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Written by Oana Schneider

A while ago, someone commented on another article of ours saying that we only focus on moms and that we never bring up dads in our articles. Well, boys and girls, fasten your seatbelts, because we are going to land in daddies’ blogosphere!

After all, raising a child is a different thing for every human being, not to mention men. You’ll see that some of these dads are very crafty, while others don’t really know what to do with their babies. No matter their abilities, they are all extremely funny and wise, so let’s check them out:

DadStreet (

Although not a single dad, Josh adores his kids and actually started a blog about them. He considers himself to be a fun, loving and caring person, always doing what his wife tells him to, so this should be pretty interesting to read! And no, he’s not talking about diapers, milk and toys, let’s just say that he’s more into technology, reviews, and travel.

A typical dad, like some of you may think. However, it’s interesting to see how he manages to mix his family and his passions, how living in a small town is affecting their family life and much more. His motto is “Staying Awake behind the Wheel of Life”. You guessed right, he loves driving!

Dada Rocks (

“Who’s the bigger baby?” is the motto of this blog. Get ready to meet Adam Cohen, a Native New Yorker who works as a Director of Marketing and Social Media, professional web programmer and so on (he does have a lot of jobs!). He’s father to an almost 4 year-old son, Marc and wife to Suzanne, a family photographer. His favorite family activities include travels and dining out.

When it comes to blogging, Adam reviews lots of children products and posts his opinion online. In fact, if there is a product you want to know more about, all you have to do is leave him a message and he’ll take care of it! Other than that, you’ll get to see some very cute family pictures and maybe even score a giveaway or two!

Dad or Alive (

Meet Adrian, a stay-at-home dad of three and loving husband of just one, thankfully! He’s always there for his children while his wife Jen is working, so be prepared for some serious male-gossiping. Starting with the horror of turning one experienced by all his children and ending with their first crushes, Adrian will tell you all about what being a dad really looks like.

Plus, if you enjoy his stories, you can order his book online! We love his talent as a storyteller and the ability to put a smile on your face when you least expect it! Plus, he’s interested in saving money, so don’t expect him to spend a fortune on princess dresses or cool snickers, ‘cause that’s not going to happen! But don’t believe us, read for yourself!

Life of Josh (

Welcome to the Life of Josh, a native Amarilloan who, after travelling the whole country moved back in town and settled down. Him and his wife Careese are proud parents to 6 kids under 7 (yes, you read that right!) and respectful members of the Paramount Baptist Church. If you want to know what it’s like growing your kids to be Christian adults and how to avoid temptations, you’ve come to the right place.

Josh is a very careful dad, interested in their education and morality, he wants them to become good people and responsible employees, which is why him and his wife have decided to tell their kids about money saving and about the importance of being thrifty. Their family is truly beautiful and Josh’s stories are worth reading!

Dadand (

30 years ago, Pete and Marty met for the first time when they were in their 2nd grade. They remained best friends and, although their wild years are now long gone, they still have things to share: they are both dads! However, don’t expect them to talk about Huggies, getting pets and so on! No, we’re talking heavy stuff, like painting cars, going to concerts and checking out the latest gadgets!

How do 2 grown up men find time for their hobbies with 6 small children at home? Well, it’s a challenge, but not impossible! Check out their blog and find out all you need to know about dad gifts, tools, food, family, technology, reviews and their favorite apps!

DIY Father (

Well, this a blog created especially for dads: to teach them how the world works, to tell them a few things about the pregnancy phase and to really educate them into becoming better parents. This is why you shouldn’t be surprised to see that the categories on the blogs are labelled as: Pregnancy, Birth, 0-3 Months and so on.

Yes, they are told what to expect when their spouse is pregnant, how to react and what to take care of and so on. This is in fact a surprisingly popular blog, because more and more dads and dads-to-be are subscribing and commenting on its posts. If you are a dad or about to be, we warmly recommend DIY Father. After all, raising the kids is a job for two!

Hanging with Dad (

Adam was born in 1982 in Oklahoma, but then moved with his family to Austin, Long Beach and then Houston. He’s a stay at home dad who does graphic design, web design and audio production and occasionally plays rugby.

 Other than eating bad food, making plans to get in shape and spending time with his kids, there’s really not much to talk about, but some of his stories are so hilarious you’re going to want to go back and read them all over again! Plus, if you have a suggestion or want to get something off your chest, you can do that in the Contact box. Have fun reading!

Daddy Knows Less (

Justin started this blog while being in denial about becoming a father. Realizing that he doesn’t know anything about being apparent, he began writing down his fears and expectations. Fortunately, almost 6 years later, all the fears are gone, but he admits to not having learned much about what he’s supposed to do.

 However, his daughter Peanut is incredibly funny as you’ll see if you read Justin’s stories. In fact, this blog is not just about being a dad or becoming one, it’s more about becoming a family, about the changes that a family goes through once they find out they’re going to have a new member. We recommend that you read Daddy Knows Less on a regular basis, it’s fun and very educational!

English Dad in New York (

Christopher is originally from England, but moved with his wife to New York a few years ago. He has a son that he absolutely adores and spends most of his time trying to raise his son according to both the English and the American culture, which sometimes proves to be a real challenge.

Combining the European spirit with some good ol’ Americana symbols has never been more interesting, so check out his blog!  You’ll not only learn what’s like to be a brand new dad, but also a brand new American, which is really interesting to see, because sometimes we take things for granted and don’t realize how much other people work to have the same thing we got at birth: the citizenship.

Are We Still Cool? (

This is in fact the question that was going through Eric and Laura’s minds after finding out that they were going to become parents: are we still cool now that we have kids? In 2008, Eric and Laura, named Cool Dad and Cool Mum in pretty much every post, moved from Florida to New York looking for new possibilities. They had to look for jobs and raise their 1.5 year-old son, while also welcoming the new baby.

You can read more about this family’s pursuit of the American dream and even get in touch with them by sending them a message. The noticeable thing about this dad blog is that it’s not just about taking care of kids, but also about struggling to make a living and teaching your kids the right ways at the same time. Sound familiar?

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  • Very informative resources for all the new and soon-to-be dads out there. It kind of sucks that I didn’t have these when I had my first child. It would have helped a lot. Instead I was fumbling about like a fish out of water. I only got the hang of it when we had our second, I think.

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