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Extraordinary People Who Turned Their Savings Into Acts of Kindness

#1 Amazing Couple Uses Wedding Fund to Help Starving Children in Africa

7 Extraordinary People Who Turned Their Savings Into Acts of Kindness

When a couple ties the knot on Valentine’s day, we’re expecting a super-romantic wedding with all the trimmings, but Kaushal and Mehta decided to share the love in a different way. They’re aiming to donate one million meals to Cameroonian children affected by Boko Haram violence. Relatives were slow to approve of the idea at first – in South Asia, weddings are incredibly important to families, but the couple was able to win them over.

Working through the UN World Food Program, the couple had already reached the 40,000 meal mark by the 3rd of Feb.  The couple says that sharing their fundraising experience has helped to bring them closer together as a couple, and they aim to mark all of the life’s milestones by helping worthy causes.

#2 Kind Man Sacrifices 10 Years of Savings to Help Homeless, Injured Animals

7 Extraordinary People Who Turned Their Savings Into Acts of Kindness

Balu loves animals so much that he spent a full ten years saving up to start a pet ambulance service. He collects a modest fee from pet owners and uses the money to help homeless animals in trouble get veterinary help.

As you can imagine, this animal lover ends up adopting many injured pets. He and his wife keep six dogs, many of them suffering from disabilities.

#3 Restaurant Owner Creates Fun Event for Foodbank Funding

When you have a fun event that community members love, it must be tempting to pocket all the fees. But Lisa’s Restaurant and Lounge decided to turn their Master the Putt event into a fundraiser for a local food bank. The message is clear. Raising funds for charity can be fun, and when communities work together, small sacrifices can turn into a big help.

#4 From High School to College Coupon Clipper Donates $110,000 to Charities

Extraordinary People Who Turned Their Savings Into Acts of Kindness

College student Hannah Steinberg discovered couponing when she was still in high school. Since then, she has used savings and donations to buy over $100,000 worth of goods for charities. The coupons help her to make the money she has gone much further.

Skeptical? Hannah has taken photos to prove that coupons help her to get much more for charities. She says donating $500 is great, but with coupons, she turns that $500 into much more.

#5 Couple Cancels Romantic New Year Dinner in Favor of Helping Homeless People

7 Extraordinary People Who Turned Their Savings Into Acts of Kindness

Stacey and Paul were planning a special New Year’s Eve dinner at a nice restaurant.  Then they changed their minds. They took the money they would have spent on dinner and bought warm clothes for homeless people instead. After hitting the streets and talking to the people they helped, the couple says they wish they had given more.

Stacey says that giving involves a sacrifice, but it may only be a small one. She challenges people to forgo a luxury and use the money to help others.

#6 Six-Year-Old “Gentleman” Uses Allowance for Monthly Dinner Dates with Mom

Extraordinary People Who Turned Their Savings Into Acts of Kindness

6-year-old Lyle Drummonds takes his mum on a dinner date every month. He pays for the meal and even tips the waitress. Mom Nikkole says he’s the ultimate gentleman and the perfect date. She was previously in an abusive relationship, but her son knows how to respect others. And in case you were wondering, young Lyle earns his dinner date money by doing chores at home.

#7 A 4th Grader Gives Up Her Dream Holiday to Help Single Moms

4th grader Julianna Tester was saving up for a trip to Florida. More than anything, she wanted to see the Harry Potter exhibition at Universal Studios. She is a good little saver and was stuffing a coffee tin with money towards the trip of her dreams. Then her school ran a fundraiser for the charity Dimes for Diapers.

9-year-old Julianna started questioning her mom about what it’s like to be a single mother, and what she heard convinced her. Her entire life-savings, still in the coffee tin, were going to Dimes for Diapers!

Give It or Raise It. You Can Make a Difference!

Countless stories tell us that people who don’t have money to give are still able to help others. There’s the rescue helicopter pilot who gets sponsorships for sporting events and donates all the proceeds; the policeman who enters a marathon run to raise funds for police widows; and the countless numbers of unsung heroes who give up their free time to help worthy causes.

No matter who you are, how much or how little you have, and how young or how old, there are ways that we can work together to make the world a better place.

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Extraordinary People Who Turned Their Savings Into Acts of Kindness


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