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Best DIY Home Spa Tips

Best DIY Home Spa Tips
Written by Irina Vasilescu

There’s nothing as luxurious as a real spa pampering, but unfortunately, the price tag is also pretty luxurious. Of course, you can pamper yourself at home, but good products are expensive. But hold on… What have you got in your kitchen? What cheap ingredients can you grab to get a real spa experience without the costly price tag?

We’ve compiled some ideas you can use to give you that spa-fresh experience with home-made remedies that work. Are you ready to spoil yourself? Let’s go!

Set the Scene

Get the atmosphere right for relaxation. Put on some mellow music, light scented candles or burn some incense, and get into a relaxed state of mind. This will be no hasty bath or shower; it will be top to toe pampering. Prepare fresh, soft towels for when you step out of the tub or shower. Every moment must consist of unadulterated pleasure.

Soothing Soaks

1. Epsom salts plus

A cupful of Epsom salts in your bath water soothes away aches and pains and helps you to relax. A few drops of essential oil are also lovely, so why not mix it all up? Choose a carrier oil such as almond oil and add about ten drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix it all in with a cup of Epsom salts and add it to your bath water.

2. Raw herb infusion

If you don’t want to splurge on essential oils, choose aromatic herbs such as lavender, organum or rosemary from your garden, and tie them together in a bunch. Place your scented herbs or flowers in a pot, add boiling water, and leave the mixture to steep for a while until you have a strong, fragrant brew. Now add your herbal mixture to the bath water.

3. Milk and honey

Milk and honey bath is a bit extravagant, but if you compare its cost to spa prices, it’s an absolute bargain! Add two cups of milk to your bath, and dissolve half a cup of honey in hot water before adding it to your bath water and swirling it all in.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal softens your skin, soothes away irritation and treats acne. But how would you bath with oats? Pour raw oats into a knee-high stocking and tie off the top. Throw it into your bath. Squeeze it a few times to release the milky-looking oatmeal water and enjoy your soak.

Before you get out of the tub, sponge your body down with the oatmeal-filled stocking. You’ll be amazed how soft your skin feels afterward.

Shower Scrubs

Best DIY Home Spa Tips

You can’t soak in the shower, but there’s no doubt that you can still pamper yourself. Try some of these fresh home-made scrubs to turn a shower into a spa experience. Turn up the shower so that it massages and relaxes you.

1. Sugar scrub cubes

Sugar scrubs make a divine exfoliating treatment for your body. You’ll emerge from the shower with glowing skin, and all for the price of some sugar and additives. You can make a storable bottle of body scrub cubes as follows:

  • Melt half a cup of grated soap with a quarter cup of olive or almond oil.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil
  • Add one cup of sugar and work quickly!
  • Blend everything together, then press into ice trays to make handy, storable cubes.
  • Harden your cubes in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  • Store in an air-tight bottle.

2. Coconut oil and lime scrub

This is the simplest of recipes, but it will leave your skin looking, feeling and smelling fantastic. Soften up some coconut oil and add lime or lemon juice. Stir it all together, and you have a lovely body scrub. If you want an exfoliating scrub, adding a little sugar or some coffee grounds is as easily said as it’s done.

3. Salt scrub with almond oil and essential oil

Have you ever noticed how your skin glows after a seaside holiday? Salt and sand really slough off all those dead skin cells! Make your own rejuvenating scrub with sea salt. Pour the salt into a container and just cover it with almond oil or extra-virgin olive oil. That’s enough for a basic body scrub, but for a real spa sensation, you need to scent the mixture with your favorite essential oil. Seal your container, and keep it handy in the bathroom.

Facial Products You Can Make at Home

Best DIY Home Spa Tips

Beauty products are incredibly expensive, especially when they’re designed for use on the face. This skin is very delicate, so don’t use the same scrubs as you’d use on your body.

1. Make a rejuvenating berry mask

Here’s recipe you’ve got to try. It’s good enough to eat, but you’ll use it as a rejuvenating face mask that helps and feeds your skin while delivering a healthy dose of antioxidants to clear away toxins.

  • Blend two tablespoons of plain yogurt with an equal amount of honey.
  • Add a quarter cup of mixed berries, and mix into a paste.
  • Add a tablespoon of lemon juice and stir in.
  • Apply to dry skin and leave your mask on for about 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off with warm water.

2. Moisturizing oatmeal, milk and honey mask

This ridiculously cheap mask works wonders. All it takes is a few basic ingredients and a few minutes in the kitchen.

  • Cook half a cup of oatmeal, half a cup of milk and a tablespoon of honey for five minutes on the stove.
  • Leave to cool. Then apply to your face and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse off with warm water.

3. Don’t forget your eye area

Cucumber is great for reducing puffiness around the eyes, so while you wait for your mask to dry, lie back with cucumbers over your eyelids. Used teabags are also fantastic. Place them in the fridge for an extra cooling and soothing effect.

4.  Make your own toner

Boil up some rose petals or rose geranium in water to make your own natural toner. What could be easier? Choose rainwater or distilled water, and pour your infusion into a spritz bottle. If you keep in the fridge; it will last for a week or more.

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Enjoy Every Moment

These homemade products will certainly add to your home spa experience, but the most important thing is that you should enjoy every minute. Enjoy the scents and textures you surround yourself with and relax gracefully.

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Best DIY Home Spa Tips

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  • Love all of these D-I-Y at home recipes. I’ve heard of the cucumber for bags under the eyes, but cant wait to try out the oatmeal, milk and honey mask! Thanks for posting!

  • Interesting list, Irina.

    I’m trying to take great care of my skin. What would you suggest for men?

    I currently use african black soap and one or two other products but nothing special. I’m always wondering what I should be using.


    • Hi Grant,

      Glad you liked it. One of the most important factor to consider when buying soaps or other body products is choosing them by your skin type. Another idea is to use paraben-free products, and check the reviews before buying them. Hope you find my info useful. All the best.

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