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4 Effective Ways to Get Free Target Samples and Other Free Stuff!

Target Free Samples

It’s sad but true. The Target Sample Spot no longer exists. For those of us who love a freebie, that’s bad news. How we loved swooping by the sample spot and grabbing free stuff! But there are still a couple of ways to get Target free samples. Here’s what our research turned up.

1. Get Manufacturer Samples With Your Purchase

While Target isn’t dishing out samples as freely as it did before, you can still get extras along with purchases. Of course, you could just browse the shelves, but you could easily miss an opportunity that way.

When manufacturers have a new product they want to promote, they’ll often offer free samples along with the purchase of one of their popular lines. Target will be sure to advertise this kind of offer on its website, social media feeds, and in its app, so keep an eye out!

2. Free to Almost Free With Purchase Value

Free Target Samples

Although these aren’t strictly speaking free samples, there are some free to low-cost offers that Target makes available when you buy for a certain value. They differ from manufacturer offers because you don’t have to buy a particular product to get them, and since you’re shopping anyway, reaching the checkout total that qualifies you for your gift is easy.

What are you entitled to? The Target website and app are the places to watch when you want a few extras. The offers change regularly, so if you don’t see something you like just yet, keep tabs on Target. Sooner or later, the perfect deal is going to pop up.

Currently, there are several offers that give you free extras with a purchase of a certain value, or you can buy travel-size items at a low price provided you spend the specified amount.

3. Buy (Yes Buy) the Beauty Box

Although buying samples mightn’t sound like a freebie to you, there is more value in the monthly Target Beauty Box than the price you pay. So, although it isn’t technically free, you do get more for your money. Shipping is free – another plus for the Beauty Box.

Sure, you can’t pick and choose what’s going to be in it, but you will get to try some new products, and you might even get samples of a few items you already like.

4. Target Free Samples for Expectant Moms


If you’re expecting a baby, you’re in luck! You stand to get a sample box that really is completely free. All you have to do is create a baby registry on the Target Website. Of course, friends and family will be happy to fill your wishlist, but you get the added benefit of baby product samples you can try out.

Currently, Target says that the coupons and samples you get in the baby registry Welcome Pack have a value of $100. That’s $100 in value for creating a registry of things you’d like to get as gifts – not bad!

Other Methods to Get Free Stuff at Target

When you’re just looking for outright free stuff from Target, you might find there isn’t much going. But if you know a thing or two and are ready to do your homework, you can pay next to nothing, get items free, or even make a little money just for taking a product home.

To do this, you’re going to need a few tools and tricks at your fingertips. Here’s a list of what you need, followed by a guide on how to do it.

  • Get the Cartwheel App
  • Use Cash Back Apps
  • Know about sale prices and special offers (Cartwheel app or Target website)

Step 1: First, be sure to get Target’s Cartwheel app. Apart from telling you what all the special offers are, you can also get coupons which are issued via the app. Some will be manufacturer’s coupons, and others will come directly from Target and can cover an entire product category.

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Step 2: Now, it’s time to get smart with your knowledge of special offers. You can stack them with manufacturer and Target coupons from within the app.

Step 3: If you’re really into getting free stuff, you probably also have apps like Checkout51 or Ibotta which give you reclaimable cash when you buy. The result could be that you actually get paid for buying something.

We’re not kidding about getting paid to shop! For example, right now, there’s a discount offer on gluten-free crackers. Then, there’s a dollar off coupon in Cartwheel, a dollar cashback in Ibotta and another in Checkout 51. You actually end up earning a few cents just for taking crackers home with you.

Extra Ways to Save

If you’re thinking that Target is getting decidedly limited with its free sample offers, you’re right! But although free stuff from Target may be in short supply, there are more ways to save. After all, free samples from Target are only one way to add value to your shop. Check out our Target shopping tips and get more stuff for less.

Meanwhile, watch this space! We’ll be keeping tabs on Target, and if anything new comes up, you can be sure of getting the Target free sample tips you need right here.

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How to Get Free Target Samples