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How to Plan a Halloween Party for $100

How to Plan a Halloween Party for $100 and Under
Written by Oana Schneider

It’s that time of the year again when adults would have to buy candy for trick-or-treating kids and maybe organize a Halloween party – or two. This spooky season is oh-so-fun because both adults and kids get to wear costumes. Homeowners can go all-out in their Halloween decorations, and those huge pumpkins can be carved and put to good use.

It’s also a quite busy season, especially with the holidays looming. So while it’s early days yet, now is as good a time as any for you to start shopping for the goods that you will use for your Halloween party.

The Importance of Planning in Advance

How to Plan a Halloween Party for $100 and Under

When you walk around the business establishments in your area, you are bound to stumble upon those who offer to host your party for a few hundred dollars per event, depending on the number of guests that you have. For birthday parties, for example, if you have a dozen guests, you will be charged $500 and up depending on the food to be served for the group. There might even be extra fees for the use of the venue.

If you don’t have that much to spend for a Halloween party – be it for kids or adults – is there a way for you to iron out the details without spending too much? Definitely!

All you have to do is set a budget and stick to it, and make it a point to plan early.

Let’s say that you settled on a $100 budget for a Halloween party for your kids. Planning months ahead will allow you to stick to a budget. Make a list of the things you would need and start clipping out those coupons or making a list of online discount vouchers. This way, you can save a lot of money when buying supplies for the party – starting from the décor to the food to the party favors.

It’s more difficult to stick to a budget when you are in a hurry because you would have to make quick decisions on what to buy, which makes things more expensive.

Another advantage of planning way ahead of your Halloween party is that you can take advantage of great deals. You can scour garage sales, thrift stores, and farmer’s market for Halloween décor – way before Halloween – at dirt cheap prices.

It’s a good idea to have a theme for the party which could be something like a zombie apocalypse or horrifying magic night. Having an idea of which items would suit your theme will make it easier for you to decide which items to buy and which ones to skip.

How You Can Stick to a $100 Budget When Planning a Halloween Party

Next up, check out our list of tips on how you can stick to a $100 budget when thinking about how to plan a Halloween party:

1. Hold the event in a cheap or free venue.

Are you planning a kids’ or an adult Halloween party? How many guests are you expecting?

Based on the approximate figure, you can choose a venue for the party. Since you only have a $100 budget for the whole thing, it is better to look for a place that’s either cheap or free. If you have a front lawn or a backyard that’s big enough to hold a few dozen guests, you can simply decorate the place with a Halloween theme so you can score a free venue.

If you are having an adult Halloween party, which among your closest friends have the biggest place?

If the host is willing to lend you the venue, then you’re ready to go. You can also consider an outdoor venue like a local park of the beach if you live close to one.

If you’ve managed to get the venue for free, you can spend a full $100 for the other details of the party.

How to Plan a Halloween Party for $100 and Under

2. Hit the dollar store for cheap party décor supplies.

Next, hit the dollar store for really cheap supplies that you can use as décor for the party.

In fact, you don’t even have to spend so much because there are craft items and everyday household items readily available in your home which you can easily turn into Halloween décor.

A lampshade, for instance, can be used as an eerie light by taping cut-outs of bats or the mouth of a vampire inside the shade of the lamp. Once lit, it will cast a spooky glow in your house which is perfect for a Halloween party.

You canturn trash bags into giant spider webs. Simply cut out the side, fold the rectangle into a long triangle and cut in such a way that you end up having a giant spider web once the black material is unfolded. Paste on the wall and finish off with a giant fake spider or dozens of small spiders.

You can also hang bats with googly eyes on the trees outside of your home, dress up your front door to look like the head of Frankenstein, and make other do-it-yourself Halloween décor to make your home as creepy as possible.

For the party goodies, you can also look for supplies from the dollar store – where you can find Halloween-themed paper plates, cups, utensils, and paper napkins.

To save money, you can combine plain paper goods with themed ones. One way to decorate the center table is to place plastic body parts in clear glass jars which you can fill with red-dyed water. This will make your guests do a double take and really feel the creep factor in your Halloween décor.

How to Plan a Halloween Party for $100

3. Look for cheap recipes.

Whether it’s a kids’ party or an adults’ party that you are planning for Halloween, there are plenty of cheap recipes that you can follow online. 

The key is to make the food look as creepy or as disgusting as possible, without sacrificing on flavor. In fact, your guests should be surprised at how good the food is despite its having a Halloween theme.

Here are a few ideas that you can borrow:

  • To make skewered eyeballs, deep-fry mozzarella balls in a typical batter and use herbs and spices. Using toothpick, skewer sliced green and black olives to turn the mozzarella ball into an eye.
  • Buy some ready-made pretzel sticks from the grocery store and dip them in honey which you can mix with red food dye to look like blood. Roll the pretzel sticks in crushed peanuts, then dip again in the red honey to make them look like bloody little fingers!
  • For the drinks, you can make your own cocktail mix if you’re planning an adult Halloween party. Label the jars with something spooky like Rodent Poison, Truth Elixir or Witches’ Brew.
  • You can also use bloody glasses to serve the drinks in. Mix corn syrup with red food dye – the more bloody it looks, the better. Similar to how you would make a margarita glass, you can dip the mouth of the glass with the red corn syrup. Turn it upright quickly, so that some of the ‘blood’ will spill towards the edges and sides of the glass to make it look even bloodier.
  • You can do the same thing with the pitcher that you will use to serve the drinks in. This one can be a bit messy, however. Dip your entire hand into the red-dyed corn syrup. Then, make a mark of your hand on the side of a clear pitcher to make it look bloody.

How to Plan a Halloween Party for $100

4. Master planning those fun Halloween party games.

There are plenty of Halloween party games that you can do. Again, you only need supplies which can be easily found in your house.

One example is for a player to pin the bow tie on the skeleton, similar to the classic pin the tail on the donkey game. There’s also the witch hat ring toss, a balloon game, a pumpkin carving game, anoutdoor Halloween bowling game, or amystery box game.

Put a scary twist on the classic birthday party games and you should be all set in planning the activities for your party.

5. Distribute affordable party favors.

Finally, you can use the products from crafting activities into party favors.

You can ask your guests to bring an old t-shirt, which they can decorate with Halloween-themed prints or drawings using fabric paint.

For the kids, you can make some homemade clay which they can turn into creepy crawlies and bring home.

You can also go for the classic route of filling up party favor bags with candy, pencils, erasers, and cheap toys which you can find from the dollar store – if the Halloween party is for the little ones.

Of course, you should ask your guests to attend the party in their full Halloween costume regalia. You can even give a price to a pair of guests who are wearing the best costumes.

With Halloween barely a couple of days away, you should definitely get started on your party planning.

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How to Plan a Halloween Party for $100

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  • I think that what people need to remember about parties, particularly when they’re for children, is that they enjoy the simple things in life, and as a result of this they will love parties no matter how much they cost. It is often the adults who feel the need to overspend rather than the children, so by making sure you don’t do this, you can therefore ensure that you save money whilst being able to have a great party at the same time.

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