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The Best Reasons to Start Using Coupons Today!

Why You Should Use Coupons Starting Today!

Would you throw money away? You would not! But a lot of people who would NEVER throw money away, toss their coupons in the bin. Sure, some of those coupon values might not look particularly significant, but active couponing can literally save you thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Couponing can become a really cool hobby – one that instead of costing you money, saves you a whole lot.

Are we kidding you? We kid you not! Let’s look at all the reasons why you should start couponing today!

#1 Companies You Support Are Giving Away Billions

Why You Should Use Coupons Starting Today!

Reports give the facts. US Consumer Packaged Goods coupons to the value of $470 billion. On average, the coupons were worth $1.54. Even assuming that you wouldn’t ordinarily buy all the brands, just ten purchases of things you regularly buy anyway would have saved you $15.40 on average.

You’d expect that the coupon bonanza would lead people to rush out and redeem them, but of the $470 billion value, only $4.6 billion worth were redeemed. People are missing out big time!

So, how much are avid couponers really saving? Get this: regular coupon users save between $30 and $50 per week, and the really dedicated ones save even more. What if you knew you could save $1,560 to $2,600 every year just from using coupons? Would you still say “no thanks” to money in your pocket?

#2 Rich People Use More Coupons

Why You Should Use Coupons Starting Today!

This is the weirdest coupon statistic of them all: people who are already quite well off, and even millionaires, are more likely to use coupons than those who have below-average household earnings. It’s true! People who can least afford to pass up coupon savings, don’t use coupons! They’re worried about looking mean or stingy, but the truth is that nobody is going to judge you for taking advantage of a coupon offer.

Why do rich people spend time collecting dollar off coupons? What’s a dollar if you have a million bucks? The point is that wealthy people take the long view. They aren’t looking at the dollar savings, they’re looking at how every dollar saved adds up over time.

Let’s think like rich people for a moment. Let’s say you can reduce your grocery bill by 5 percent every week using coupons and other smart shopping strategies. Now, think about compound interest that applies to money saved or money put into reducing debt. It’s amazing how rapidly that little saving could total hundreds of thousands of dollars.

#3 It Doesn’t Have to Take a Lot of Time

Why You Should Use Coupons Starting Today!

There’s no denying that clipping old-fashioned coupons, saving them and using them in an organized way can take a fair amount of time. But these days, coupons and discounts are easier to get than ever before. Customer loyalty cards alone will make a difference. And if you have coupons, they just get deducted automatically.

Online coupon websites like DontPayFull make finding relevant coupons super-easy. All you have to do is use them at checkout. Your favorite retailers’ websites and social media pages might well have coupon offers for you too.  It’s just a matter of taking the time to input that code. In less than a minute, you have savings!

Finally, those who manage credit cards well can benefit from credit-card-specific discounts at certain stores with whom their bank has deals, and some health insurance companies even have special discount offers for shoppers buying healthy foods.

#4 You Can Get Free Stuff

Why You Should Use Coupons Starting Today!

Apart from the standard value-off coupons, there are buy-one-get-one-free coupons or coupons that let you try a new product for free. If you think about it, a $10 saving also means that the next $10 item you buy could be seen as costing nothing. From free money to free goods, coupons have a lot to offer for the savvy shopper.

If you’re planning on going out to eat, look for free offers too. Many restaurants offer freebies to get diners into their establishments, especially on off-peak days. If you’re going to splurge on dining out, why not get more for less?

#5 Couponing Is Part of the Frugal Lifestyle

Why You Should Use Coupons Starting Today!

Being careful with money doesn’t make you grumpy like Donald Duck, it makes you smart! And, in time, it can even make you rich. So next time you see a dollar off coupon for something you usually buy at full price anyway, pounce on it! Making your money work harder for you means fulfilling your material and financial goals much faster.

Use coupons for things you would buy anyway, and they cost less. It makes sense. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today! You’re already in the right place!

#6 Coupons Can Help You to Give Back

Hannah Steinberg, a 20-year-old-student is an avid couponer with a difference. She collects coupons to use for buying items to donate to charities. At first, her family and friends thought she was crazy, but when they saw how much she was able to buy for charity with $500 of her savings plus a mountain of coupons, they were impressed! Now, they’re bending over backwards to help her collect coupons for charities.

Of course, you can also use coupons when you’re out buying gifts for friends or family members, getting them bigger gifts for less thanks to coupon discounts. They’ll be wondering how you could afford to spoil them so much!

Do you have enough reasons to start collecting coupons today? You have nothing to lose if you do, and you’ll miss out on all those great discounts if you don’t!

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Why You Should Use Coupons Starting Today!