Backyard Garden: 10 Clever Ideas

Gardening Ideas
Written by Oana Schneider

If you have a huge backyard and don’t really know what to do about it, we might have a few ideas. First of all, there are some things we need to talk about when it comes to guarding your privacy (in case you live close to your neighbors) and also taking care of your children.

Remodeling your backyard into a nice garden can be both an amazing thing and an ordeal, depending on how much time you’re willing to spend working on it. Take out those gardening gloves and a few tools and listen up!


We know that not everybody agrees with this, but one needs to have a slight sense of property, so just put up a fence. If you can’t afford to hire someone, you can use wooden poles and some chicken coop wire. If you really need privacy, try wood boards and even a brick wall, but not everybody likes that. Start by asking the former owner about the property square footage or even get that information from the town hall administration. This way, you’ll make sure not to fence more land than you own.


Before you start planting trees and so on, just clean the entire backyard. Enroll your kids and family if it’s a lot of work and perform the following actions: use a leaf blower if leaves are your problem, collect them in plastic bags and dispose of them or simply use them to light fires in the future, in which case you can store them in your barn/ garage. However, make sure they are 100% dry, otherwise they will smell bad and get covered in mold. Second, level the ground using a shovel: get rid of all bumps and cover ground holes.

It may not seem like it now, but this will make your backyard look a lot tidier. Also, you may want to remove all unnecessary plants and bushes, so get to it! You’ll have to take out the roots in order to prevent new plants from growing back in a few months. After this, you may want to prepare the ground, so water it using the gardening hose. Let the ground absorb the water for a couple of hours and then you’re ready to go!


Now, that all the debris is gone and you can actually see the size of your backyard, as well as the amount of light and the type of soil you have, you can finally start planning what to plant and where to put it. There are a few things you need to consider before buying plants: first of all, if you choose to plant a walnut tree, nothing will ever grow under its shade. Same goes for all kinds of pine trees. We’d advise you to plant an oak in the far corner of your backyard: it will grow relatively fast, it’s a healthy species of trees and it’s also very solid, so in a few years you’ll be able to build a swing in it.

Moving on to flowers: we think it’s best that you plant them around the walls of your house and choose green grass for the rest of the land. This way, you’ll have enough room for a backyard party anytime you wish! But if throwing parties is really not your thing, feel free to go crazy with your flowers all over the backyard!

Choosing plants

When it comes to plants, there are two things you can do: buy seeds and plant them yourself (if you’re on a tight budget and are patient enough, this is definitely the way to do it!) or buy the entire plant and then transplant it in your garden. Don’t spend money on fancy species and always research the provider before making a purchase: few people know that not all the plants are healthy and disease-free when buying them, so this is an important thing to look after.

Also, only buy plants that look strong and have a vigorous root. You don’t want to waste money on dead flowers, do you? Since there’s no way of taking a plant to a doctor like you would do with a pet, we suggest that you do your homework on the species that you’re going to buy: how they should look like from shape and color to number of leaves and so on. If you happen to know a kind botanist, ask them to give you a hand. If not, it’s plan A.

Without further ado, here are the 10 types of crops you should plant in your backyard:

1. Bellflower

gardening ideas for your backyard

This little and giddy perennial flower produces tiny spikes of blue or white blooms in late spring and midsummer. Since this is more of a cottage garden plant, the flowers are great for cutting, which ensures a lifetime supply of vase content! They consume CO2, so they are great for your bedroom, refreshing the air better than any other air freshener!

2. Columbine

gardening ideas for your backyard

Everybody loves columbine, right? They are easy to grow and beautiful, bloom in spring and summer and attract hummingbirds with their colorful petals. They only grow up to 3 feet tall and require a minimum of garden labor.

3. Coralbells

gardening ideas for your backyard

They are also great with hummingbirds, produce sprays of pink, red or white tiny flowers. Plus, they stay in bloom throughout the warm season, which will make your garden look like a fairytale for up to 5 months a year! They don’t really like sunny places, so part shade part sunny will be the best environment for them.

4. Daisies

gardening ideas for your backyard

If you are looking for a majestic bush without planting one, this is a great idea! You can spread the roots around your house walls and enjoy the beautiful flowers every time you open the window! These white and yellow flowers are simplistic, yet so elegant! Plus, they are perfect for vases, thanks to their long tails!

5. Delphinium

gardening ideas for your backyard

Daisies and Delphinium work together beautifully not just because of their colors, but also because of their size: the leaves are pretty similar and both plants are shaped like a bush. Although they can grow up to 6 feet tall, we recommend that you go for a tinier kind, since the tall ones need to be protected from bending under the wind’s action. Their blue-violet color is vibrant and almost royal, which makes this crop a top choice when it comes to cottage plants.

6. Hydrangea

gardening ideas for your backyard

This shrub of incomparable beauty is often used in wedding bouquets, but who says you can’t have it in your little garden? Hydrangeas produce large clusters of pink, blue or white flowers in late spring. Of course, they look amazing in a vase, but could you bear cutting them out of your garden? Didn’t think so!

7. Lavender

gardening ideas for your backyard

They may not count as the most beautiful plants ever, but they will keep bugs away from your garden and make the whole neighborhood smell like a relaxing spa retreat. All you have to do is buy a handful of seeds and plant them in the garden in early spring. Soon enough, the tiny purple flowers will bloom and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of this miraculous plant. Did we mention that you can also use it to make tea and a series of face treatments? Oh, the benefits are just so many!

8. Peony

gardening ideas for your backyard

Aren’t peonies some of the most romantic flowers ever? We think they are! Just think about their abundant yet fragile petals, the delicious smell and the shiny leaves! The good news is that you only have to plant them once and then enjoy them for the rest of your life! They’ll save you a lot of money too, since they are pest-free and drought tolerant, which is great news! The tallest types of peonies grow up to 5 feet tall, but you should go for the medium size, since the tall ones require extra protection and care. The flowers are quite heavy and the tails more fragile than you think, which will make them bend in the wind.

9. Sweet William

gardening ideas for your backyard

These crops are biennial, they self-seed and produce clusters of fragrant blooms at the beginning of summer. Usually, the flowers are white and red, but you’ll also find other varieties, like purple, violet, blue or white and purple, red and violet and so on. They are very colorful and attract hummingbirds and butterflies, which would be great for you and your garden, especially if you have small children at the house.

10. Phlox

gardening ideas for your backyard

If you want your garden to really shine, why not go for one of the most brilliant plants of the late-summer garden? Phlox produces white, pink, red and lavender flowers that also smell great! Needless to say that they look great in a vase, but that you should probably enjoy them in your garden, where they belong! They like full-sun, so if you live in Texas, Louisiana or another bright state, this is definitely the plant for you and your backyard!

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  • My parents have a large section by the treeline landscaped with flowers. When we plant we don’t really pay attention and spread them out. Once in bloom though it doesn’t matter much. I think the fence is a good idea in some cases. And planning is too, though I have never done much planning when making a flower garden.

    • That sounds like a great view, especially with the combination of flowers and trees. You’re right, too, in that flowers don’t need to be planted in a meticulous manner. You can spread them out, and they’ll grow to fill in the gaps more often than not. Also, fencing can make sense to help accentuate the flowers, although it just depends!

  • I really think you are cool. I love flowers and think your ideas are always fun and refreshing. Keep up the good work, guys! I especially like your selection of topics, is so fresh and fun to read!

  • We have the common daisy and a lot of hydrangeas in our backyard and it looks wonderful. It’s absolutely the perfect aesthetic combination that we want for our backyard and my daughters just absolutely love being involved in the gardening process as well.

  • My hubby and I have a SMALL yard. VERY small. Also, a bit more interested in growing food plants and not just pretties. Any suggestions for turning a really small yard into a kick-ass garden? We always have a container garden…indoors throughout the year and outdoors when the weather turns warm. But, our yard REALLY needs something to make it look like something other than a patch of nappy, knarly ground the cabin sits on. Lots of nasty onion grass in the area too…and creeping charlie.

  • I love Delphinium and Lavender, although I wouldn’t necessarily pair them together. I prefer gardening in a raised garden bed rather than relying on the terrible soil in our yards. These are some great flowers and other plants listed here, so I would suggest that a person start with some of these, especially the ones that are easier to tend to each day.

  • That makes me want lavender so much. I love how beautiful it is, and such an attraction for honey bees. Not to mention low maintenance. Perhaps I shall add that to my little list for when I go to the garden shop next week.

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