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Victoria’s Secret Shopping Tips That’ll Save You Money

Every girl needs a little pampering, and let’s face it: who doesn’t need underwear or a sexy swimsuit? We also like to look and smell nice, and Victoria’s Secret has all the goodies we need to do that.

Guess what? You’re probably paying more than you need to at Victoria’s Secret, but we’re here to save you lots of cash with all the “secret” tips, tricks and hacks that will help you get more for less.

Victoria’s Secret Money-Saving Strategies

Stack Your Coupons for Big Savings

You can’t do this with all coupons, but check the T&C, because quite often, you can use as many as three at a time. These will consist of:

  • Free shipping coupons
  • Free gift coupons
  • Discount coupons

Compare In-Store and Online Prices

Online prices are often lower than in-store ones, but remember to factor in shipping costs. If you’ve got a free shipping voucher, make the most of it. Otherwise, you’ll only save online if you buy several items to spread the shipping charge over.

Cultivate Your Victoria’s Secret Employee Friends

If you have a friend who’s a Victoria’s Secret staffer, you’re in luck. Part-time employees get a 30 percent discount on all purchases, full-timers get 40 percent and associates get 15 percent, so the trick is to ask your friend to do your shopping for you. Now all you need to do is think of what favour you will do for your friend in return!

Discounted Gift Cards Are Better Than Cash!

Keep your eyes open for discounted Victoria’s Secret gift cards online. It’s as good as getting a discounted purchase, and since there’s nothing to stop you from spending your card credit on things that are already marked down, you can save big time.

Victoria’s Secret Price Adjustments

Claim Price Adjustments If In-Store Prices Fall

Have you ever bought something only to see the price go down a few days later? Victoria’s Secret allows you to claim the balance if it’s an in-store purchase and the price falls within 14 days. You don’t even have to do any leg work. Use a price watch app to notify you of price adjustments.

Claim Price Adjustments If Online Prices Fall

The exact same theory works for your online purchases. All it takes is a phone call, but do be sure that you retained proof of purchase.

Victoria’s Secret Sale Calendar

Get Online Specials in December and June

Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sales, the big sale event happens twice per year, in December and June. However, you are likely to get even better offers in-store.

The Semi-Annual Sale

Get In-Store Specials in January and May

These two months are the big savings months with the lowest prices you’ll see all year. All the ladies know it, so shop early for the biggest range. Products will be selling out fast. Remember, you can monitor pricing and cash in if there are further reductions up to 14 days after you shopped.

Visit again towards the end of the month, because reductions typically increase by as much as 25 percent towards the end of the seasonal clearance sales. Broadly speaking you can get anything from 25 to 60 percent off at the end-of-season-sales, so shopping for your underwear, sleepwear, loungewear and swimsuits at these signature sales makes for big savings.

Winter Sales Offer Better Prices

For the very best prices of the year, hit the winter sales. Victoria’s Secret knows the temptation to spend has to be big after Christmas! Summer sales are great, but don’t usually offer as deep discounts.

Get Next Year’s Swimsuit in August or September

Swimsuits are marked way down at the end of the summer – and you don’t have to worry about your swimsuit getting dated. Next year, you’ll see very similar swimsuits in store, and the prices will be higher.

Stock Up on Fragrances in January

Fragrances rarely get marked down, but in January all the festive season gift box prices get slashed. By mid-January, prices will be at their lowest for the year, so be sure to check for bargains.

Victoria's Secret  Bombshell Perfume

Victoria’s Secret Discount Sources

Read Your Victoria’s Secret Newsletter

We’ve already talked about signing up for the newsletter, but honestly, read it too. There are lots of extra specials for people who are alert to newsletter offers. There’s just one thing: they do send quite a lot of mail. If that bothers you, just create a new email account and use that for your signup.

Get the Victoria’s Secret App

The Victoria’s Secret app (Android | iOS) is a great place to check for the latest offers. You’ll also get discount and freebie coupons. Just download it and start saving.

Follow and Watch on Social Media

2016 saw some great competitions for Victoria’s Secret social media flowers, and it seems likely that there will be several such events again this year. The only way you’ll know will be through following Victoria’s Secret, but doing so could be more than worth your while. Besides, who doesn’t like a bit of eye-candy online? Victoria’s Secret is sure to produce that.

Victoria’s Secret Rewards & Freebies

Join Pink Nation

Pink Nation membership is worth it! You get so many great offers, specials, and privileges! For instance, you can start getting Secret Rewards earlier than anyone else. There are free offers too, and of course, Victoria’s Secret panties feature!

A woman at the beach holding a Victoria's Secret Pink Nation summer beach towel.

Get Your Angel Card If You’re Good at Managing Credit

We don’t like the idea of buying on account, but if you have the card, you get some brilliant deals both on and offline.

  • Price reductions ahead of the big sales.
  • Free shipping if your purchase includes a bra.
  • A birthday freebie.
  • $10 credited to you every time you spend $250.
  • Days when you’ll get triple points towards your $10.
  • Bra purchases with a triple-point perk.

Remember that your points expire if you don’t use them within 12 months, so keep track of your rewards carefully.

CAUTION: The APR on that card is very high! You’ll only save if you can pay down the full balance before you get hit with charges. That being said, you stand to get great benefits if your financial management is good.

Get Clever with Free Gift Cards

Every six months or so, there’s a “Secret Rewards” promo that gives you free gift cards. Split your purchases into as many bits as you can, and you can get hundreds of dollars in secret rewards.

There’s a loophole that lets you just ask for a card every day without buying. That can be HUGE, but it’s an open secret – could be Victoria’s Secret will change those T&Cs.

A woman holding a Victoria's Secret free gift card in in a bubble bath.

Stack Your “with Purchase” Freebies

Here’s one to watch out for: if you can get two different “with purchase” offers, all you have to do is buy one item to get both freebies. Just check what the offer says, but we have it on good authority that this strategy works!


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