Best Discounts and Deals on Martin Luther King Day

Best Discounts and Deals on Martin Luther King Day
Written by Oana Schneider

There are several US holidays that bring huge discounts in stores even if the celebration itself has nothing to do with shopping sprees, but since retailers are going the extra mile for their product, why not check thing out? This is the case for Martin Luther King, a day that honors the memory of probably the most famous speaker for minority rights.

Although the entire nation is more focused on each and every single deal that’s out there, let’s not forget who Martin Luther King was and what an important contribution to human rights he had. Without further ado, these are the best discounts and deals on Martin Luther King Day:


Starting January 16th, all customers are invited to take advantage of huge discounts and sales on the company’s website. You have three days to search through their offer and see if their attempt to win you over on this important day has paid off. If you subscribed to their newsletter, you probably received an email that looks just like the one below.

Fortunately for everybody, every discount you find online is available in stores too, so you may want to give it a try. GAP promises discounts of over 50% off on 500 styles, so it sounds like there is plenty to choose from.


Believe it or not, Honda had a special deal for this day and actually filmed a commercial, but internet users from around the world found it tacky and offensive, so the company had to withdraw it from the market. However, the offer stands still and, if you feel that buying a new Honda would be the best way to save money and honor Martin Luther King at the same time, you are free to check out their website or the nearest dealership store.


You didn’t hear this from us, but Walmart is going to have the best discounts and deals on Martin Luther King Day. After an advertising campaign gone wrong last year, Walmart decided to host discounts without making a big fuss about it.

The truth is that almost every retailer tries to get more people in their stores, but launching a marketing campaign on Martin Luther King is a risky thing to do, especially since some mottos have been very offensive over the years.

Walmart motivates their decision to have huge sales by saying that they couldn’t clear out all their merchandise on Black Friday and Cyber Monday so the fact that they are having a sale on Martin Luther King is…just a coincidence. Check out their website and stores and decide if it’s really worth it.

Banana Republic

The renowned American brand will host sales of up to 40% for the entire purchase, but you best check to make sure before proceeding with your payment. Everybody is afraid to have sales on this day, fearing that it might sound offensive for their buyers.


Prepare yourself for deals and discounts of up to 75% for all online purchases and the rumor is that you can also use a coupon for an extra 15% discount. If you are looking to buy something from Bloomingdale’s, now would be a good time!

Forever 21 

Their offer is really not an offer, but if you have your eyes on something that is already on sale, you can use their coupons and get an extra 50% off those items. However, make sure the store still has the merchandise you’re looking for, otherwise you’re in for a disappointing shopping spree.


If you shop at Kohl’s on a regular basis, you’ll be glad to find out that they have the best discounts and deals on Martin Luther King Day. The word around town is that you can get 20% off of every $100 purchase. Browse their merchandise and see if anything appeals to you. you may find other discounts and deals on Martin Luther King Day you’re interested in on their website.

Old Navy 

It was about time Old Navy cleared out that extra merchandise: they offer 20% off discounts and free shipping for online purchases for last year’s clothing line, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to take advantage. Plus, if you have a few coupon codes, you can add them to your total and get an even bigger discount.


Unfortunately, if you want to benefit from this 35% off discount, you’ll have to spend at least $300 in their stores. Otherwise, everything would be for nothing. Usually, Sears have small discounts on this day, so you probably want to wait for the big ones. Check out for their best discounts and deals on Martin Luther King Day!

Bath and Beyond

If you want to improve things in your bedroom or your bath, you definitely need to find out about this 20% discount for all online orders. You can also add a few coupon codes from DontPayFull and get a bigger discount, so what are you waiting for?

Burger King

Well, this offer is great, especially if you were thinking about ordering a breakfast sandwich. The fine people at Burger King will complement that delicious dish with a free small coffee to keep you warm on this weather.


How does 50% off for any regular sized pizza sound? We think it sounds great! All you have to do is order online and use a coupon code or check for other best discounts and deals. You never know how Domino’s might surprise you! The best discounts and deals on Martin Luther King Day are not just for clothes, right?


Samsonite is celebrating Martin Luther King Day by offer a 20% discount for all purchases worth $100, plus free shipping if you spent more than $99 in their stores, so search through their products and pick your favorite as soon as possible: the offer is limited!


You get a 15% discount on all items, so you can actually buy items from the newest collection, which is a thrilling thing, isn’t it? Check their other offers and find out how to get free shipping as well.


You’ll be glad to hear that, for every $75 spent in their stores on in their online store, Express is offering you a discount of $25! If that’s not good news, we don’t know what it is! Find out more about their shipping policy and see if you could have your favorite items delivered to your home for free!

There are many voices who think that having a sale on Martin Luther King Day is wrong, just like buying incessantly on Christmas takes people away from the real purpose of the holiday. However, as someone who’s been in the business of saving money for a while know, we think that if a retailer wants to chop off its prices on this day, there is no reason not to take advantage of it.

Hunting for the best discounts and deals on Martin Luther King Day is never a bad idea! What you need to know is that every discount advertised today couldn’t even hold a candle to the ones marketed in December or around Easter, so you better think twice about spending your money and be wise about every penny. After all, nobody got rich by spending, but by saving!

About Martin Luther King Day

Every third Monday of January, the American people celebrate the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most iconic spiritual leaders that North America has ever seen. Known for his keen interest in minority rights, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about equality, freedom and discrimination. He was assassinated in 1968. The labor unions had the idea to celebrate his birthday every year, as a result of their contract negotiations.

Alternative names: Human Rights Day, Lee Jackson King Day, Civil Rights Day.

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  • Walmart’s deals are never that great during their sales, unless you’re talking about the holidays. For MLK Day, they’ll discount a few items related to grilling equipment and household supplies. Otherwise, you’re not going to find that much in these sales, whether they’re designed for MLK Day or not.

    • Walmart stuck out to me as well. When it comes to sales they virtually never impress me although their daily prices are the lowest out of all similar stores. However, the article does state they are having the best discounts this year. A change from their usual sales may have been noteworthy thus listed for a reason. I’m hoping this is true. In general, the items left over from Black Friday and Cyber Monday are priced ridiculously low when finally put on clearance.

  • I do think it is slightly tacky to have retail sales on Martin Luther King Day, but then again, we go into a shopping frenzy for what is essentially Jesus’ birthday once a year, so I shouldn’t be surprised. I wonder how the retailers manage to make a profit though, after all, they’ve just had Black Friday and the end of year sales.

  • Very interesting. I don’t think Canada has special sales that day. Come to think of it I think just around Christmas and Black Friday are the only times we have any type of huge sales over here but I am not entirely sure.

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