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Amazon Christmas Shopping Hacks You Should Not Miss

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Amazon is one of the most popular places to shop during the Christmas season, offering competitive prices on a variety of goods in all departments. It’s the perfect starting point as you begin to look ahead to the holidays and consider purchasing gifts for friends and family.

You can get even better deals on Amazon by accumulating gift cards throughout the year and using them to pay for Christmas items. This article will cover some of the most effective ways to earn Amazon gift cards and spend less money throughout the holiday season.

Take Surveys

You probably don’t think of taking surveys as a great way to make money, but there is a wide range of survey sites that offer rewards for each survey you complete. Every platform has its own set of available rewards, but many allow you to redeem your points in the form of an Amazon gift card.

A number of survey websites also provide mobile apps on the App Store, Google Play Store, or both. These allow you to finish surveys throughout the day whether you’re commuting, waiting in lines, or relaxing after work. Survey sites can be a great way to earn Amazon gift cards.

While most survey websites pay a relatively low rate, you’ll be surprised by how much your rewards add up to by the end of the year. Even just a few minutes of surveys per day could help you spend significantly less money while Christmas shopping. The important thing is to take surveys consistently and continue to make progress.

Sign Up for Swagbucks

Swagbucks is similar to many other survey sites, but it offers a much larger variety of opportunities compared to most of the competition. You can, therefore, make significantly more money with Swagbucks than is usually possible with survey sites. You can create an account for free and begin earning points today—you’ll even receive an extra $10 sign-up bonus to help you get started.

In addition to surveys, you can earn money in several other ways after creating a Swagbucks account. It even allows you to earn points by buying products from its partners, giving you the opportunity to make money on purchases you would have made anyway. These brands offer points to increase sales and connect to the Swagbucks audience. Remember to check the website in case new deals have been added.

Swagbucks also lets you earn money by watching videos on various topics. With so many ways to get points, you can rack them up in no time with a Swagbucks account. You can redeem your points for PayPal or a gift card to popular brands (including Amazon), helping you save money on your Amazon Christmas shopping.

Trade-In Old Items

Many Amazon users aren’t aware of the website’s trade-in program, which is another easy way to earn Amazon gift cards for free. The platform also offers rotating trade-in deals as an added incentive—for example, a current offer gives you 20% off a 4K Fire TV device when you trade in certain Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV models.

The most common items you can trade-in on Amazon include cell phones, books, video games, and other electronics. The website accepts trades for used items—even if they aren’t like-new—as long as you accurately describe their condition. You’ll be able to see the available payout before trading in your item, so make sure to compare offers from a few different sites before committing to one.

Amazon provides free shipping labels for all trade-ins, so you can earn money even on relatively low-cost items. The program will even return the product for free if it’s not accepted. Check the website now to view the payout for anything you’re not using.

Get Price Reductions

Amazon consistently changes prices on a variety of products, and it’s impossible to predict when a given item will receive a price drop. If you regularly shop with Amazon, you’re probably losing a lot of money each year by paying extra for products that go on sale shortly after your purchase.

You can avoid this situation entirely by using our Amazon Deal Finder tool to maximize savings and make sure you’re getting the best deal. These services automatically check the price of every Amazon product. This makes it easy to avoid buying something that recently increased in price. Some items receive regular price adjustments, so you can wait until the next sale before making the purchase.

Take Advantage of Promotions

There are many websites that provide offers and numerous deals on countless Amazon products and categories, especially offers on Amazon gift cards. One current offer provides $5 in free Amazon credit anytime you purchase a $50 Amazon gift card, effectively giving you 10 percent off the typical gift card price. In case you’ve not decided what to buy with your gift cards, WiFi Trends is your go-to place for genuine Amazon product reviews.

New deals are always being added to the site, so don’t forget to monitor the page to stay updated with the latest offers. They may not sound like much, but they’ll make a big difference in your wallet if you take advantage of all available deals.

Lightning Deals

We generally expect items to be on sale for at least a day or two, but Amazon’s Lightning Deals can come and go much more quickly than typical offers. Lightning Deals are available for only a given quantity and/or time, so it’s easy to miss out on incredible values.

Lightning Deals often last for the entire advertised duration, but certain items sell out in minutes. Fortunately, you can watch a Lightning Deal anytime within 24 hours of its start time.

It’s almost impossible to notice every Lightning Deal you’d be interested in, but you’ll see a variety of offers if you remember to check Amazon regularly throughout the holiday season. Keep in mind that you can buy only one of each item during a Lightning Deal.

Subscription Pricing

In addition to saving money through Lightning Deals and other limited-time offers, you can also spend less money on regular purchases by setting up subscriptions for common items. Amazon offers a small discount if you sign up for recurring shipments of the same item.

If you’re always buying the same few things, moving them to a regular subscription also helps you spend less time managing these ongoing purchases. You can subscribe to a new item by clicking the “Subscribe and Save” button on the product page. Keep in mind that you won’t actually save money if you use this option to buy more than you really need—you should sign up for a subscription-only if you know you’d be buying the product anyway.

The Bottom Line

Amazon offers unbeatable prices and shipping on a wide variety of items, and you can get even better deals using these simple tips and tricks. Regular Amazon customers can save tens or even hundreds of dollars per year by making a few quick adjustments to their shopping routine.

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