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Affordable and Sleek: Top 6 Glasses Under $60

Top 6 Glasses Under $60
Written by DontPayFull

If you’ve recently visited a brick-and-mortar store where frames are priced from $300-$500, finding frames for under $60 might be difficult to believe. But guess what? is able to offer stylish frames for 70% less than the average brick-and-mortar store by simply cutting out the middle man. Online retail is drastically changing the glasses buying experience, so why not see it for yourself.

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We’ve scoured their stocks to bring you six great frames that not only will your eyes love, but your pockets will too!

Top 6 Glasses Under $60 - Freddy

The Freddy is a smart and stylish frame that makes the grade. Crafted from premium acetate, it sports sleek arms, durable spring hinges and a rich hue that balances form and function.

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Top 6 Glasses Under $60 - Samuel

The Samuel is a modern take on the classic aviator style with its rounded out tear drop rims. With its double-bridge and thin yet durable frame, it is equally suited for cruising on a Chopper or at 35,000 feet altitude.

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Top 6 Glasses Under $60 -  Martin

The Martin is a confident, sturdy and reliable frame with elegant arms. Its adjustable silicone nose pad provides top comfort, while its sharp design will have you climbing the corporate ladder in no time at all.

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Top 6 Glasses Under $60 - Tyra

The Tyra is a full rim marvel, from its retro cat eye to its strong, but flexible arms. Made from high-quality acetate, this frame is sure to catch your eye.

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Top 6 Glasses Under $60 - Daria

The Daria is a sleek and sophisticated frame with a timeless appeal. Sporting sleek arms for the ultimate fit; its glossy hue and boxy design hit a high design note.

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Top 6 Glasses Under $60 - Muse

The Muse M6845 is a round full-rim frame suited for a well-rounded individual. Boasting retro arms, and silver accents. Its durable spring hinges will keep your glasses on comfortably while reading that great American novel.

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  • I think it’s great that you can buy glasses so cheaply – as I know for a fact that a number of places charge way more than they should for what they sell to you. I love the Tyra, and think that this is the style that would really suit my face. I will be needing my eyes tested again in a couple of months as it has been a while since I had them done, so I am bookmarking this article to read through again when the time comes!

  • How convenient! My eye exam is coming up soon, I’m pretty torn between the Daria and Tyra styles.

  • Blimey, if only I could get spectacles for so little money. I just purchased a new pair as my prescription has changed – and they cost me £240.00 – which is around $400! I have to get the super thin lenses because I need a high prescription which bump up the price to epic proportions, sadly.

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