Frugal Friday Tips: 7 Ways to Make Money This Holiday Season

Frugal Friday Tips: 7 Ways to Make Money This Holiday Season
Written by Oana Schneider

Hello again, money-savers! A new week flew buy and another one is waiting to start, so here’s our question: how much money did you save these past days? If the answer is “not enough”, we think we can help you with that.

We comprised a list of 10 very useful money-saving articles that we call Frugal Friday Tips. Check out this week’s list, take notes and let these savvy authors inspire you:

Most people only care about spending money when it comes to the holiday season. In fact, unless they are pretty much broke, most Americans choose procrastination over a seasonal job that could really improve their income. If you are interested in making some money this season, this article is for you!

Start by asking at your local supermarkets if they need help and if there is a possibility for you to make your own schedule. Also, look into baby-sitting or pet-sitting to make a few honest dollars while the parents go out without their real or furry babies. For more ideas, read the entire article on!

This is a very good question, don’t you think so? First of all, you could save money by not using any decorations at all, but you’ll be missing on the fun and excitement of the holiday season. Sarah Titus has many great ideas for you, no matter where you like to shop at, so be prepared to take a few very useful notes.

First of all, make sure to look for DIY ideas on the internet that could turn your everyday trash into holiday gold! Then, if you are extremely clumsy and nothing comes out right or you just don’t have the time for a DIY project, you can take Sarah’s advice and go shopping.

If you are an IKEA fan but are having mixed feelings about their products, you can read this article and put its 8 shopping tricks to use next time you visit a local store. First of all, make sure to ask for a discount on floor models (most of them are visible marks of wear and tear since everybody used them to test their durability, comfort and appeal of the certain items).

You can get a discount of up to 50%, depending on the condition of the said floor model. Another idea would be to look for thrifted IKEA items- most of them can be found online, which means you won’t even have to leave the house to find them. Read the entire article, it’s worth it!

Many young couples get frustrated with having to pay the rent every month and feel like buying a home would be a great idea. Some of them decide to buy a new home, which is not necessarily a wise decision, as this article proves. There are many things to keep in mind before making such a purchase: am I paying the right price? Is my home going to lose its market value in the next few years?

Is a new home more affordable than an old one? Plus, you also need to think about the development and progress of the neighborhood which can really make or break a potential future sale. This article will explain everything, just go and read it!

Why We Fail at Productivity – Just a Girl And Her Blog

What a great question! Indeed, why are we more prone to doing nothing than achieving big life goals? If you are interested in a more realistic approach and not the scientific version, this article is spot on! For starters, you will understand why it took you such a long time to start saving money, work out, cook your meals instead of ordering them and do charity work.

And no, it’s not necessarily selfishness, but a great fear of failing at doing something, which is worse than that terrible feeling of guilt that comes with procrastination. Do we have your attention now? Read the article to find out more!

If hand-me-downs are really not your thing or you are just looking to buy new clothes, it’s good to read this article first. Sometimes, buying new items is actually a better investment than wasting money on rags all the time. Remember: we all need to look smart for work, so put a little thought and money into a few very versatile pieces that are easily-combined.

Money Ning will walk you through the process of finding really affordable and decent new clothing. Besides, the article is worth reading especially if you have kids or if you’re planning on gifting clothing items to your friends and family this year!

If you think that this article is only for billionaire women, you are wrong! It’s for all those ladies out there interested in starting a new career, improving their knowledge or keeping in touch with today’s financial world! In other words, you can steal a lot of tips and tricks from these websites created especially for women.

You will learn how to start a business, manage it, make time for you and your family, find new business opportunities, invest in people, hire personnel, negotiate and much more. Those of you who are interested you have to read the entire article for more details.

A great way to make money nowadays is to put your crafting skills to use, create something really special and unique and sell it to a targeted customer audience. The only problem is that getting to your customers is harder than ever. If only you could sell your products on Amazon! And, according to this article, you might actually stand a chance against big corporations!

You have to fallow a few steps in order to certify your activity and be accepted by Amazon, but once you get there, you have a clear path to promoting your products and delivering them to billions of people world-wide! Interested? Read more on!

What Is My Business Worth? – Well-Kept Wallet

This is for those of you who own a small business and are pondering the idea of one day selling it. Usually, business owners hire appraisers to do the job, but if you don’t have a budget for this, you can find out yourself how much money your little business could bring once sold.

There are a few major factors you need to take into consideration: your place on the local market, your customer flow, the money your business generates, the increase or decrease in partners, the number and satisfaction of your employees and the future of your business. Also, ask yourself if you are selling something unique that will last in time. This article will explain all of these steps for you, fortunately.

Start a Freelance Writing Career – Listen Money Matters

The great thing about freelance writing is that you are your own boss and decide when to take a break and when to completely lose yourself in work. There are numerous online platforms that host freelance project to which you can apply. As long as you have a way with words, are capable of respecting the deadlines and don’t like work conflicts, you should be more than fine.

For starters, you will need to take an online test just to prove that you have the skills. The rest is all up to you. Listen Money Matters will walk you through all the reasons why you should start a freelance writing career, from financial motivation to the complete lack of human interaction. Read it and tell us what you think!

Are you looking forward to this holiday season? Do you like to splurge on holidays or would you rather look for ways to make some money? Comment below and let’s talk all about it! Have a great weekend, friends!

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  • I enjoyed reading the article about IKEA, because I actually shop in there all the time. I also have a meal in there whenever I am shopping, because the food is very cheap and tasty, meaning that I can save money on cooking at home, too. I think it is a wonderful shop, and there are lots of things that you can buy for your home to make it look great.

  • Great post! Something I have done to make extra money is doing some cleaning. At the moment only for my parents but I am hoping to hear back from someone else to see if they would like their home cleaned up real nice for Christmas time.

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