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10 Brilliant H&M Money-Saving Tips Every Smart Shopper Should Know

10 Brilliant H&M Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

The spending behavior of customers has changed radically over the years with the dawn of digital e-commerce. Many retailers are vying for customer patronage in a highly-competitive milieu, whether in the online stage or in-store grounds. H&M is one of the prime retailers that has adapted to the change and became a shopper’s sanctuary.

H&M is not only known for its fast-moving and high-quality items. Loyal patrons and bargain hunters can derive huge savings from the retailer’s multi-channel selling approach. Here are the proven H&M shopping tips to help you be at the top of your shopping game.

The 10 Best H&M Shopping Tips You Need to Know

1. Download the App and Follow H&M on Social Media

One trait of an ardent but budget-conscious shopper is to know the latest offerings of a retail store. The best way to be updated and track H&M’s latest deals and special events is to download the store app.

You can view them on their social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Discount codes are occasionally ‘tweeted’ from their account. You might chance upon these codes to gain extra discounts. Special events, grand store openings included, are flashed on their Facebook page. You can even snatch a giveaway or two if you’re lucky.

10 Brilliant H&M Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

2. Visit H&M’s Online Store

A great tip is to visit H&M’s online regularly to save time and energy.

The ‘trending’ sale items are regularly featured at the online store. You may never see the hot items in-store.

Another advantage of frequently checking H&M’s online store is to see the influx of new arrivals before they hit the department store shelves. Usually, new items come at least twice a week and are first introduced online.

Why wait longer when you can purchase the fresh items right off the bat. For unique merchandise, chances are the stocks are limited and only available while supply lasts. Specialty items don’t last long at the online store.

However, for the prudent shopper, impulse buying is not an option. Savings is the primordial objective.

3. Donate for a Cause Then Shop at a Discount

H&M is sensible when it comes to recycling used clothing and other garments. You too can be thrifty and join their “conscious” collection cause. You can obtain a whopping 15% savings certificate if you donate items such as old clothes, used pillowcases, and even worn out placemats.

Be sure your donations are contained in two bags with 3 to 5 items in each bag at most. Exchange them for coupons and be on your way to a shopping spree. They accept donations on a daily basis and the coupons you receive are valid for a number of months. The coupons can also be applied to selected sale items. Get a blast out of your old things and let nothing go to waste.

4. Pay Attention to the Bar Code

One interesting saving secret can be found on the item’s barcode. This is H&M’s way of keeping apart items per season. The first line of numbers under the bar code bears significance. The seventh number pertains to a particular season.

E.g.: If you notice that most items on the rack are season 5, look for items of the preceding season (no.4).

Thus, it affords you to have the shopping sense to distinguish which items are likely to have slashed prices soon. Check the barcodes for good measure in order to derive handsome savings.

5. Get 30% Discount on H&M Gift Cards

Your shopping experience gets even better if you have an H&M gift card. As a cardholder, you have the privilege of saving as much as 30% on your purchases

There are no restrictions on the use of the H&M gift cards. Use the card in the store to purchase marked-down items or elect to combine with other stock discounts. That leaves you enough leverage to work around your budget.

10 Brilliant H&M Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

6. Discounts Are Possible Without the Coupons

Not everyone knows how coupons can save you money. Do not despair even if you don’t have discount coupons to present. In H&M stores, shoppers save plenty from the so-called ‘stock-up’ sales. You can still have an enormous 30% average savings per item when you buy them in bundles.

Be on the lookout for the “buy 2 for $20” or “buy 3 get 1 free” offers. There are plenty around the store. Get your calculator ready and compute. You’ll get more mileage for your money this way minus the coupons.

7. An H&M Employee Can Be Your Saving Buddy

If you have a close friend or relative working at H&M, he or she might gift you with a voucher carrying a 25% employee discount. It’s a huge saving to begin with if your friend or relative pick you as a beneficiary of this fabulous employee perk.

8. Shop as the Season Changes

Just like any retailer, it’s best to shop and save at H&M during seasonal changes. The clothing retailer has nine seasons so expect generous sale offers nine times in a year. That’s a whole lot of savings during merchandise turnovers. Head to the discount section and pick out the items you postponed buying.

10 Brilliant H&M Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money

9. Be Included in H&M’s E-Mail List

Aside from the H&M’s app and social media pages, you can add a 20% savings per item by simply signing up for their email newsletter. H&M sends out e-mail blasts which would include item and shipping discounts to subscribers. This way you’ll learn about the exclusive offers and upcoming sales ahead of everyone else.

10. Select Items Can Be Gone in a Breeze

H&M does a great job with their inventory. They make sure none of the items gather cobwebs. Most of them are fast-moving and sell as fast as a thunderbolt. This has always been H&M’s selling principle. Although markdowns or discounts are customary in all of their stores, you can’t exactly pinpoint when an item will go on sale.

It would be disheartening if you picked an item today that went on sale the next. Without any price-matching guarantee, you can still retain the discount. Return the unused item promptly then buy it back. That’s quite an effort if you feel the discount is all worth it.

The giant retailer knows that an intelligent shopper is discriminating but penny-wise. A disciplined shopper will always look for ways to cut costs. That’s the reason why H&M is a good place to shop. However, avoid falling into a trap. You might actually be splurging rather than saving with all the tempting discounts. ‘Shop and save’ has replaced the ‘shop till you drop’ slogan. It should be your ongoing concern regardless of the season.

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10 Brilliant H&M Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money