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All You Need to Know About Couponing Effectively in One Easy Guide

Did you know that the rich and famous use coupons just like ordinary people do? Maybe they got rich because they’re careful with money! Still not convinced? We sum up the reasons why you should coupon, and give you all the details you need to get started in one easy guide.

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  • The supermarket I usually shop at gives out coupons to loyal customers on a regular basis. Coupons are all different and have an ‘expiration date’ and strings attached, but since I shop there on a weekly basis, I always keep an eye for those I could use without falling into the ‘overspending trap’.

    I’m far from being rich and famous, but am always careful with money. Just a few weeks ago, I “scored” a $20 discount coupon! There were strings attached (you had to buy merchandise for at least $50 to get the discount) but since grocery shopping for the week exceeds that anyway, I got to save 20 bucks! It’s not much, but it’s definitely something 🙂

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