Frugal Friday Tips: 4 Ways Pinterest Can Be Good for Your Budget

Frugal Friday Tips: 4 Ways Pinterest Can be Good For your Budget
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello, money savers! Isn’t autumn beautiful? But you know what’s better than the beautiful leaves changing color? Having money in your bank! This is exactly why we did our homework and prepared a list of 10 great money-saving reads to inspire you. First of all, this is the perfect month to fix a few things around the house, pickle what needs to be pickled, make wreaths, but also this is the season to care for your retirement. Read our frugal Friday tips and take notes, friends!

Didn’t see that one coming? Well, we did! Pinterest is a great way to get inspired, whether it is food, decorations, DIY projects, beverages, clothes or hairstyles, especially because it was designed to store everything you might need in just one place. Google is way too general and finding something relevant is sometimes almost impossible. But Pinterest has your back!

There are 4 ways to save money using this platform and Frugal Rules knows everything about it, so go and read their article. Also, you may want to keep an eye on a few boards this month: look for outerwear, fall décor, and Halloween ideas. Happy fall, y’all!

You probably realize that everything can be reused, so why not do it? According to Wisebread, everything you throw away can be turned into something interesting and useful, from wrapping paper to random beer caps, lids, bell pepper seeds or carrot shavings.

Yes, they can all be used to create interesting décor pieces or to store other things. So before you throw away that yogurt cup next time, take a moment to think about what you could do with it. And read this article, it’s worth your time!

School just started so parents need to brace themselves! Here come lice, cold, flu, homework and busy mornings. However, lice are the worst of them all and if you have kids you know what we’re talking about! Despite you may know about lice, it can be prevented and treated but not without hard work.

The first step would be to talk to your little one about this problem, to explain the symptoms and advise him/her to never use someone’s else’s personal items (comb, towel etc.). Make sure to emphasize that as soon as the symptoms occur, you need to find out. This is not the time for secrets! For more information on this matter, read Parenting Squad’s article!

Yes, retirement is a tough subject for a freelancer, especially given the inconsistency of the job. Sometimes you are very busy and sometimes it looks like you just can’t get a job. For those of you in this situation, Daily Worth has a few interesting ideas, starting with keeping track of your entire income and ending with how to choose a good bank.

Also, freelancers need to take into consideration other things, such as medical insurance and other eventual services needed after a certain age. It may be great to work from your bed wearing your pajamas, but retirement is no joke. Read the article and take all the precautions you need!

6 Awesome Money-Saving Grocery Apps – PopSugar Smart Living

In case you have a smartphone and you probably do, this article will save you a great deal of money on groceries by providing you with all the apps you need. Believe it or not, there is an app to tell you how much food you need per day, divided by each fruit and vegetable you are planning on eating, another one to suggest deals and offers on your favorite items and many others meant to make your life easier and your bank account thicker.

In case you don’t own a fancy phone, you are probably saving a lot of money already, so we should be taking notes from you. However, technology is such a great, costly and addictive thing we might as well use it to our advantage!

Here at DonPayFull, we love gardening! We also believe that growing your own spices in a flower pot is the best way to make your food taste delicious, which is why Sarah’s article was music to our ears/eyes. And she is right to say that gardening is an activity for the whole family: it teaches kids to be patient, to recognize plants and they can see for themselves where tomatoes come from.

If your little ones believe that meat comes from “the meat people”, maybe you should have a talk with them and include them in your daily activities. But Sarah has more ideas, so go check them out!

We are slowly approaching the end of the year which means now it’s the time to shop for 2015’s hottest technology trends, from phones to fitness gadgets, music apps and products and everything you’ve ever wanted.

The reason for prices dropping around this time of the year is that we are getting ready for the annual tech convention that will introduce other gadgets on the market, which makes the old ones less desirable and cheaper. Cheapism has a list of 5 important items you could buy on discount before the end of the year. Interested?

Meal planning is crucial for this time of the year, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner. If you want to have plenty of money for these sale bonanzas, you better plan your meals, bills, heating costs, everything. And as soon as possible. Frugal Texas Diva has a few great ideas for you, starting with the cheapest place to shop at and ending with other small tips and tricks for occasional snacks. Which one of her ideas is your favorite?

Manage Your Money And Your Time – Listen Money Matters

Time means money? Oh yes, and you know it! Every single second you spend complaining about how bored you are, you miss the chance to save a quarter. Imagine if you could find some work online and spend an hour a day doing that instead of randomly browsing for kitten videos, wouldn’t that be nice? And profitable? Listen Money Matters will teach you how to balance work and relaxation, or, in other words, time and money.

You don’t have to work all day long to be rich and doing nothing all day doesn’t necessarily mean you are relaxed. So read this article and see what fits your needs and budget!

Usually, bills go higher this time of year by at least 30%, because you are using the heating system, are cooking more, are washing thicker clothes, are putting up lights to decorate your home and so on. For those of you happy to welcome the new season, this article is more than a good idea! The Penny Hoarder made a list of 23 ways you can reduce your costs when it comes to bills, so why not check them out? And by the way, number 11 is our favorite. Which one do you like best?

How do you save money this season? Are you saving money for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Comment below and let’s talk about money!

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  • I get so many cool ideas from Pinterest, it’s amazing. Just things that I would genuinely never have thought of doing unless I’d looked at that. I find it completely fantastic, and I am certain that there are many different ways that you can save money on there, for sure. It is great to always be on the lookout for money saving things that you can do, because it means that you can then either save it, or spend it on something more important.

  • Excellent links. Hahaha, the Pinterest one, I know all about that mood whiplash. But I agree, there are ways to use it that make it an excellent money-saving resource. I’m a fan of using it for visual inspiration and figuring out cheap (or free!) ways to implement what I find. Goes well with the treasure-out-of-trash post too! I’ve seen lots of repurposing tutorials on Pinterest, just haven’t taken the plunge and tried one out yet.

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