Frugal Friday Tips: 7 Grocery Staples More Expensive This Summer

frugal Friday tips
Written by Oana Schneider

Happy Friday, money-savers! Another 7 days passed by and many articles found their way to our laptops.

Out of all the articles that we read these past few days, we chose 10 to share with you. We also added a short description to help you decide if it’s worth your time or not. This being said, let’s start the countdown!

For those of you who haven’t noticed, a few items at the grocery store go crazily expensive during the summer. The reason for this is that the marketers are keeping in mind our basic needs during this season and guess which items will be on high demand and pricey at the same time! Summer is the perfect time for barbecues, so expect poultry to change its price. Plus, bananas are a key ingredient in smoothies and ice-cream, so the same thing will happen to them. For the entire list and a few tips on how to replace these items if you choose to, read the entire article!

Feeling like your life is too complicated? Like the bills and debts are taking over your life? This article offers a great solution to this feeling. We don’t realize that sometimes we are complicating our lives when things are actually looking way better than we think. If you want, it’s more a problem of perspective than a truly awful situation. But don’t trust me, read the article and judge for yourself!

Where to Save the Most Money on Your Budget – Reach Financial Independence

Sometimes even the smallest things can cost us a lot of money. How many times did you go shopping and told the cashier to keep the change? Plus, do you ever re-visit your budget every month to make sure you’ve not overspent? There are a few simple rules you need to keep in mind when things get though: it might be better than you think, it’s a terrible thing to say that it could be worse, but it’s true, other people are in deeper trouble, but somehow they make it work. All this and much more is explained in the article, so don’t miss it!

Well, kids sure have a lot of time on their hands during summer! If you ran out of things to play and can’t really afford to send them on a camp, Parenting Squad has you covered! All you need in terms of mazes, board games and story books is here, plus a few very helpful reviews to make your life easier. If you’re worried about your kid’s way of understanding money, this article recommends that you buy Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior- understanding money through kiddy stories! So many things to choose from!

Of course, we couldn’t just move on without bringing up a good DIY article! This week’s piece comes from Wisebread, and it’s destined to make its way to anybody’s home. Most American families have egg crates in their homes but keep throwing them away. Wisebread has 11 great ideas I’m sure you never thought of! Plus, if you have kids at home, you could ask them for help in creating something interesting and kill two birds with one stone! One example of what you could do with those egg crates is: bird feeders! Read the article for more instructions!

How to Deep Clean Your Garage – Living Well Spending Less

Is your home spotless, but your garage- a hot mess? Well, how about you change that? Fortunately, the fine people at Living Well Spending Less know just what you need to feel motivated. You may not realize this now, but that space is more valuable to you and your family than any small souvenirs you might be keeping in there (plus, if they are so important to you, you REALLY should find a better place for them!). The first rule to deep cleaning your garage is to take everything out and to donate the things you’re not using anymore. For more instructions, read the article!

10 Fresh (and Frozen) Peach recipes – One Hundred Dollars a Month

You don’t have to be from Georgia to love peaches! These delicious fruits are very popular now, which is why a bunch of recipes is just what you’ve been waiting for. And don’t worry: Mavis can grill, freeze, boil, puree or steam them, so you’re covered. The greatest thing about this article is that it’s written by someone who grows her own vegetables, cooks her own meals and still has time to share info with the rest of us! Great recipes, Mavis! We too are crazy about peaches

Ever met someone capable of being successful, having a great family and still go on vacation and wondered how do they do it? Well, it’s all about being organized not just in your closet, but also in your life: the same way you prioritize your shirts, the same you should do with your activities! We all love lying in bed till late, but that’s not going to make us achieve much, is it! Also, as it turns out, productive people can achieve this much because they are realistic about the outcomes. Maybe that’s why dreamers are so far off!

It may seem like the summer vacation lasts forever, but before you know it, it will be over, and you’ll have to send your little ones to school. If you don’t want to be caught by surprise, read this article and start shopping for school supplies ahead of time. Also, the author of this article has added a list of items every kid should have in his/her backpack! You’ll find out what to buy for a first grader, a second grader and so on. Very helpful, isn’t it?

How Do Payday Loans Work – Listen Money Matters

If you’re in a desperate need for money, thinking that a payday loan could be the answer, read this article and you’ll see why that’s not true. Most Americans only think about their urgent needs and not about the total cost. This article unveils all the ways payday loans are bad for your financial situation. If you were thinking about getting this kind of loan, read the article and think again!

Are there any other articles you’ve read and want to share with us? Also, which one of these articles is your favorite?

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Oana Schneider is a published author located in Chicago, Illinois, who currently works for as a communication specialist and blog editor. She writes about lifestyle, family budget, has a degree in Communications and advocates for women’s rights. Her future plans include getting a Labrador and losing a few pounds.


  • Thank you for this advice, it is great to know. I have noticed that things like fruit and vegetables change dramatically over the course of the year, especially because some things are in season whereas others aren’t. If you try to buy things that there are more of, it is going to cost you much less – so you should definitely base your diet around what is more readily available at a better price. I will have a good read over these articles and write down some tips that I will enjoy using!

  • Thanks, I’m planning to read several of these. I know the prices of chicken and eggs have gone up as a result of Avian Flu here in the U.S., so I’ll probably be looking for substitutes, at least for the short term. I could definitely benefit from reading about how to uncomplicate my life, and am also interested in reading about where to save the most money in my budget.

  • Ah, the egg prices climbing has really been a hit to my pocketbook. They became a real staple for me a couple of months ago but now I’ve had to reduce my intake.

    The peach recipes look absolutely delicious! The weather has been like the fire of a thousand suns here lately, so the ginger peach popsicles are super appealing. Thanks for linking that.

  • I have definitely noticed the change in prices. But I have also seen some of them coming down. Lettuce has gone down about $1 per head, so I have finally been able to add it back into my regular diet. I think it’s wise to pay attention to how prices change through the seasons and adjust your diet accordingly. Sometimes it’s cheaper to stick with the frozen fruits and veggies when they are way out of season and transportation costs jack up the price of fresh produce, but when they are in season locally, they cost much less.

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