Columbus Day Sales – What Should You Buy?

Columbus Day Sales
Written by Oana Schneider

This Monday, Americans will be celebrating Columbus Day and big retailers have a few sales and discounts in store for them. However, not all of these offers are significant, which is why we comprised a list of items that will be on sale until Monday. If you are looking for any of these products, keep reading and check out these Columbus Day sales:

1. Fabric

If you are into quilting, sewing, arts and crafts, this is a great opportunity. Some retailers actually sell cotton for under $2 a yard, which is a pretty sweet deal.

There are two major competitors on the market stealing the spotlight:, with a great variety of fabric dedicated to Columbus Day, and, with a special sale called Moonlight Madness Doorbusters that ends on Monday and features special prices on bulk fabric.

2. Appliances

Although it’s only a 10% discount, it’s still something! At least that’s Home Depot’s policy for Columbus Day. If your home needs a new stove, washer and dryer or just a meat grinder, you can try this special sale.

And here’s a little tip: buying larger appliances will save you more money than small appliances, an average of 34%.

3. Clothing and Apparel

If you live in San Diego, California, Premium Outlets has a special sidewalk sale starting today and ending tomorrow. For the rest of you who live somewhere else, there are still online deals and plenty cute clothes to browse through: you will find boots on discount at Kenneth Cole and impressive Columbus Day Discounts at GAP.

Other stores with sales on Columbus Day:, Carsons, Brooks Brothers. Enjoy shopping!

4. Furniture

The furniture mogul, Ashley Furniture, has a special sale for Columbus Day, comprising discounts on dining sets, sofas, couches and sectionals. The average discount is 20%, but you can also check out their Clearance section to see more significant price cuts.  

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5. Candles

If you are planning on stocking up on candles for the next two years, you should definitely check out Yankee Candle. They are selling small tumbler or vase candles, 2 for $15 and many other items! A wide variety of fragrances, from raspberry to vanilla and chocolate are waiting for you online.

These are the major sales out there, but you can also find some smaller ones if you are interested. However, since Halloween and Thanksgiving sales are just around the corner, retailers are not cutting their prices that much on Columbus Day.

If you don’t have enough money to purchase your desired item now, don’t worry! Christmas sales are the ones to look after! Have fun shopping and have a happy Columbus Day!

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  • I love GAP, so the clothing discounts there are great for me. I am trying to update my wardrobe for the autumn season at the moment, and this means that I am hoping to buy some new items while there’s money off. I actually also like Yankee Candles, too, particularly at this time of year, so it’s great to hear that there are good deals to be had there. I love saving money on things, because it really makes me feel like I’ve got myself a bargain.

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