Frugal Friday Tips: How Can I Be so Clueless About Money

Frugal Friday Posts: How Can I Be So Clueless about money?
Written by Oana Schneider

In case you missed this week’s best reads on frugal living, we made a list of 10 interesting posts you should catch up on. We would like to encourage everyone to read as many money-saving articles as possible, especially these days when renowned economists predict a new financial crisis.

In case you were wondering how come you rarely think about the amount of money you spend, Phroogal might have an explanation. Apparently, not keeping track of our spending is nothing more than a lack of practice. Also, you’re not the only one who feels this way! The key is to write everything down and stick to your budget, no matter how hard and exhausting it is. For more tips, read the entire article!

Is your child screaming and crying every time you take the mobile device away from them? That has a lot to do with how you’ve educated your kids to behave and to relate to technology. Few parents feel the need to explain to their children the difference between “useful tools” and “a way to spend all your time”. Kids need boundaries, and this can only be achieved if you teach your child good tech manners.

In case you are interested in organizing a getaway for your friend who’s getting married and her group of close peeps, you may want to read this article. All you need to know regarding frugal Paris vacations and light packing is here. Plus, a few tips and tricks on how to find good hotels and restaurants at an affordable price!

How To Paleo On A Budget – Listen Money Matters

If you’re worried that eating Paleo will hurt your budget, this article is here to put you at ease. All you need to know in terms of the shopping list and costs is here, plus a few very useful tips on how to avoid cereal and wheat cravings.

After watching the news and seeing what some heiresses grew up to be, you might be worried about your kids’ future and for good reason. Most people believe that working hard and saving money for their kids is a blessing, while others realize how irresponsible would be to hand a large amount of money to their youngsters without previously teaching them anything about hard work. This article explains both sides of the story, but the core here is that kids should experience hard work before inheriting great fortunes.  

Want to live on $4 a day? Well, then buy eggs, skip drinks, bag your own and do a few other things to save money on healthy food. According to this article, you don’t have to splurge on broccoli when there are other cheaper and even healthier on the market. Plus, few people know that rotten tomatoes can be salvaged. Find out more by reading the entire article!

It’s the perfect time to improve your barbecue skills! According to WiseBread, you need to learn how to clean thoroughly the grill, prepare a good marinate, form the perfect burgers and combine cold-slaws and drink for a perfect harmony. What a mouth-watering post! Read the whole article to find out all the tips and tricks on becoming a barbecue master!

In case you were seriously thinking about hitting the farmers’ market hard from now on, you’ll be happy to hear that eating locally grown foods all the time is very doable! You may have to do some asking around since local farmers don’t usually have detailed websites (or websites at all!), but if you’re really interested in this, one mom has the answers you’ve been looking for. Read her story to find out more!

12 Smart Ways to Save on Air Travel – Living Well Spending Less

If you’re planning to visit friends or family, you may want to read this article. Few people realize that they can do so much more than just book the tickets ahead of time to save money! You can also look for coupons, take advantage of a weak business period for the air companies or simply email customer support and ask for a discount! Check out the entire article for more creative money-saving ideas!

7 Financial Habits to Start In Your 20s – Living Well Spending Less

Unless you come from a pretty wealthy family, you have to start thinking about your financial situation before you reach 21. If you’re a late bloomer, however, there are a few things you can do to salvage the situation and this article will tell you all you need to know. If you don’t know how to budget, pay taxes and find an affordable place to stay, read the article and then you will!

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  • Thanks for this article, it’s very helpful. I particularly like the part on how to live on $4 a day, because I feel that these types of lessons are very important for all people to read – because it means that we are able to think about the amount of money that we’re spending, and then cut back on that amount whenever we need to do so. I enjoy saving money on things like food, because I can then save up for nice days out with my family with the money that I am not wasting, and that makes it feel so much better!

  • This was a really helpful thing to read. I could not believe how much money I was spending. Thanks to this article, I now know what things to cut back on. Saving money is always a good thing and I want to save as much as I can.

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