Frugal Friday Tips: 15 Fun and Frugal Labor Day Activities

Frugal Friday Tips: 15 Fun and Frugal Labor Day Activities
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, money savers! Although it may not be autumn one hundred percent, there are a few things we can do to save our money during the cold season and put our finances to use instead of wasting them. We read many interesting blog posts this week and here we have a list of our favorite 10. You will hopefully find them at least as interesting as we do. All you want to know from fun Labor Day activities to how to save $5 a day, these articles will give you lots of ideas. Keep reading and you’ll see for yourself!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to celebrate Labor Day! All you need is creativity or just a good source of tips and tricks, like this article, for instance. You will find out how to plan your Labor Day meals, visits, outfits and spending, which is not a bad thing, considering the fact that the average American spends almost $98 on Labor Day celebration/ per day. Multiply that by 3 (with the weekend) and you’ll understand why it is so important to think things through.

Not all kids get presents for their birthday. If grandma and grandpa send money, don’t let your little one spend it all on candy and come up with a few more clever ideas. Parenting Squad has a few very interesting tips for you: from starting a piggy bank to teaching your kids to think big. If you are interested in money-saving ideas, why not teach your kids to feel the same way about their finances? When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Read the article and talk to your children about a few easy investment ideas even they could go for!

We don’t always realize how easy it is to save money. All we need to do is make a few changes. Yes, change is hard, but so is paying off a huge debt, so which one would you rather do? With these 4 impactful life choices, you life will look better and you will save money without even realizing it. But you’ll have to read the entire article to get these tips and tricks. We promise, it’s all worth it!

Here’s the easiest way to save money, courtesy of PopSugar Smart Living: install a savings jar and do as it follows: every time you feel like buying ice cream or are craving for some unnecessary sweets, just put $5 in a jar. You will save money and eat healthy at the same time! But this is just an idea. For more, go and read the whole article! Isn’t this a great idea? I’m looking for a jar as we speak!

If this happened to you, we are very sorry, but there really is no time to waste! Credit Sesame will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to save your money and stop the perpetrator from using your savings. Of course, you can have your credit cards annulled, but you can also ask for a special kind of insurance.

Very few people realize how important it is to secure their debit and credit cards. It’s not just the fact that they might get stolen and you could lose money, but getting them annulled and then requesting new ones is going to take a while. Why go through all that when you can read that article and secure your money?

Ten Bad Money Habits – Listen Money Matters

If you are new to the money-saving world, you are definitely making these common 10 money mistakes. One of them would be to get way too many credit cards and another one would be to buy something from the new collection, when you should really have no more than 5 credit and debit cards and only buy clothes on sale. Also, a huge mistake would be to not use coupons! If they exist and are saving you money, why not go for it? Read the entire article to find out more!

Many people are afraid that they’ll lose their job to a robot, but not everything on this planet can be robotized, so few of us get to sleep well at night. Go read the article to see if you’re one of these lucky people or not! After all, how secure is your job? Could a robot do what you do in half the time? Think about it, maybe it’s time for a career change!

In case you want to sell your car but don’t really want to pay for an ad, you can go ahead and sell it on Craigslist. However, there are many dubious individuals hanging around so you have to protect your information and product. Well Kept Wallet has your back: all you need to know in terms of salesmanship, product attractiveness and info security is here. Check out and may the gods of online selling be ever in your favor!

We know how things go: kid sees something on TV, kid wants it, and mom can’t buy it, ergo drama. But you don’t have to go through that if you read Sarah’s post and follow her easy steps. First of all, you really have to define the word “snacks” to your kids: instead of presenting cookies as snacks, you could offer them carrots of pieces of fruit. Then, you can look online for a great place to buy these snacks from. But Sarah has many other tips, so go read her article!

Ten Ways to Make Money At Home – Penny Pinchin Mom

Yes, there are numerous ways to make money at home, especially when you have kids and want to spend time with them, you are sick and can’t leave your home or just want to be your own boss. Whatever your reason is, there are a few great job opportunities for you and luckily none of them requires a PhD, so you’re good to go right now: ever thought about getting paid for your online opinion? This is just one idea. You can find the other 9 tips and tricks by reading penny Pinchin Mom’s post!

How are you spending your Labor Day this year? How much money do you normally spend on this weekend and which one of these articles appeals most to you?

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  • I love the idea of the $5 savings jar, and it is an idea that has actually worked quite well for me in the past. I have been putting $2 in the jar every time I thought about buying a takeaway coffee, because I buy too many of those, and I have now found that there is a lot of money in there, and it hardly took me any time at all to save it up, which is a great thing. I am going to put it into my savings account, where I will be able to gain some interest on it.

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