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10 Pantry Items to Stock Up On This Spring

10 Pantry Items to Stock Up on This Spring
Written by Irina Vasilescu

Eating fruit and veg in the season has many benefits. Food is fresher, tastier, and costs less. Top chefs agree that seasonal eating is the way to go, and environmentalists agree that since seasonal produce is sourced locally, it’s better for the earth. As for nutritionists, they all agree that fresh fruit is the most nutritious. So what should you be stocking up on this spring?

1. Get the last of the winter produce

Winter veg such as Brussels sprouts and broccoli will be nearing the end of their availability. Look out for good prices, and consider getting extra to freeze for summer eating. It’s also the end of citrus time, so keep an eye out for the last of these winter fruits – if you can get a good price.

2. Summer salads here we come

Summer is not the best time for lettuce, although butter lettuce is still available. Now’s the time to look out for nice, crisp head lettuces before the weather gets too hot. Plan some healthy salads as side dishes or as a basis for work or school lunch.

3. Watercress

If you’ve never actually included watercress in your menus, start this spring. It’s a great immune system booster and is said to have anti-cancer properties. Spring is the best season for watercress, so stock up and chow down!

4. Spinach

10 Pantry Items to Stock Up on This Spring

It’s time to enjoy Popeye’s favorite food. Young spinach leaves are a great addition to your salads, or you can add them to stir fries just before they’re ready so that you maintain most of the nutritious goodness.

5. Bok Choi

Like spinach, Bok Choi is delicious in stir fries, but it’s just as good in stews and soups. Remember that the white stems are also yummy. Cut them up fine and cook them a little longer than you would cook the leaves.

6. Dandelion leaves

No, we’re not crazy. Dandelion leaves are a fantastic spring veg for salads and stir fries. Best of all, many of us will find them in our lawns rather than at the grocery store. Try making dandelion pesto as a gourmet treat.

7. Mustard greens

Not everyone likes the sharpness of mustard greens in salads, but the taste becomes milder with cooking, so if you’ve tried mustard greens raw and didn’t like them, give them another chance in stir fries. Try them sautéed with onions, or add them to bacon and onion fry for a meatier flavor.

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8. Kale

Most of us are familiar with Kale, but have you ever turned it into a crunchy snack? Grill them lightly in the oven with a touch of olive oil until crispy as a starter or snack. Alternatively, they’re wonderful sautéed on their own or with other veggies, and if you’re into smoothies or hope to try this healthy way of getting extra nutrition, kale is an essential ingredient to try.

9. Asparagus

Asparagus is never cheap, but you’ll get the best prices now, and we all deserve a treat now and then. Ease your conscience by reminding yourself that Asparagus is very good for you. If you and your family are big fans, consider bottling some Asparagus for the summer.

10. Fava beans

A ‘must’ for vegetarians, fava beans are tasty, nutritious and in season now. Remove the outer pod, blanch them with hot water and squeeze them out of their waxy shells before adding them to the recipe of your choice. Not sure what to do with them? Grill them, roast them, stir-fry them add them to pasta dishes or mash them up fine to make something very like hummus. Although they take a little effort to prepare, it’s well worth it.

And a few extras

New potatoes are perfect right now, and apricots should be getting more plentiful. Grapefruits will be at their best until early in the summer, so look out for good deals when you’re out shopping. For those that love rhubarb, your time is now!

A visit to the local farmers’ market is an excellent way to see the full range of fresh seasonal veggies in your area. Shop with a friend to get bulk deals at better prices. Get creative and try adding a few unusual vegetables to your culinary repertoire.

Get some amazing recipes from here.

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10 Pantry Items to Stock Up On This Spring

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  • The older I get, the more I love eating spinach, and if somebody had told me when I was a child that this would be the case I really don’t think that I would have believed them in the slightest! I know that it is very healthy for you thanks to the fact that it is a superfood, so I will always try to add it to salads when I can. It is one of the only things that is always on my weekly shopping list without fail, and it is very rare that I don’t have any left in my house at all.

  • I did not start eating spinach until a couple years ago when I was trying to add variety to my salads. I love spinach now. And speaking of all these greens this week I spent time helping my parents plant seeds in their greenhouse. I am quite excited for my moms market. They are trying to grow celery this year and kale for customers. And they are growing 3 new breed of pumpkins called Knuckle Head, Red Warty Thing and Gold Medal. Kind of silly names but I was looking at the pictures in the seed book and they look swell. I only buy certain produce at the store and try to stick to Canada only. This summer I won’t have to once the garden starts growing 😀

  • Our lawn, if unmowed and not groomed in autumn through winter, dandelions and doc weeds are greenest this times of the year. The yellow green mustard leaves give that bity-bitter taste, so, they are best pickled or bottled as sauerkraut. The same with evergreen kale. Maybe the oak-fermented vinegar neutralizes the tangy, astringent taste.

    With kale, it’s nice to stir fry the thinly cut greens in chopped garlic, coconut oil and butter. Make sure that the chopped garlic are roasted or browned in the coconut oil and butter. That’s when the flavor of the whole stir-fry mixture gives out the savory taste.

    Thanks. This blog post reminded me to get ready for a lookout into my food chain in my left-alone garden. 🙂

  • It’s so much less expensive to eat food that’s in season in your home country. Plus, you’re contributing to sustainability by supporting growers in your country too! I always try to do this but it’s not always possible due to the UK not always having the best climate for some fruit and veg.

  • Eating local seasonal vegetables are great for us and also for the environment. If we buy local there’s no associated carbon footprint.

    There seem to be a lot of initiatives to encourage use of local fresh produce. Farmer’s markets as you mention are super places to buy and the producers often have great recipe ideas. Our town has a buy-a-basket scheme every 2 weeks. The baskets of locally produced fruit and veg are prepared in 3 different sizes – 3 prices (single person/ 2-3 person and family size). We never know quite what we’re getting each time. It’s great fun!

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