials

Aldi’s prices, particularly its food prices, may be low already, but that doesn’t stop them from having weekly specials on all kinds of stuff. You can plan your shopping ahead by checking the weekly ad online. It’s better than just going in and grabbing and will tell you when to target your shopping days.

9. Get the App

If you want the latest Aldi special offers at your fingertips, there’s nothing like getting the app. You’ll be the first to know where the bargains are. You can also make your shopping list using the app – no more pieces of paper that get left behind at home!

10. Sorry, No Coupons – Prices Are as Low as They Can Go!

This store doesn’t accept coupons, but money-saving bloggers are unanimous: with such low prices, they’re saving big time. More than one reports that food costs for their households have dropped by half. So, if there’s one Aldi’s tip we still have to add it’s this: get Aldi on your radar! Yes, you’ll probably see where and how the store is saving costs, but it passes those savings on to you!

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10 Shopping Tips That’ll Boost Your Grocery Savings at Aldi